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MY female poodle and my 14 year old poodle were caught in the act.  I did not think a dog that old can breed.  The vet says she is expecting.  Both are AKC.  Will I have any problems registering the litter. 

I am planning on breeding my male chihuahua puppy with a female. But this is my first time doing this so I don't know how to get them to breed! So any suggestions?

My dog has been eating his poop(feces) on a regular basis lately.  He also rubs his self in the grass also. Why is he doing this, especially eating the feces?  He is 15 years old, male Dachshund.  He is eating his own food but he has been very picky about what he eats lately.  Please someone help with this???

In two days my precious Kate, a min-pin, has developed a growth on her nose. Actually a couple of of bumps, two or three, like maybe stings of some kind, one has a cut on it. No bleeding, but looks like could be puss filled, not hard bumps, but very soft, different sizes. Reminds me of cigarette burns. I will contact our vet tomorrow, but I am worried sick. The blisters don't seem to be sensitive or causing pain. Does anyone know what possible could be affecting Kate. Kate is never out of my sight for more than a few moments.

I am worried sick and would be grateful to anyone who can offer me some information. Thanks!




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I don't see a bird discussion link so here goes.  If there is one direct me to it.

We have a 10 year old female cockatiel that has plucked herself nude from feathers under one of her wings and down onto her side and leg.   Does anyone know why?  Has anyone experienced this?  Does anyone have any suggestions?

She's laid eggs often and cuddles them and tries to hatch them but never had babies althought we have a male in the cage with her. 

Very curiuous, please help! 


Sorry dog folks (I'm one) but I did knwo where else to go.



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My boy has recently developed really bad breath. Does anyone have any tips for keeping a dogs mouth clean and fresh?

I just got back from having my dogs hips x-rayed, and they explained to me my dog has "flat hips" and is a high risk candidate for arthritis. They recommended that I look into some fish oils and hip vitamins to help prevent early development of arthritis. Does anyone know if this will actually help, or is it a big waste of money?

When we added our German Shepard to our home we were told that she was a German-German Shepard, and not an American-German Shepard.  We were given a copy of her family tree that went back 15 generations to prove her AKC geneology. 

   We were told that the difference in the two breeds was that her snout would be characteristactly longer, and that to keep the German-Germanness in the blood line; every other generation was supposed to be bred with a timber wolf. I have found that her snout is a bit longer, and she also has a little bit bigger ears as well. 

   I am asking these questions because I have not been able to find any answers yet myself, and I am very concerned about practicing proper breeding for her.

My question are:

1. Has anyone else heard of a German-German Shepard?

2. Is it true about the breeding, and where can I find the information?



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We have a 4 yr old Golden.  We would like to breed her.  Her hip, elbows,eyes and heart are certified.  We have found a male, but he is 11 yrs old.  Our question is does the age of the male affect his sperm count and quality?  We want to do this top notch.  Thanks for the help.\

Dwight and Julie

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