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Hi, my name is Symba. I was found on the street and now have a new home. My owner is not sure what breed I am. Can anyone tell what I am?

Any info on these breeds would b helpful. Thanku



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just wondering if anyone has ever had a cat that has all of a sudden become ill? 
My cat is 17 years old and this morning she was absolutely fine, her normal happy self meowing for your attention and wanted up, myself and my family went out and we were gone for 5 hours at a push, when we came back home we were greeted to her laying on the kitchen floor curled up meowing so when I picked her up I thought nothing of it so I put her back down where she was and she just collapsed over, I poked her up again and she was okay, but one of her back paws was limp and just hanging there, I tried moving it but she has absolutely no feeling in it. She cannot walk well anymore she is just dragging that paw along the ground, but it doesn't hurt when it's touched, she still try's to walk but can't do it well, anyone know what this can be? Vets are all shut and keeping a close eye on her. She's also an indoor cat. 



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My 16 yr old cat yesterday had a trip to the vets to get his teeth sorted some cleaned and some removed. He also has a hyper thyroid condition tgat he is on meds for.
Everything went fine e during the procedure and during the treatment he was given a sedation. 
When I went to pick him up the vet said he was coming round very slowly this was a few hours after the surgery. So I returned a little later and he was still well out of it. He was paddling bit like kneeding but using the full legs to move and mainly just his back legs. He was also unable to stand. I brought him home and he had a fit in the car, once inside he then had a few more fits so I took him to the emergency vet they gave him diazipan which stopped the fits however during all this from picking him up at tea time till the following morning he was awake. Also hadn't eaten anything since 8pm the evening b4. He was now hardly moving so we went back to the vets first thing and they took him for the day and monitored him. He has managed to eat while there and again this evening he is back home with me and has eaten a fair bit like 4 spoons of high protein cat dinner. However he's been asleep for a while now and was most of the time while at the vets he's not really with it at all and is eating by licking the food from my had while totally incapacitated in his bed. He's had a few wees just in the bed and the vet helped him have one so he's not dehydrated.  We think he might have had a stroke or the fits have caused damage and also the added complications of the meds and his underlying thyroid problem. I was hoping that someone might have had a cat in a similar way and hear what they had to say to see what his recovery chance is as basically he's bed ridden at the moment. It's worth mentioning he can feel his toes and responds to his feet being touched. Right now he's just asleep and I'm hoping the lack of movement is just due to him being that exhausted.  Any story's or advice or help would be greatly appreciated. 



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Will my Portuguese Water Dog be ok with my two month old kittens? 


I've recently welcomed two 10 week old kittens into my home, a brother and sister from the same litter. They have their litter box which they both use, however the female for some reason pees in other areas of the house when I arrive home from work, or when I release them from the kitchen/conservatory area in the mornings. So far she has peed on the sofa in the lounge and on the door mat. There is no sign anyway that she pees whilst I am out or during the night. It seems she only does this once I return home. 

Its become a regular thing now and she does it in the morning, then again at lunch when I pop home for an hour and once more when I first get home. All other times she uses the litter box. 
She is definitely not ill as I've had the Vet check her over, but I'm at a loss to understand why she does it and how I can stop it. Any advice would be much appreciated. 



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I have NO idea what breed my kitten is AT ALL I really can't tell please help!!!!! ( Hope this is a good photo )

My poor baby Roary suddenly died Thursday morning.  He was fine about 45 minutes earlier.  I had been in another part of my house and had been getting things together for a yard sale I was having.  I've had a lot of trouble sleeping lately and the day before had been the anniversary date of my mother passing away,  so I was very upset already.  I went into my room to get something and saw Roary laying on the floor at the end of my bed and thought nothing of it,  I sidestepped so I wouldn't step on him and when I turned around I looked down at him and was in horror and disbelief.  My baby had blood on his face and paws. I could tell he wasn't breathing.  I went into spock.  I quickly called a friend and asked her to come right over right away.  She and her friend came right away and they went in and confirmed he had died.  His eyes and mouth were open and his tongue was sticking out part way.  She said it looked like he had possibly had a seizure or an aneurysm.  She took a picture of him and sent it to her sister who works for a vet.  They cleaned him up and wrapped him up and took him home with them to keep him safe until we could bury him.  I couldn't afford an necropsy.  I'll probably never know what killed my baby.  He turned 10 on 7/17/16. I've had him and his brother since they were 8 weeks old.  When I got my little fur babies they fit in the palm of my hands.  He was gold and it looked like he had a mane like a lion so I named him Roary.  His brother Sparkey and his puppy brother have been looking all over for him.  He always laid on my chest if I didn't feel well or if I was upset.  I'll miss him terribly.  I wish I could have been with him to try to save him.  It was a horrible week and I am glad I've had wonderful friends trying to help me through. 



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Hi all,

I'm new to this so bare with me haha!

I have had my gorgeous kitten Luna since May, she was supposedly born in March but a trip to the vets told us that she was born in around April time. this has caused her to be incredibly scatty, running riot, meowing non stop and only happy when she is asleep. we have tried everything to calm her down, catnip, plug ins! so much and she hasn't changed.

she started weeing over the house, so we brought back her litter tray which helped. when it seemed she was back to normal, we removed it again and we haven't had an accident since.

until recently.. she has gotten so much worse at misbehaving, biting all the cables and attacking the plants that she never has done before. today when she bit the cables I shut her in the kitchen. she climbed into my mums work bag and did a really  big number 2. I don't know whether this was because she was scared or if she genuinely has something wrong with her?

has anyone experienced the same or similar thing? if so please can you give me some advice?

myself and my boyfriend are moving out in November/December time and im concerned that it is only getting worse. we will also be getting new kittens so im scared about that! 

thanks for your advice in advance xx

Please if anyone can help me please do. The day before my cat Tiggers died he was doing this weird coughing thing like he was trying to cough up hair balls but he never did. The next day we all woke up and he was his usual 9 month old kitten self running around the house and playing.

That day we had to go to work and and of course left  our two cat's home, (we live on a property and it was a hot day so we thought a snake may have gotten to him because previous times our dogs have gone straight to water with a snake bight, and Tiggers went straight to the water bowl inside because their was water everywhere and he was lying next to it.) When we came home we saw our beautiful little Tigers lying on the floor dead. He was a Bengal/Tabby cat and my favourite animal. When we were removing him he was so heavy and it didn't seem right. The next day after this sad tragedy we found a bee in the house without a stinger which we thought could have been the problem too, but because of his weight and the fact their was cat poo everywhere in the house we think it could have been his tummy too. He had just been to the vet a good three months ago to micro-chipped, DEA-sexed, needles extra but nothing showed up as a health issue. Hope I didn't bore you out but PLEASE HELP US!!!!

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