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Has anyone ever heard of the Caucasian Ovtcharka dog breed?  I saw a picture and the breed is just huge!  Is it a real dog or just photoshop master having fun?


My female cat is 16 months old and she has not gone into "heat" for three months. We moved to another state three months ago, and interrupted her menses at that time due to the stress of moving--- but since then she has not cycled. She does seem to have hormonal shifts, but nothing "full-blown" so to speak. She has not lost weight, actually she went through a growth spurt since moving, and she is very active, playful, aware, cuddly, talkative-- her normal self really. Her fur is lustrous and beautiful; her bathroom habits are very regular. I feed her the highest quality diet I can afford- wellness brand indoor cat dry food and core wellness wet food. The only other thing perhaps unusual is her premolars finally came in recently.

She is not pregnant because she is velcro to me, and has never been outside without a human. I am a student and will be taking her to the vet in a couple of weeks, but I was hoping someone might offer me some advice or wisdom.

I have pet shop and here there are only these dog brands plz tell me which one is batter !!

Regards ,



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Royal Canin focus totally on the animals,with the aim of improving daily life and ensuring better health for dogs and cats through nutrition.

Is any one elses dog suffering with this disease



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After my mom's dog passed earlier this year, it seemed she was in a bit of a rush to adopt a new dog. My mom being a senior, (lives with my fiancee and I) we figured an adult dog would be the best for her. Everyone in the house met the dog at the shelter and we thought her choice was a good one, a cairn terrier (we think she's a mix) Here's the problem: The dog has taken to my fiancee and I and practically ignores my mom. The dog only cares to sit with us, practically snubs my mom if we are around and will go to the bathroom in my mom's bedroom. It's actually quite sad, I feel like maybe my mother is not being enough of a "pack leader" so we are all currently in an obedience course to help my mom gain some confidence with her dog. But the dog still urinates in her room, even though she is housebroken and never has otherwise gone in the house.
Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated!!

Hello, My Newfoundland dog is 2 years old and his name is Moose. Because I could not find a product to buy to keep his slobber and drools from messing up my home and my families clothes. I had to invent the product myself. The Patent is now Pending so I can start announcing my product to the World ,and I still need some wet mouth dog breeds to make a pattern to fit the size. As of Today I need a Great Dane, BullMastiff, and a few others.

I will make the dog slobber stopper to fit your dogs head and give you the $79 product free. All I need from you are head measurements by following my measuring instructions. I can be reached at slobberstopper@ (space added to stop spammers) And I would love feedback from the dog community.

Can anyone guide me through the stages where 12 year old wire haired fox terrier has lost back legs now is losing control of front. He is incontinent. Freddie has an eddies wheels cart but that doesn't seem to be helping right now. Can anyone share with me what to do to help my dog. He has had the disease for over 3 years.

I have a 5 year old husky-lab mix named Sammie. She's a gorgeous dog but has her fair share of health problems. Recently I noticed her losing a spot of hair above her tail and on the skin, sores have developed. The sores are red and she will occasionally gnaw at them to relieve itching. Through research I believe it to be mange, possibly demodedic, but I want to be sure. I'd just take her to the vet but money is really tight right now and I'm looking for a way to possibly diagnose and treat her myself. I have decent pictures of the spot. Anyone who could lend some insight would be much appreciated. Thank you!

I have a 9 month old Samoyed who is typically very good when it comes to bed time. She sleeps in our room with the door closed so that she can't roam in the house but is no longer confined to her crate...but it is still in the room if she chooses to go into it.
Last week there was a severe storm and the power went out for the night and there were fairly high winds with items blowing around but no thunder. She was quite afraid that night sleeping and had a hard time settling down. I put her in her crate and she was able to settle down and go to sleep. For the next 4-5 nights we had no problem with her sleeping. But the suddenly she has developed a problem where she doesn't want to sleep in our room and constantly goes to the door and tries to dig to get out and jump up on the door to try to escape. She will eventually settle down but if there is any little noise she will be up again at the door.
I am not sure if this is related to the she seemed fine for some nights after this. But I can't get any sleep with her at the door trying to get out all night. Has anyone heard of a similar situation? Is there anything that I should be doing? I'd like to address the problem before it continues for too long.
Any advice would be helpful.

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