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Hello everyone,I am new here as well and two days ago my four year old male cat died,he was fine when I left him in the morning ,came home and he was on my couch gone.I do have four other cats and one of them was sooo scared he woundnt come near me or my husbnad for like a half a day.We have no clue what happened.He was a healthy cat with no known health problems.We are still in shock as what killed him.Its not the same around here."(

What are the best books about cat breeding?



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My cat is an indoor/outdoor cat. Nb I'm in New Zealand so.its perfectly safe for cats to be outside - no poisonous snakes or insects or wild animals.
My problem is trying to get rid of litter boxes and train him to go outside. He is 3 yrs old and was a breeding cat. Ticky is an Exotic and I've had him for a year. To start the training I bought a hooded litter box to keep outside and transition him into using the outside. After 2 days he started using it but for poop only. He still uses the I side litter box for urinating.Any suggestions why he is doing this? I don't want to takeaway the inside box as I do 12 hr shifts and don't want accidents inside. How do i train him to do everything outside.

I've recently just gotten a kitten and I was curious as to what breed she is, it s not a big deal to me I was just wondering and thought it would be cool to know and read up on.  
The lady I got her off said the mother cat was a "Persian angora" but as I ve searched they re actually two different breeds. The lady doesn t really speak good English so I don t really understand.  
The father cats breed is unknown but she told me it was her neighbors cat and was an Australian cat????(not sure)

So I was just wondering if anyone who s really good with identifying different types of cats and could maybe look at these pics and try and see if you can tell what breed my amina could be, thanks in advance. ☺

Hi everyone,

My cat Clarence is not in good health. He was FIV positive from the start so that usually makes any diagnosis/prognosis worse. Right now he has been suffering from kidney disease (CKD) and has been taking prednisolone for it- his bloodwork results showed elevated values for creatinine and Blood urea and he's lost a lot of weight. But the worst thing is his extremely low red blood cell count, which is like off the charts. He hasn't been openly losing blood, yet he's very anemic and he doesn't seem to be getting enough nutrition from his diet of only canned high quality food, and recently mostly renal diet  food. The doc says it could very well be LYMPHOMA or IBD that is making him have this condition, and because he's FIV + that there's not very much that cn be done for him going forward. Does anyone out there have any experience with this and maybe some tips that they can share with a very depressed cat-mom? thanka.

I notice my cat having trouble breathing, he was 7 yrs old and never ever had a medical problem. I chose to take him to the vet. He was a indoor cat that never went out, half way there he stared to meow then 15 seconds later he let out one loud MEOW. I kept going while I pumped he's little chest. I am sad to report he past, I cried, I must tell you im 53 230lb strong man but this hurt bad, he was my buddy. I ask myself what could I have done different? I have asthma should I have used my puffer on him, should I have waited to see if it past, I don't know and have been beating myself up over this. I just don't have an answer. I need to tell my daughters who are both at school, I waited to this weekend. what could I have done different, I think the stress from the ride may have caused this but doing nothing would have been bad. i just dont know. i will miss my dew man, he was a loveable guy. sad dad looking for answers. :(  



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Yesterday morning I woke up at 8 to my cat lying outside my bedroom door on his side, struggling to breathe and drooling. I listened to his heartbeat, which seemed normal. He was meowing softly, struggling. This continued until 8:15 am. 

He was only 4 and a half, and an outdoor cat. He was up to date on everything. In the car to the vet, he was meowing loudly and struggling. I pet him, and he looked scared. Finally after petting him for a moment he became quiet. We got to the emergency vet at 8:50. They took him into the back and within 30 seconds they came back and said, "He's going into arrest." I ran back and it was too late. They said there was fluid filling his lungs and abdomen. They were keeping him alive manually. He went into arrest a second time. I didn't have the funds to keep going. They were going to charge me 2000 dollars. I'm taking him this morning to be cremated. I just wish I knew what happened to my baby. My poor poor baby is gone and no one can tell me why!! Please give me some insight. This hurts so much. The vet there said that it could have been a tumor. 

Hi Can anyone help ? all the cats I have had before have been spade so this is all new to me . we got a Russian blue kitten who is 10 months old now and she has had 3 lots ok coming into heat the last 2 were only about 2 weeks apart and were before Christmas , it has now been 5 weeks since the last one and I was just wanting to know if that is normal to have such large gaps between . She is an indoor cat so has never been out so no chance of her being pregnant but at some point in her future we would like her to have kittens . Just wanted to know if everything is ok with her , should I be worried that it has been so long since the last cycle . Any advice would be much appreciated . thanks  



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My cat books ran out my door 3 days ago I looked everywhere for it couldn't find it. I left for work and my daughter was left to look for it she couldn't find it either. The next morning I found it outside on the grass dead with her eyes popped out the socket. I don't know what happened to it I asked all the neighbors no one has seen or heard anything. I have a question does cats get longer and skinnier when they die? My heart is so broken I cannot stop crying.

Gadget has been sick for a few months now, thyroid problem, congestive heart failure, and pleural effusion. He is terrified of strangers. I almost lost him in October from stress. He was on fortekor, Furosemide and Methimazole. He was taking his meds regularly until the last few days where i noticed a change him. More lethargic eating drinking less. breathing difficulty. Though he always was able to cuddle with me. We were inseparable, wherever i was in the house he was with me.I started giving him baby food and treats just to get him to eat. Finally i made the decision the 23rd of December that I will ask the vet  technician to come over and give him an injection of the diuretic, hoping it would help him breathe, and it that didn't work i would have him euthanisized. What occured next was terrible, the minute he saw the technician he had a panic attack and couldnt breathe he started foaming at the mouth, i took him outside hoping air would help, he was completely in distress, i brought him back into the house on a pillow, he jumped off fell and hid behind a speaker and started convulsing, screaming , in no way did i want him ever to die like this , i couldn't reach him and when i finally was able to he was almost gone. i rocked him , i feel sooo bad that i did this to him , he was my everything . This whole ordeal took 25 minutes and they were the worst 25 minutes of my cats life. The technicians here are not licensed to euthanize and my poor little baby suffered soo much. I feel completely guilty that i did this to him. he was my scotchtape. :(

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