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At what age will my Great Pyr realy start to bark ?


Sady J is now eight mo. olds. We adopted her from the humane society five mo. ago.  She is up to date on her shots, and she is spayed. 

our problem is she starts barking every time we leave the house. We live in an apartment complex.

Secant-she jumps up on every body, bad habit 
Three- chewing on every thing, I now she a lab/shep mix she will chew untill the age of two yrs, how do I curve the chewing? 

Hi, I am thinking of buying an Airedale Terrier. My spouse is very intolerant, in the barking behavior. So my question is for those owners of airedale terrier :Does this breed have excessive barking ? Thanks in advance ! Mishka

is she going to be ok.



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I have a wonderful new 3 month old pit bull puppy.  She is a beautiful and I've only had her a week and I'm already very attached to her...however, she is deaf and training her has become stressful that her behavior is bringing me to a decision to have to take her to the animal shelter.  She has such a bad habit of biting hands and feet....does ANYONE have ANY tips for training deaf pit bulls??? ANYTHING would help me...

My Shih tzu, Willy, just turned 13 and I am worried about his health.  His hearing is deteriorating, which finally gives him a valid excuse for what was previously "selective hearing" upon those occasions when he just didn't want to listen!  That alone didn't worry me much; however, he had pancreatitis this summer, which is better now.  He is a little beefy at 17 pounds.  When he gets up in the morning, or up from his NUMEROUS naps, he frequently seems to have pain in getting up and around.  He will limp quite a bit.  Frequently I will have to pick him up to bring him back inside because he can't seem to get up the two steps back into the house.  He kind of stumbles.   He has had a few lumps on his shoulders and neck, which seem to be muscle cramps and inflamation.  He is thirsty all the time...He insists on sleeping in my bed and I have to get up 3-4 times a night to take him to the kitchen for a drink.  He drinks like he just can't get enough!  Then he "hyperventilates" because he can't catch his breath.  I know, his short snout makes him hyperventilate but this excessive thirst?  Water is available to him all day long and he is a frequent drinker through out the day too.  I have noticed a few times lately that his breathing is funny, like he can't seem to catch his breath.  Is this just "old age?"  I don't want him to be in constant pain or suffering.  I can't afford excessive medications and treatments, and am not convinced those would be best for him anyway.  Any suggestions?  Any advice?  Do I need to consider putting him down?  I know there are a lot of issues in this "little discussion" but I could really use some direction.

Christy, Willy's mama

MY female poodle and my 14 year old poodle were caught in the act.  I did not think a dog that old can breed.  The vet says she is expecting.  Both are AKC.  Will I have any problems registering the litter. 

I am planning on breeding my male chihuahua puppy with a female. But this is my first time doing this so I don't know how to get them to breed! So any suggestions?

My dog has been eating his poop(feces) on a regular basis lately.  He also rubs his self in the grass also. Why is he doing this, especially eating the feces?  He is 15 years old, male Dachshund.  He is eating his own food but he has been very picky about what he eats lately.  Please someone help with this???

In two days my precious Kate, a min-pin, has developed a growth on her nose. Actually a couple of of bumps, two or three, like maybe stings of some kind, one has a cut on it. No bleeding, but looks like could be puss filled, not hard bumps, but very soft, different sizes. Reminds me of cigarette burns. I will contact our vet tomorrow, but I am worried sick. The blisters don't seem to be sensitive or causing pain. Does anyone know what possible could be affecting Kate. Kate is never out of my sight for more than a few moments.

I am worried sick and would be grateful to anyone who can offer me some information. Thanks!


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