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I am looking for a list of breed specific health concerns for cats, to use as a quick reference while at work. 

Hi. My two year old cat Melanie was fine and two days ago she became lethargic and her temperature was 35. We took her to the vet, she got blood work done, fiv and felv tested negative. The x-ray showed pneumonia so they gave her antibiotics and tried to warm her up. Her temperature dropped to 33C. An ultra sound revealed fluid in the lungs, not a lot. They sedated her and when taking the second seringe of fluid her heart stopped. Her blood work was perfect, she had no symptoms no cough, discharge nothing. She wasnt exposed to anything toxic and the autopsy showed no cancer, no enlargment of the heart. It wasnt PIF, they tested with vinegar and fluid was transudate. I can’t understand and the vet can’t either. What happened? what caused this?

Yesterday my cat Rexx suddenly passed after acting and playing normally. He rolled into his newly. Let out a howl. Seizureddaem thick fluid came from his mouth. And then he passes right in front of my fiancée and his parentals !we are all o taken a back by this. It was highly unexpected. And Rexx was loved by everyone who met him ! We miss him terribly 😭



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our nine-year-old jack rustle Milly has an aggressive tumour on her front ankle. the vet didn't specify the type of cancer. she just said it was an aggressive fast growing tumour. because of the place it is, it cant be removed because there is not enough skin to pull together and heal. and she won't recommend amputation of the leg due to her age. She was diagnosed a month ago. and she is becoming increasingly lethargic. opting to spend a great deal of time on her bed sleeping. and she can no longer walk long distances, depending on the day it can be a couple of hundred yards on a bad day to maybe a couple of miles on a good day. but she always seems to suffer after her walks. she spends a lot of time licking at the lump, and we can see it has got bigger over the last month. she has oral Metacam on prescription once a day ( in the evening before bed) we just wondered what the prognosis is and has anyone experienced anything like this.



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Wednesday I lost my best friend. She was a short haired grey tabby. She was only 10 years old. Never sick a day in her life. I got up as normal fed the dogs and as my dad woke up he found her dead at the foot of his bed on the floor. Her legs were streched out like she had been walking and fell over. I have four cats all very healthy and I have no idea what happened to her. To me there are only to possibities....a heart attack or getting something caught in her throat(she had a bad habit of eating any sort of paper product or strings) but I could find any signs of disturbance or obstruction in her throat. I keep wondering if I missed something. Or what else it could have been



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A stray cat took me in about 4 months ago and I didn't know much about him.  I was fortunate to have him in my life for this short time as he was the friendliest cat and quite a character!  My vet told me he was at least 12 so definitely an older cat.  Since it is winter he spent most of the time cozied up inside but I did give him the opportunity to go outside which he would take advantage of once in awhile but just in short spurts.  I think he had experienced enough of the outside before he came to me.

Anyway, last night before we went to bed I fed him and gave him some treats which is the usual routine we've grown into.  Just as he was finishing his treats he acted like he was slipping or tripping and then just collapsed.  I ran over to him and he was motionless but his heart was racing real fast.  After 30 seconds he stopped breathing and never back around.  Very heartbreaking. 

He had been to the vet 3X in those 4 months but nothing out of the ordinary.  Can anyone provide any insight into what may have happened to my Pogo?  I'll talk to my vet tomorrow as well.

Hi, I am a little confused about what breed of cat to get because originally I was thinking a Burmese but read that it is better to have 2 as they require a lot of attention.


This will be our first indoor cat, our 11yr old dog recently passed away :-(


So if anyone can help with breed selection, that would be great!


Here is some info:

* I have two young boys, school age (5yr and 7yr)

* The cat would be on its own only 3 days a week (approx 8.30am - 3.30pm), I only work 3 days a week. Obviously on the weekends we might go out on Sundays...etc and on my days off I might duck out to the shops...

* It would be an only cat, we really don't want a second cat.

* I would love the cat to be playful, but also love to snuggle on our laps.

* I really don't like the idea of having a lot of hair around on the furniture or clothing, so would prefer a low shedding cat. Am I right in saying that even domestic cats shed quite a bit in comparison to some other breeds?

I really want to choose the right breed, your help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Where can a senior couple go to get a small puppy/dog that doesn't cost an arm and leg....

Hi. I wanted to get some advice about one of my dogs. It is the weekend so my vet's office is closed. Beginning a couple of days ago, Shadow started shaking his head (ears), constantly, and I realized he has a lot of dark colored fluid in his ear. I have been using a vinegar/water solution to flush the ear and provide him some relief. I have now purchased some Vet's Best Ear Relief and started using that to try to dry up the fluid.Today, he has started sneezing and coughing. He is eating and drinking but is laying around a lot. I will probably be taking him to the vet on Monday but wondered if there is anything I can do, until then, to help with the coughing and sneezing. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Can anyone tell me how big she will get she's a tuxedo.

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