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I was wondering if anyone has had this issue or any insight for my dog Guinnie.  Guinnie is a female Sharpei/English Bulldog mix and is almost 2 years old.  She is in great health and has no current health concerns other then this.  When she was a puppy she had demodex which has long been taken care of. 

About 3 weeks ago it all started with vomiting.  The first day she would vomit whenever she ate then later that night the diahrea began.  She would need to go out every hour at least.  When I called the vet the next day they recommended not feeding her for most the day and then feeding her rice and chicken for 5 days which we did.  She got a bit better during that time.  During the 5 days she only had a bowel movement twice and it was still very soft.  Tried going back to normal food at the end of the 5 days and it was back to vomiting and full blown diahrea and also had a yellow mucus in her bowel movements.  Then we went back to rice and chicken and took her to vet.  They gave her some antibiotics and checked her out and said she was healthy and to keep feeding rice and chicken and to do a fecal sample.  They wanted 3 samples and since she only has a bowel movement every 3-4 days while on chicken and rice it took a while.  We submitted her fecal sample and they came back today negative. 

Next they want to do x-rays.....  I want this problem to get solved cause I am tired of seeing my dog sick and I am also leaving on a vacation in a week and will be gone for half the month.  Does anyone have any ideas what can be wrong with my Guinnie?

The dog will be staying in my house,but my neighbor will be walking & feeding my dog in the early morning and afternoon.Biarding facilities are out of the question since I don't want my dog to be stressed out since the last time I took him to a dog boarding facility he did not eat for three days and the workers said that my dog was trembling in fear everytime it heard a bark.I live in northern California and boarding facilities here charge between $16-$26 dollars per day.

Harlem nearly died from a vets incompetance....please "skip a Starbucks and save a cat". He is only 4 years old and has excellent chance of longterm survival if he can get the continued treatment he needs.

My cat Tinkerbell was a stray that I adopted at about 8 weeks old. She is very sweet, affectionate & loving most of the time. She does have about an hour in the evening when she goes crazy & gets into everything though!

But the thing she does that makes me nuts is if I'm walking from room to room she will get in front of me & then lay on her back right in my path! Or if she's in the door way and I try to walk by her, she will flip over across the floor right where I'm walking.
I've heard that it is a great sign of respect if they show you their bellies but I'm afraid that I'm not going to see her one time & could really hurt her badly! 
I'm constantly tripping over her & if I can't figure out how to correct this behavior then I may have to give her away, for her safety & my own. I suffer from a clotting disorder like Haemophillia & if I fall, it could be very dangerous.
Please help me! Thanks, Charley



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If all dogs in my pack know who the canine alpha is, do I support that leader when he bosses (by doing nothing) or do I arrest his aggression?

Longer explanation: Five-year old rescued NM Maltese dominates five-year old rescued SF Belgian Tervuren and eight-year old rescued SF Rot/pit mix. Rarely is anyone other than balanced (to use Cesar's terminology) but when there is a bit of chaos, invariably has my Maltese boxed some ears. The two big dogs seem to take the behavior in stride but would I do better to quickly and firmly rebuke the Maltese, and if I do not, am I A) possibly leading him to think he could be dominate over me and B) leading the two big dogs to think I'm not a strong leader?



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Hi All,

My 11 years old girl has recently been diagnosed with enlarged heart, lungs and slightly enlarged liver. The vet has put her on Prilium 150mg, tablets to draw out fluid from the lung and 10 days antibiotic course and she's also on k/d renal diet (canned).

We noticed that she has been drinking alot more and she would sleep near her water bowl after we started her treatment. 

I believe she's experiencing constipation issue and would like to ask if anyone here experience the same? Was wondering could it be the medication or the food that triggered her drinking frenzy and constipation.  

Taffy is chewing her paws   , a lot   I tried different remedies   no luck    her paws turned brown    and her mouth  Vet said she didnt see anything spot did not work  medicated solution  .cider vinegar    ,,,,,,help   !!! thanks    .Sheila



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Brooklyn has been eating grass a lot lately and then throwing up. I get a free newsletter from a nutritionist and her article about this really helped. I changed her diet and no more grass! Just thought someone might be in the same boat I was and would find the article interesting and maybe it could help you too.



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My mixed bread dog had his right ACL surgically repaired three weeks ago. His left ACL went out a few days ago. He's in terrible pain and cannot walk at all. The surgeon cannot do surgery on the left leg until the right leg is completely healed - another month at the very least. My dog is 12 years old and also suffers from Addison's disease. After his last surgery his Addison's flared up - he was very sick for a week. I'm scared to death to have him go through surgery again. Does anyone have some advise for me?

I have a terrier he's 9 years  old looks like Benji and very possessive and over protective. I recently moved into an over 55 pet friendly apartment building and a lot of people here have dogs. When I sit in the lobby with him if anybody comes over and try to pet him he growls he doesn't bite but he growls and a couple of times he snapped at people. I just assumed it was because they were coming towards me I recently went to Las Vegas for 5 days and left him add Petsmart and the people there said he played with other dogs in the doggie daycare he was very good very well behaved with everybody big dogs little dogs everyone and I'm guessing it's because I was not there he didn't have anybody to protect so how do I control his behavior when he's with me in the lobby of my building he sits on my lap what are you even when he's down on the floor beside me if anybody comes near me he growls I can go near everybody else's dog I can pick them he doesn't like it but he doesnt Corral but if they come near me he immediately starts to growl stand up and become my defender what do I do???

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