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greyhound w/shepherd  1 year old i just got him  he need helpwith being   house broking ...........he is the best dog but that just one thing



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I have a two year old German Shepherd he came home when he was 8 or 12 wks old, my other dog is small and deaf and uses a Wee Wee Pad so of course when Zach was little it was okay but now he is two and still uses the Wee Wee Pad when he is inside the house with us. The problem is of course that he is too big for the Wee Wee Pads. How can I break him of this habit when the little dog has to use it. My home is not big enough for me to put the pad in another area for the other dog. When he is loose in my enclosed back patio with the other dog I lay down a Wee Wee Pad and he will go to it.

Just a quick question... Will your dog watch the 'Dog Whisperer' with you? I watch it strictly for entertainment purposes, and Digger will bark and growl at the TV. It is the same for 'It's Me Or The Dog'... Just wondering if others have this "problem". I think it might be the dogs on the shows.

I had a dog as a child - but it was just a dog - in the yard.  I've never had a close attachment to a dog.  I LOVE to watch the dog shows.  I want to WANT a dog.  I want to not be afraid of a dog.  I want to be able to touch a dog without it jumping on me or licking me in the face.  I want an outside guard dog that would also be a loving companion on the deck or porch.  I have grandchildren that the dog would need to love.  They would certainly love it - as they have an inside shitzhu (sp?).  I work outside of the home and I'm usually gone for 9-12 hours per day.  However, my husband is in and out.  We have a pond.  Any ideas?  Thanks!


I have a friend who just finished breeding their spaniel and he has one extra puppy left over.  Its located in carbondale, IL.  Is there anyone out there who might be interested in buying this last puppy.  Cost would be $300.00



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I have heard a lot of different things when it comes to rawhides for dogs. Some say they take a while to digest, some say they are really bad for dogs. My boy just loves them, but I don’t want him to get sick or unhealthy because I am feeding him rawhides. What’s everyone’s opinion on rawhides, and is there a better healthier option to give as a treat?

I don't usually give feedback on products I buy, but this is the exception. I have a Terrier dog breed named Bingo Maxwell, Bingy for short. He'll be eight in December. He's well cared for, regular vet visits, and had his teeth cleaned about a year ago. He gets holistic dog food with minimal wheat gluten and no byproducts. Obviously, he is loved dearly.

Recently, his breath has gotten really bad. I have never brushed his teeth but give him tooth cleaning treats, so I was surprised at how truly awful it was. I did a check of his mouth and found only minimal gum line discoloration. Nothing to warrant such odor.

Last week we had him groomed. His end of winter shave down. While at the groomer, I remembered the ad I saw for an oral care product online I picked up the product on February 23rd, but failed to try it until the 24th. Today is the 26th. I've used it twice a day for two days. His breath is wonderful! From the literature I expected it to take longer, but I'm already more than pleased. I will recommend it to everyone I know with dogs.

Hey everyone, last night at the supper bowl I noticed my dog has a drooling problem. He is a black lab and loves eating food, so whenever its front of him he starts drooling. He has a really bad problem when it comes to food and drooling. Does anyone know of any tricks to help him stop drooling?

I just love cats, who else here thinks they are the best?

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