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Maybe someone could help me out here...My german shepherd puppy just turned 5 months old. She lives with me and my boyfriend and was fine until about a month ago. We were at the dog park and this lady walked past to get her dog, and my pup jumped up and nipped her hand.she was okay, but it took me off guard, because she had never shown aggressivness before. when my boyfriend was alone with her, him and even his cousin would play with her in the yard & she was fine and really liked them just as well as she did me. In the past few weeks, whenever im around my boyfriend, she wont come near him and growls, but alone with him she was fine? Yesterday night, he let her out to use the bathroom. He was trying to get her back into the house ( which really doesnt enjoy and runs because she LOVES being outside ) so he was calling her name with no avail so he went to pick her up ( like he usually does ) and out of nowhere grabbed onto his wrist and arm and wouldnt let go, needless to say she hurt his hand and arm.We've taken her to obedience school and in public almost every single day to socialize her .I have owned many dogs, from chihuahuas to border collies to pitbulls, and they've never suddenly did a 360 like this, so im not sure what to do? I LOVE my dog, she is extrememly loving and loyal, but im so worried.shes UTD on all her shots and just got back from the vet at the beginning of Feb and everything was in great condition! PLEASE and advice or personal experiences would be so helpful!

I woke up this morning and noticed that my dogs eye was all yucky and had green bugers around his right eye. Is there anything I can do other than taking him to the vet? Times are a little tuff right now, so every dollar saved helps out.

Does anyone know of a good snack I can give my dogs?  I have tried all sorts of things like rawhide, bones, treats.  But I wanted to see if there was anything else that i could give them that would be more special.  Any thoughts:?



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I came back from a walk last night and when sitting on my couch I looked down and there was a tick walking on my leg.... "Goose bumps!"  Anyway, I figured I would put the word out that in San Francisco it seems like tick season.  Remember to keep up with the flea and tick meds, I know I will....

Hi There!

I'm sure this question has been asked about a million times, but I am looking for a dry food to feed my dog, Snoopy - a 7 year old old beagle We are currently feeding him, Natural Balance and although he seems to do alright on it, I am looking for a lower cost food that will produce similiar if not better results. (Snoopy tends to have softer poops on this food) I know all about the junk that is in foods such as Purina, Iams etc..and would love to be able to feed him super quality food such as Innova etc. however, at this time in my life it is just not cost effective.

Does anyone have any suggestions besides telling me I am a bad doggie parent, by not buying top shelf premium food? I have heard about a brand of kibble that is sold at Walmart called Maxximum Nutrition that has received a 3 star rating on the Dog Food Analysis website, is this a decent food to feed them for the time being, at least until we are more settled?

Thanks for any input you may have!



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I have a 2 year old dog, (mix, vet guessed pit and lab??) am retired on a limited income, so don't go to the vet unless nesessary for Noels health, Ever since I got her (15 months ago, she is about 2 years old now) her nose constantly goes from cold and damp as it should be to worn and dry, back and forth, back and forth, maybe lasting from 1 to 3 days each. She seems to be ok, is this a couse for concern?? Can someone let me know.

Bottom line, my boy Snoopy is a barker.  He is always barking and at times it drives me crazy.  I know its his way oif talking to me and letting me know he is there, but sometimes it can be a bit much to handle.  Can anyone share some advice about how I can let him know that barking is something thats not always a good thing?

Oh boy, today is the day when I sit around and watch basketball with my boy Bobo.  I am rooting for the Boston College, but part Bobo thinks they dont have a chance.  He is more of a fan of just watching any team on TV.  Does anyone else have a dog that watches loves to watch TV?  If so, whats their favorite show?



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greyhound w/shepherd  1 year old i just got him  he need helpwith being   house broking ...........he is the best dog but that just one thing



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I have a two year old German Shepherd he came home when he was 8 or 12 wks old, my other dog is small and deaf and uses a Wee Wee Pad so of course when Zach was little it was okay but now he is two and still uses the Wee Wee Pad when he is inside the house with us. The problem is of course that he is too big for the Wee Wee Pads. How can I break him of this habit when the little dog has to use it. My home is not big enough for me to put the pad in another area for the other dog. When he is loose in my enclosed back patio with the other dog I lay down a Wee Wee Pad and he will go to it.

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