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Taffy is chewing her paws   , a lot   I tried different remedies   no luck    her paws turned brown    and her mouth  Vet said she didnt see anything spot did not work  medicated solution  .cider vinegar    ,,,,,,help   !!! thanks    .Sheila



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Brooklyn has been eating grass a lot lately and then throwing up. I get a free newsletter from a nutritionist and her article about this really helped. I changed her diet and no more grass! Just thought someone might be in the same boat I was and would find the article interesting and maybe it could help you too.



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My mixed bread dog had his right ACL surgically repaired three weeks ago. His left ACL went out a few days ago. He's in terrible pain and cannot walk at all. The surgeon cannot do surgery on the left leg until the right leg is completely healed - another month at the very least. My dog is 12 years old and also suffers from Addison's disease. After his last surgery his Addison's flared up - he was very sick for a week. I'm scared to death to have him go through surgery again. Does anyone have some advise for me?

I have a terrier he's 9 years  old looks like Benji and very possessive and over protective. I recently moved into an over 55 pet friendly apartment building and a lot of people here have dogs. When I sit in the lobby with him if anybody comes over and try to pet him he growls he doesn't bite but he growls and a couple of times he snapped at people. I just assumed it was because they were coming towards me I recently went to Las Vegas for 5 days and left him add Petsmart and the people there said he played with other dogs in the doggie daycare he was very good very well behaved with everybody big dogs little dogs everyone and I'm guessing it's because I was not there he didn't have anybody to protect so how do I control his behavior when he's with me in the lobby of my building he sits on my lap what are you even when he's down on the floor beside me if anybody comes near me he growls I can go near everybody else's dog I can pick them he doesn't like it but he doesnt Corral but if they come near me he immediately starts to growl stand up and become my defender what do I do???

My 8 yr old rotweiler back leg is swollen with blood blisters now travelled into other bk leg! Vet has him on antibotics for 2 weeks now and not getting better only worse! Anyone out there can help! I can attach picture of anyone knows how

BEWARE! Jillian Marsh -A Cavalier King Charles "breeder" SHE WILL TAKE YOUR MONEY AND NOT GIVE YOU YOUR PUPPY! Beware of Jillian Marsh, passing herself off as a REPUTABLE Cavalier King Charles breeder. She has over 30 judgments against her, and has NEVER paid a dime. The court system can't even help you.

IF you get a puppy, she will charge you $2000 for "AKC registered" Cavalier, but never give you the AKC papers, because the puppy was never registered, and quite possibly neither were the parents. She will guarantee their health, but many of her puppies have developed genetic conditions due to poor breading practices. You will fall in love with your Cavalier, but it will cost you thousands of dollars to correct their issues.

She advertises in San Marcos, San Diego, North County San Diego, Poway, Carlsbad and Del Mar... ALSO as the web reaches all states, she will offer the dogs to anyone that will wire her money for a deposit and NEVER give you what you paid for. She has used many business names such as: Windermere Cavaliers, Gagnier Cavaliers and Baurgese Cavaliers. She continues to change the names due to her tactics of taking peoples money and being sued for the same.
** JILLIAN MICHELLE MARSH ** Jillian M. Marsh Aliases: Jillian Michele Marsh Jillian N Marsh Jill M Marsh Jillian Michelle
Her photo:

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You do not want your friends and family getting scammed!

Last fall I had a a 5 year old male outdoor cat neutered. We had this cat from the time he was 6 weeks old.   About a month ago a large black male cat that has periodically appeared on our property came back.  In the past the male I had neutered would fiercely fight this other cat and drive him away.  This time, he just continued to get the crap beat out of him by the black cat.  My neutered cat disappeared about a week ago and we assume he is dead.  My husband blames me for this.  He says that if I had not neutered him he would have been able to fight back and that by neutering him he had no ability to fight back.  The same thing happened about 15 years ago.  We had an outdoor male.  I had him neutered and within a month he was gone and assumed dead.  The vets all say that neutering a male cat lengthens their life.  I am feeling really bad about this.  Is my husband right?



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Canine massage is a therapeutic discipline that involves directly working with all of the soft tissues of a dog’s body in order to assist the dog in achieving relief from a variety of physical and emotional challenges, including muscular soreness, chronic stress.

Can someone tell me what breed is this cat?





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Sassy,my 15 year old indoor fur baby just jumped on back of chair to relax, within minutes her back end began to slide off control, picked her up to comfort her, she got up and went under bed, next morn she seemed just fine that afternoon I noticed she wobbled when walking, would lose balance (stumble), vet gave her shot to help brain swelling, she seems fine, but stumbles. Blood flow in back leg very weak....We go back Friday ..what to expect?

I have a new kitten 9 months old, who chases her (to play) but she hisses, chases back and will attack her, but really never bites or hurts the kitten...I have kept them apart somewhat, is this bad for Sassy?

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