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how do dogs act after the vac does it make them feel or act sick?

So I rescued a 9 month old white german shep. We are seeing a private trainer to deal with her major self esteem issues and attachment issues. However, she is scared to try the doggy door ive tried everything, i got her to take treats off the ledge of the door but thats it. She'd rather stay outside alone then attempt to come in when I am sitting right there. (which for her is HUGE) any advice?

We have a chi that we adopted. He is about 8+ years old and weighs about 5 pounds now.  We would not take anyting for him, so we don't want him in pain or having a problem. I hope someone can tell me something.

I notice it at night more than in the daytime. He sleeps with u and he will lick the sheets until they are wet. I don't know why, but I think it has something to do with swalowing.  He constantly working his mouth as though he is trying to get something up.  Sometimes he will get gaged and cough as though there is something he is trying to get up.  I don't like to see him hurt, because I think he has had that in the past. I want him to be happy and enjoy life.  Please, if you have an answer, please let me hear from you.  Mary

I just bought this new hair grooming thing called the furminator.  I would never have bought it, but the people at the vet's office showed me how well it worked.  I would never of bought it unless I saw how much hair it removed. 

I did some research, and apparently its just a tool used to strip the dog's under coat.  Anyway, my question is if stripping your dogs undercoat is a bad thing?



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i have been researching and i really love the manx breed.

i would like a breed similar but more active. Is there any other breed that is exactly the same personality wise but more active? If i pick an active manx kitten will it stay active its entire life?

my budget is 500$. preferably lower

I would like a cat that is:

Affectionate, active, feline (ie: prowls and hunts), docile (doesnt mind being picked up), playful, and tolerant of our dog who is quite old.

all feedback appreciated.

Should i go with manx breed and just choose an active kitten or should i switch to a different breed?

Just outta general curiosity, does anyone know what ranking the Glen of Imaal Terrier have on the Dog Breed Intelligence List; I can't find it anywhere!!! It's for a book I'm writing.



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I'm sure a similar discussion has come up many times but here is mine.... I have 2 cats (1 is 15 yrs & the other is 1.5 yr).  I have recently found urine on our couch, an upholstered chair, & now our carpet.  I have no idea which one of them is doing it.  Any tricks as to how to figure this out?  BTW, The old one hasn't been to the vet in 13 yrs. as she REALLY dislikes most people & is an overall anxious, stressed out cat.  The old one & the young one do not get along.  Never have. 

I keep seeing UTI come up on other discussions.  Is it possible that it could be something else or does it look like this is what it is (regardless of which cat is doing it)?  Until I figure it out, I need to lock them both in the basement w/ their litter boxes so they don't pee on anything else.  

Thanks for any advice, Holly





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I am hoping I can get some advice for a 15 month old Bischon who yelps once in pain each morning after he has been awake for an hour or two.  Once he yelps, (right out of nowhere and mostly when completely inactive), he gets low to the ground and goes under the couch.  He has no fever, is drinking and eating, sleeping normal and plays normal.  He is noticeably filling out in size lately and I wonder if growing pains can be like this?  He has been at the vet, and is taking Metacam once a dayfor the past 3 days, and in the hours right after medication, seems completely normal.  I am resting him somewhat in case it is a muscle pull as he plays each day with our Standard Poodle and they can be quite rough.  I have stopped him from taking stairs in the resting time but he is going for walks on leash.  

We cannot afford to run him to the vet each day as we are unemployed right now, but I have no idea what might be going on.  This was a puppy bought for me when our daughter left for the armed services and is very special to me.  
Any advice would be helpful.
Thank You for reading,



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