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Tuna canned or fresh as we all know is extremely healthy for you. But I was wondering is it good for dogs? I fed my dog canned tuna in spring water, I drained all the water out though. He loves it and has no effect that I should be concerned about, his waste matter is normal and so is his attitude. I just wanna know if there is anything to know about feeding dogs tuna canned or fresh. I reckon it is good for dogs, what do you have to say about it, tell us why it is or it isn't by replying to this discussion and rating the thread!

- Thanx SO much, paws up!- Thanx SO much, paws up!

HELP!! Okay thats better now that I got that out. My 4-5 month old chihuahua puppy named Raffy is a little TOO bold. Almost got eaten by my friends dog the other day and got in a fight with to Feral cats last night, barks at other dogs to say hello and then those dogs thinks him more of lunch than a dog that wants to play. And always, ALWAYS is barking at cats whenever, where ever.

We have feral cats with Rabies, worms, deceases and skin problems. They survive by killing small prey about the size of my chihuahua puppy named Raffy. I am a little worried because Raffy doesn't know the danger. One cat was eating a dead bird, when he saw Raffy, that cat thought Raffy was after his meal, but Raffy wasn't. I have tried to stop him from barking and getting the attention of other predators.
- Thanks SO much for helping, Paws Up!

Okay I really want a Rottweiler, yes I am ready and am capable of taking car of one.

But, because of over breeding they now have week bones especially hips and shoulders and too much protein is bad for them. I was wondering if I could give them a special diet and excersise routine to benefit these problems and maybe even prevent a fatal problem. So for excersise, is swimming good for dogs bones and joints? I know its great for human bones, joints and muscles. And just to be safe with the hips I reckon I won't be teaching it agility with the jumps as it may put pressure on hips and possibly shoulders? I will of cause walk him everyday. Diet, well I want to keep a healthy, fit dog so I was wondering should I get high Quality dry food, wet food tends to make my previous dogs get runny poos, and too keep the bones strong would it be alright to feed my dog a special calcium milk or powder to sprinkle on the food for my dogs? Or can I get daily vitamins for that? I really want whats best and I need to prepare if I am going to get a Rotty!
- Thanks SO much- Paws Up! 

URGENT. Please my furry, four-pawed friends, help!

I live in Queensland Australia, I REALLY am dying to get a NAID (Native American Indian Dog) in Australia Queensland, north-brisbane. I want a real NAID not one from someone who just bred dogs till it looked like a NAID. So pretty much has to be PURE american! If I can't get it in Australia do you think I can ship/fly over one from America? And can you give me some breeders that you know have PURE NAID's? - Thanks SO much, PAWS UP!

My daughter is 6 years old and very skittish of dogs ! But still she feels if it is her dog then the dog won't hurt her ! She is a only child and I would love to get her a small dog, I just don't know what breed would Be best? Please held !! Need a loving, caring, companion and play full small dog (with longer hair)

I have a 15 month old american bulldog. Shes very sweet. 

About a week ago I noticed a small bump starting to form on her right elbow. I figured it was just a bug bite. I took a couple pictures of it and then forgot about it for a week. After checking up on it recently, it looks like it has gotten a larger. Half of it is starting to scab. The lump feels fairly stiff. It doesnt feel like its filled with fluid or anything. 

I'm struggling financially right now and I would love to save around 100 bucks by not taking her to the vet to have them give me some 50 cent cream and want to see her back in a few months. (which similar situations happened to me before) So, i'm hoping someone could take a look at these pictures and hopefully give me some advice. If a vet visit should be made ASAP, then I have no problem doing that. 

please take a look at these pictures here. the first one is from about a week ago and the others are from today (7/7)

Thank you so much for any advice! Its extremely appreciated.






I am getting super frustrated with my new puppy! She is about 6 months old and I got her from an Humane Society. She is some sort of australian shepherd mix. When I try to take her outside to walk and go to the bathroom, as soon as she sees another human or dog she starts going nuts! She cries, barks and wimpers and wags her tail like a lunatic. I can't get her to calm down. Even if I pick her up she wiggles out of control and continues her ranting. Is she scared? When the person gets closer she tries to get to them so they will pet her and jumps up on them. What do I do to break this habit? She sounds like she's in pain when she does this(though she's not) and people look at me like I'm a horrible dog owner but I don't know what to do to fix this!
Any advice would be much appreciated!
I've tried the water squirt in the face and that only deters her for a second and she starts it up again.



In Dogs

I would like to know if it's ok to feed little dogs poeple food?

My rottie/lab mix, Zorro (15 1/2), is already dealing with degenerative myelopathy (the canine equivalent of ALS).

Twice today, I was sitting near him, reading, and heard him licking the rug (which he does, rather neurotically).  There was a rather large blood stain on it (maybe 2-3 tablespoons).  I looked in his nose and mouth, and checked his ears, eyes, penis and anus.  No sign of blood anywhere.

I checked all paws and legs.  Nothing.  I felt all over his body-- no sign of any blood.

About 2 hours later, it happened again.  I checked again.  Still nothing.

So this has me stumped.  It doesn't seem to be an emergency so I won't call my vet on a holiday weekend (Canada Day).  I'll check with her on Tuesday.

In the meantime, I'm just wondering if anyone has ever had such an experience and if you found out the source.

I'm thinking it has to be his nose, but a Q-tip inserted soon after the episode should have had some blood on it; it didn't.

Any ideas?


I have a question regarding dog breeds. I have recently looked at a puppy half maltese and have pomperian. I know the maletese is a hypoallergenic dog and the pom is not. Does anybody know if this would create a problem with allergies? My kids have never been told that they are allergic to dogs only cats but the doctor has recommended if we get a dog it needs to have hair. Please advice!

Not sure

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