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I went away for the weekend and left my boy with a new dog sitter. The one thing she mentioned was to check his feet for foxtail seeds. I noticed that he was limping and that he had reddish sore feet (the pads are totally fine, but in between his toes is where it looked sore). I am wondering if this could have been caused by running around a lot, or if he is having a problem because of the foxtails. Does anyone here have any advice, or can share a story about their dog and foxtails?


I hired a new dog sitter and went away on vacation.  When I got back, my dog seemed happy and tiered, which is usually a good sign.  However, I was laughing becasue there is really no way to tell if my dog walker did a good job or not.  Maybe she just kept him locked up, and on the last day ran him well so he would be tired when I got home.  Is there really anyway to tell if you have a good or bad dog walker?

Hi all,

I recently notice that my puppy (a terrier mix) has some skin discoloration around her mouth.  Her lips are normally black, but she has developed some pinks spots.  There is no texture to the spots, only a color change.  Any thoughts on what this could be or if I should be worried?


I was walking down the street the other day when this man came up and just started playing/petting my boy William. Now don’t get me wrong, I love dogs, but I am shocked how people don’t respect the rule of asking for permission before interacting with someone else’s dog. My fear, and not so much for William because of his sweet disposition, is what if the person reached down without asking and the dog bit him or her. Would that be the dog’s fault or the person who did not ask permission? Furthermore, could the dog/owner be legally responsible?

I am so bored running with my dog, and he also seems to get bored as well. We have tried swimming too, but not always a true work out for him. He is a big saint Bernard, Can anyone help recommend a fun activity I could do other than running or swimming?

I just had my Cholesterol checked and I was wondering if dogs also get their Cholesterol tested?  Has anyone here ever had their dog's Cholesterol tested?  If so, what were the results?

My dogs bad habits may force me to get rid of her

I recently started noticing that when my dog stands up after laying down for a while, it seems that his back leg is cramped or sore. He is only 3 years old, and is probably to young for arthritis. Because he is a Labrador, I had his hips x-rayed for dysplasia, but everything seemed fine according to the vet. Could he be cramping? If so, does anyone know what I can do to help him avoid getting these cramps?

I live in a 3 bedroom apartment with 3 children.  We've been looking for a good apartment dog and have fallen in love with a  6 year old Pitbull terrier, beagle mix at the humane society.  She seems very calm and friendly. Not agressive, and not timid.   However, I've been trying to do some research.  Is she an ok "apartment dog"?  We have two parks near by and we'll be doing daily walks/excersize.  We spent only about 20 minutes with her, and now I'm trying to figure out if our home could work for her. 

I'm not sure if she will be ok being indoors for part of the day.  Also, if she's not a good breed/mix to have indoors what are good ones? I don't care for the "yapper"  dogs.  Just something friendly, calm around kids (my kids are 9,10,15 so no real young children).

(I hope this is the one though!)

my 2yr old chiuhiua female her left hind leg is sticking straight out and is stiff her left front paw looks dead it's limp i cannot afford a vet yet she's one of my kids and i can't leave her like that she cannot walk nor stand up or she will fall can someone pls tell what they think it might be i know she did not get runned over she's an inside dog thank you

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