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My absolute best friend in feline form passed away this past Monday morning completely unexpectedly.  To say I am devastated is an understatement.  I have been crying for the past three days.  I was just completely blindsided.  He is one of four of our indoor cats and he just had a full exam at the vet last month.  He was 9 years old and in perfect health, or so the vet thought.

We really don't know what happened.  At around 1 am my wife was still watching tv and heard a crash and a kitty moaning in the dining room.  She rushed to investigate and found Timpy on the floor, legs all sprawled out, moaning with foam coming out of his mouth.  My wife screamed upstairs for me to hurry down.  When I rushed into the room and saw Timpy, I lost it. I knew instantly he was dying.  We quickly wrapped him in a towel and rushed to the car.  I don't know exactly when, but he died in my arms on the way to the emergency vet.  We have had cats for over 20 years and have never experienced anything like this.  

Of our four cats, Timpy had the biggest personality and had stolen my heart years ago.  He constantly let me know when it was breakfast or dinner, and he did it very loudly.  Man could that cat meow.  I haven't slept past 7 am on the weekends for over nine years or dared do anything before first feeding the cats when I came home in the evenings.  But my reward was worth it.  Timpy loved me almost as much as food.  He'd snuggle with me for hours, sleep next to me at night, and allowed me to hold him and kiss his tummy unconditionally.  No offense to cats, but he was a dog in a cat suit.

It is truly killing me now that he's gone.  Even though there are still three cats and a dog here, the house is terribly silent.  It makes me so sad.  It also makes me mad.  Last Wednesday, for about a minute, I thought he might have been breathing a little too labored. I was a hair's length away from taking him to the vet when it seemed to stop and he acted otherwise totally normal.  For the next couple of days I would watch him, and saw nothing unusual.  And of course, he was just at the vet a mere four weeks prior, so what could possibly be wrong.  We typically rush our animals to the vet if they just look at us funny, so I really thought I was being overly protective.  Now of course I keep double guessing myself.  What if I had taken him? Maybe he'd still be alive today.  Obviously I will never know and will have to live with that thought forever.  I also find myself wondering why, of all my cats, did it have to be him?  I love all my cats dearly, but some are much older than 9 and none have the personality of Timpy.  Any death would be difficult, but why my precious Timpy?

We will never know what really killed my best buddy, Timpy, though everything I read suggests it was probably feline hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.  A thickening of the heart wall that clearly isn't easily detected by the vet.  Signs of the disease include labored breathing, which would suggest I probably did see something in his behavior last Wednesday.  I just wish I hadn't talked myself out of whisking him to the vet.  If there's one mistake I will never make again, it's that.

Sorry for the long post, but I miss my Templeton more than I have ever missed anything in my life and I just really wanted to tell our story.



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3 yrs ago a friend's daughter asked me to keep her dog for her. She was moving to Tampa for a new job opportunity. She did not know how long will it take to find a place that takes pets. she was so far never able to get up on her feet suffering misfortune and then her phone was disconnected. So I have not heard from her in over 2 years but I am in touch with the grandmother who has 5 chihuahuas she could not take care of anymore. So when it's time for Belle which is her name to go to the vet she pays for it. And there's always things that you want to ask and you forget to ask especially if me and the technicians are trying not to get bit while putting on a muzzle. She is spayed the Chihuahua that I also have an Australian Shepherd who is not. They get along for the most part but once in awhile Bell the Chihuahua who is always loving and energetic running around wants to kiss your face off all all the closet and if you even try to touch her she nips at you and Yelps. I've also noticed that no matter if my Australian Shepherd is having a few blood droplets because that's always what it is. But Bell will go crazy every every time Halo gets up from where she sitting Bell will run over there and lick the spot Halo had been laying then. I don't know if all this could have something to do with one of them to spayed and one of them is not. The previous owner did mention to me that Bell the Chihuahua she is temperamental and every once in awhile she want to be left alone like a teenager going in the room and locking the door and turning the music up.. I know I gave a mix-up of information I was trying to get everything in. It just breaks my heart cuz Bell right now is in my closet curled up in a ball and even touch her nose between her eyes a little bit and say what a good girl she is she she nips at me my email



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Blaze friendly  with people and childen 

Hi, we live on farm, but I'm looking for indoor cat, which can eventually anytime roam free on the fenced compaund(that is not criterium, but possibility, If it would be the cat demand). We have a wild cat, normal cat, which has her place nearby our sheep. As a pure breed, we had a Maine coon cat, but my sister moved to her own house and took the cat along. I'm now looking for a new cat(Pure), I'm still considering Maine, but this time, I'd rather try some new breed.I would like the cat to be a real individuality with her unique personality, exotic cat can be extravagant and I'd like her to be playfull, but nossessarilly 24/7 attention needed. Temperament wise isn't much important, playfull, but aswell independent. I don't care wether smaller or bigger breed, because my apartmant is big aswell as garden and compound outside (both fenced), but she can be 365 days inside, If You would suggest some breeds sensitive on colder weather. Long hair or short hair also isn't important. When it comes to kids, that depends, I have 9 and 6yrs old, but both lives abroad and come for a visit like one month in 2yrs, so I can say, I live alone and I'll be the person cat will be with. I'll be glad if You suggest, 5-7 breeds which at least bit fits my criterium and if possible write something small about the character. Thank You very much in advance. Please, don't suggest shelter Cats, I have already and now looking for some new interesting pure breed



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Five month old Havanese puppy 



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Hello everyone I am heartbroken.  Milo was my first cat. I had adopted him from a friend who could not keep him upon moving in w a significant other who had other cats.  According to the vet they used he was stressed by the other cats and had begun to lose weight and display other unhealthy signs. I happily took Milo into our cat free home and made it a cat home! He was never very playful but did earl up to us and became affectionate over time ( we adopted him about ten months ago) last month he became lethargic. And we noticed blood in his eye. We took him to the vet and after several years and several hundred dollars couldn't figure out what was wrong.  After treating him w antibiotics and eye drops his eye improved but not by much however he resumed his normal eating and social behavior and exhibited no sign that he was in pain.  I was working on coming home the money to perform an ultrasound and determine of maybe there was a tumor causing the problem. Well I came home from work tonight to find him dead in a pile of brown puke. I am just looking for any insight into what may have caused this and if it was an issue that he had always had. He had always been under weight but the vet never mentioned that ad a concern. 

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