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Hello, I have a four year old Golden Retriever rescue, Hannah. We rescued her about two years ago and she was extremely fearful and shut down; she had been abused. Any time any noise was made she would drop down and lock up. Two years later she is like a different dog. She is playful and happy. We noticed she has something going on in her hind end and she has had this issue since we have gotten her. When she was at the rescue she was checked out by a veterinarian and they said she was fine. (This was before we noticed the hind end trouble, but she still had it - she just didn't walk very much at the rescue) 

I will try to describe the hind end issue to the best of my ability - It is almost like her hind end is weak, or the connective tendons and ligaments are loose. I don't think she has good control over her hind end, however she sits, lays down, and gets back up relatively easily. When she trots her hind end is very bouncy looking. She cannot jump very well and she seems quite uncoordinated. Also, possibly unrelated, she has very loose skin. 
Up until yesterday I had never seen a dog with issues similar to Hannah's. Yesterday I was watching The Dog Whisperer and he was working with a dog who was Hannah's exact copy in physical build and mannerisms. This dog had the exact same hind end troubles. Cesar had noted the hind end, he had said possible "Parvo" and one other disease that I did not catch. I Googles Parvo and apparently it is contagious. Hannah has been around many other dogs, plus she lives with one and all of those dogs are healthy. Also, wouldn't the vet at the rescue tell us if she had a condition like that?

I am 13 and looking for a dog for my moms house. The dog needs to be hypoallergenic because my mom is allergic. The dog needs to be able to be alone for long hours. The dog cant be to big or to small. I am hoping for a dog that is friendly and can be trained easily. Also not too many grooming needs. 

I will keep looking but your inputs will be very helpful.

Okay I really want a Rottweiler, yes I am ready and am capable of taking car of one.

But, because of over breeding they now have week bones especially hips and shoulders and too much protein is bad for them. I was wondering if I could give them a special diet and excersise routine to benefit these problems and maybe even prevent a fatal problem. So for excersise, is swimming good for dogs bones and joints? I know its great for human bones, joints and muscles. And just to be safe with the hips I reckon I won't be teaching it agility with the jumps as it may put pressure on hips and possibly shoulders? I will of cause walk him everyday. Diet, well I want to keep a healthy, fit dog so I was wondering should I get high Quality dry food, wet food tends to make my previous dogs get runny poos, and too keep the bones strong would it be alright to feed my dog a special calcium milk or powder to sprinkle on the food for my dogs? Or can I get daily vitamins for that? I really want whats best and I need to prepare if I am going to get a Rotty!
- Thanks SO much- Paws Up! 

I fed my boy orange juice every day of his life, and now look what happened, he is orange!  Just kidding, that was his Halloween costume last year.  In all seriousness, is fruit a bad thing to feed dogs, or is something that can help them stay healthy?

Good Wishes to Everyone,

My name is Shreal Lynn. I am here to gain some knowledge through this forum, which will help in my business and other works.

Thanks a lot!
Sheral Lynn

Good Wishes to Everyone,

My name is Shreal Lynn. I am here to gain some knowledge through this forum, which will help in my business and other works.

Thanks a lot!
Sheral Lynn



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Does anyone have any good tips on managing shedding?  I have tried everything, but my dog constantly sheds.  I have seen people who have shaved their dogs, but it seems a little mean.

Are there more people here who like dogs or cats?



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I'm responding to dog owners desperate for a product that keeps your dogs off of couches and chairs. Try the new couch defender. A couch defender takes up space on your couch and deters your dog from jumping up. When you want to relax on your couch simply store it underneath or behind the couch. It folds to approximatley 1.5 inches. No more dog hair, no more saliva stains. No more coming home from work and cleaning. You decide when you want your dog on the couch. The product does not scare or hurt you dog. Go to

I recently took in a kitten, Dusky, that my uncle found alongside the road on his way home from work one evening and I'm wondering what breed or breeds he may be. The vet said he was about 8 weeks old which puts his birth date around August 20th and he's around 15 weeks now. He is grey, dark grey/black and white with a Mackerel Tabby pattern. The description below is probably overkill but I'm not really sure what matters and what doesn't.

Base color: grey
Stripes/Spots: dark grey/black
Chin, neck, belly and inside of legs: white w/ stripes/spots
Undercoat: white - stripes/spots and base color are only on the ends of his hair

The top of his head is grey with the "M" on his forehead and stripes extending from his forehead to his shoulders. His eyes are ringed in white with grey just under his eyes. He has a well defined dark stripe that extends from the corner of his eye to under the outer edge of his ear. From this stripe and the gray under his eyes down he is white. He has another stripe starting about mid cheek and another that starts about the middle of his jaw, both running back to meet the first near the ear.

His ears are slightly pointed and grey except the tops and bottoms which are slightly darker. The insides are pink with white hair along the inner edges.

I believe his eyes may be changing color and will end up being green. The outer edge is brown and around the pupil is green. In between is a mix. The lining is dark brown.

The tip of his nose is lighter grey with three tiny dark spots along the edges. The leather is dark grey around the outer edges blending to a pinkish brown. His lips are black.

He has a well defined, somewhat dark broken stripe at the top of his chest with broken stripes following until a dark, well defined band around his legs with the following stripes fading until his legs are solid grey with the insides white and the his paws tipped in white.

From his shoulders down the middle of his back to the tip of his tail is a thick, dark stripe. His sides are grey with stripes broken with spots. His belly is  white with stripes broken with spots.

His hind legs are striped with the outside grey and the inside white and stripes that break on the inside. From about knee down they're grey.

His tail is grey, ringed and tipped in black.

He has a skin flap on either side of his belly starting at about the bottom of his belly and extending to about the knee of his hind legs.

And a little about his personality which is BIG. While I've had a cat before, I had to put my previous kitty to sleep just a few weeks before Dusky came into my life, I've never had a kitten and so I'm not really sure how much of his "personality" his because of his breed or just being a kitten.While I've had a cat before I've never had a kitten and so I'm not really sure how much of his "personality" his because of his breed or just being a kitten.

He almost always has to be were ever I am in my apartment. Sometimes (most times) in the early morning hours I have to shut him out of my bedroom so I can get somemore sleep  when he just wants to play. When I get up a few hours later he's laying near my bedroom door.

He's very smart and will come when I call unless something has distracted him. :) He greats me when I get home. Knows were his food/treats are kept and is right by my side when I open the freezer/cabinent to get them out.

He started playing fetch with me today which shocked the hell out of me. I threw one of his toys so that maybe I'd get a minute of peace to eat my lunch and he brought it back to me.

He's also extremely fast. He likes my pantry and will come running from wherever he is in the apartment when he hears the pantry door. I typically can't get in and out before he's leapt to the back corner. I have to be careful when shutting any and all doors or sitting down because he could be there from the other end of the apartment in a flash.

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