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Arthrities pain relief - please advice
My 2 year old husky has arthritis in her hips, are there any natural forms of pain relief that might help her? Massage, herbs, etc?
How safe are oral medications like Pet Bounce -  ?
thank you



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Hello All!

I have a 4 year old pit mix that is having a really tough time lately. Let me give a little backround information and maybe someone will be able to suggest something to help us!

We rescued Moppett from a very bad situation 3 years ago she was not being fed let alone getting any personal interaction. This women that i knew that had her adopted her and was not aware that pups (she was 8months at the time) were so active and was not prepared to take care of a dog. So my husband and i gladly freed her from that situation. We tried to kenne her from the begining but she started hurting herself to get out of the kennel. I could barely get her in there to begin wtih. We got her the DAP and that helped but not for long i guess maybe they can get used to it. She eventually was able to break free of 3 different kennels and wasn't doing any damage to our house so we just stopped trying. Well about 5 months ago we moved 1100 miles away sold our house and bought a town house. We left her out of the house once and she destroyed the carpet upstairs so we are back to trying to kennel again.

Not only is she trrrified of going into the kennel exen if we are home she has cracked her nails on her front paws and her lips are brused from trying to chew the kennel. When i get home (usually 5 hours is the max in the kennel) she is soaked in slobber and freaking out. This is very uncharacteristic of her she is usually a very calm and loving dog. We were taking her to doggie daycare but the staff said that she really doesnt play she just sits at the door waiting to be picked up. When i leave to take her she is shaking and drooling, and when i pick her up she acts like i have been gone for years.

I have a feeling that i have caused this behavior, i have always babied her because of the horrible life she had before she joined our family. I took her to training for the first few years we got to exp obediance and she got her canine good citizen, we did agility as well for sometime, she really thrived in training.

Her behavior towards my husband and our other dog has also changed recently. She has become overly protective of me (no im not pregnant). She wont let the other dog sit with me and if my husband gives me a hug she barks and growls at him. She was never like that before. I took her to the vet because i thought something was wrong like she was in pain or sick but all the tests came back normal.

If you read all of this and are still awake, i would really appreciate any input you may have. Moppett is my best friend (other than my husband of corse) and i dont like seeing her like this.



Our 7 month female puppy is generally house-trained with only a few accidents in the last 5 weeks since we adopted her. However, this week she has twice peed on the floor when the cat has entered the house (the cat is generally unfriendly to the dog and was especially so this week). 

From reading other posts I've figured out that this is likely submissive peeing and I've read the advice on making our dog more confident (much of it we are already doing) in order to prevent this. But a lot of the advice seems to be directed towards reassuring the dog that they don't have to be afraid of us, her human companions. But it's the cat that she is afraid of, and I am not sure we can curb the cat of her cranky (ie scary) behaviour - she IS the dominant one in the household. We do keep them separate when necessary and tell the puppy to "leave it" and make sure that the cat has some space from the dog. And we don't leave them alone together.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to reassure the dog about something that is somewhat out of our control?

Thanks for any advice!

Hi, I had a litter of lab puppies born 01/11/13.

They have snotty noses and a cough that is more like a hacking and gagging cough.

Here is the story.

At 9 Days old: 1 of the puppies started having a congested breathing sound.

 AT 10 days old: Several of them were breathing like that.

At 11 Days old: 2 of the puppies started the cough, (Hacking gagging sound). I called the vet and we put them on Clavamox.

By 15 days: their cough would not stop! They would wake up coughing. Their cough was very constant.

At 17 Days: I took them to the vet. She said it sounded like Aspiration Pneumonia and gave them a shot of penicillin. She said they are happy healthy fat puppies. They did not act sick whatsoever. The cough slowed down in some and completely stopped in others.

By 19 Days, the cough came back in all of them.

Today is the 20th day, I've gotten another round of penicillin shots to give them tonight. They have been on Clavamox since the 23rd. They take it morning and night. I have not seen any improvement whatsoever. They are $600 Labrador Retriever Puppies. There are 12 Puppies, only 4 are not yet reserved. I have spent in vet bills for this litter nearly $600 in medications for them and momma, vet bills, food and everything! I'm doing my best and I'm thinking that maybe I need someone elses expertise.

I don't know what else to do. Please any and all ideas are appreciated!

 Is there anyone who can tell me about my BC late weird behaviour, she is gettin irritated so easily, doesn't want to play, and stay alone for most of the time.( She is 1 year old). Plus, she started to bleed , Is it the right time now? PLZ get back to me , Thanks in advance..

3 months ago I weened my 6 year old pug off VanectlyP, a combination antihistamine/steroid pill used to control allergies. She was taking it for 4 years. At first, she seemed lethargic and had a somewhat low heart rate, but this got better after a couple of weeks. Then, about a month later, I noticed some odd behaviour and I realized she was blind. I am certain she could see fine before we took her off the drug. My vet has ruled out glaucoma and pigmentation keratitis, and does not think the blindness is related to the steroid use or withdrawal. I am not so sure. I am wondering if she might have Addison's disease or Cushing's disease, which can be caused my prolonged steroid use. Blindnesss is listed as a "rare" symptom for both diseases. Her diet, bowel movements are all normal. Any ideas. She is currently off the steroids and is not receiving any treatment.

Hello everyone, new to this board but I have some questions about picking up the right kitten.

I have a 1 year - 1 month old MALE cat that is pretty energetic and a clown. Hes very very playful and only does the biting or clawing when rubbing his belly but quickly licks you thereafter. I wanted to get him a friend since he seems very lonely and would be good to have him grow up with...

My question is, I dont want them mauling each other so I asked the adoption workers what a good fit would be. They advised to get a younger cat or kitten and preferably a male as well since females can be picky and not get along. I dont mind either but a male would be great as my cat has been a good one, question is would male & male get along?

Also the kitten I found at the center is about 3 months old...I am wondering if this is too young for my 1 year old at home. I did get my current cat at 3 months old too so I know how it is. Or should I get one more along the lines of 6-10 months old. Not sure if the younger kitten would be more helpful as my cat may be more in tuned to just play with him than anything else.

Any advice is good advice, my main concern is gender choosing and age. Thank you!

Can I train my kitten to use the litter box? I have a 4 month old kitten who won’t use the litter box, only wants to eliminate on a towel. Will go on carpet if towel isn’t available. His siblings and mom use the litter box fine. I think perhaps he associates the litter box with discomfort. He had early pica symptoms, eating non food items, and suffered pain when eliminating these non food materials (plastic, wiring, rubber, clumping litter, etc). Although he still bites things like all kittens do, the pica or swallowing items seems to be gone. I NEED HELP! I’m constantly laundering towels and he has ruined the carpet in the room where I now have him quarantined. Even with copious use of enzyme cleaners, the room still smells like urine and the carpet will have to be ripped out I fear. Also, the kitten won’t be adoptable unless I can train him to use the litter box. Otherwise, he is a beautiful, charming, playful, long haired male kitten with huge irresistible eyes.  He's had a blood test by a vet and there are no medical issues to cause any of this behavior.  I assume the pica may have been caused by teething and the litter aversion therefore caused by discomfort during elimination (caused by the pica).

I adopted my cat Zander on 12/21/12 and we live in an efficiency, so it is just a small room with a tiny bathroom attached. And i do understand that he gets frustrated with the space.

I do what i can to stimulate his mind (ration his food and hide it around the room, switch out his toys so he doesnt get bored, he has no interest in catnip or treats, and it seems he is lactose intolerant)

Anyway, i have lots of photographs, posters, paintings, wall hangings, hanging all around my room. Zander is constantly tearing down the photographs, batting and chewing at my drawings, and after weeks of interest and tearing and scratching he ripped one of my paintings in half last night. Overtime i have had to move all my special fragile items like dead flowers, some small plants in glass, a framed photograph, to an area on top of a small bookshelf that sits on top of my dresser. Up to this point it had been the only space that Zander had left alone, but i knew it was only a matter of time until he noticed it. Tonight he jumped up there and knocked everything off. Water everywhere, broken flowers.

I know it is just the nature of the cat to be curious, and he is still young, but it dawned on me tonight that he need to come to an understanding with eachother. And live in harmony with one another. I do not disturb his special things, he should not do so to mine. Do so unto alla that.

I have decided it is time that i begin to train, or use positive/negative reinforcement for his actions.

What first popped into my head was the spray bottle, but the idea felt sketchy to me, and when i looked it up i read somewhere that it was "an old fashioned method that was not recommended by animal behaviourists" What do you think?

Any other suggestions? Itd be appreciated to hear what you got to say.

Thanks yo

I have a puppy. she is chihuiha. How can i get her to stop chewing without hitting her?

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