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I have a 15 yr old, male dachshund, who has 22 different allergies, gets an allergy shot once a month.  He started having congestion and sneezing attacks about 3 months ago.  My Vet put him on 2 different antibiotics, 2 different antihistamines, checked him for foreign body in nasal passage or abscessed tooth, took x-rays of his nasal passages and his chest but everything showed up negative.  He started off with just clear thin mucous, now it is a little thicker and more yellowish in color.  I showed this to my Vet.  Now he is on another antibiotic, antihistamine, and decogestant.  So far no improvements.  The sneezing attacks stopped but occasionally sneezes.  They also told me it could be a possible tumor in his nasal passage or on his brain.  I would have to get an actual cat scan to find out further.  I don't want to have to pay $1200.00 to get an internist to look at him and do a cat scan.  What do I do next?  Any suggestions, and anyone with a dog that had similar symptoms like Pistol's?  I am just tired of seeing my dog suffer with that congestion. 



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Hey everybody

After being sick and tired of my dog constantly coming home with ticks, and not really seeing a difference when I using drops or sprays or whatever, I did some research on the internet and found a site with amber dog collars made by amberdog. As I was curious and my dog needed a new collar anyways, I tried one out and was so surprised - it really worked. Since my dog has been wearing one of these amberdog collars, he hasn't had one single tick on him!
Hope this info helps you (and your pets) too!


Hi all!  My wife and I are now in our 50's and are down-sizing from a large house with big yard to apartment life. Our present pooch, Ed, is collie/sheppard mix, 85 lbs. and about 12 years old. He is in good health but I know he won't live forever. I was looking for help in picking out a new breed more suited to my smaller and less active lifestyle. Appreciate any pointers!!!

I have 13yr old male Siberian Husky.  As of about 6 months ago he started going to the bathroom in the house.  He only poops in the house.  He will ask to go out when he has to urinate.  I know 13 is old for a larger dog and he has NEVER had house training problems before.  He has even pooped on the floor while I was putting his leash on to take him for a walk.  Is he senile?  Any suggestions?

We have a new 1 1/2-year-old Shih-Tzu mix who has a wonderful temperament and responsive to training.  But even with rewards training to get him to like and use his crate like a den, he doesn't like it at night with door closed and yelps constantly.

He feels imprisoned.  Is this because he is an adult dog and did not grow up with crate training from puppy stage?   We had success with our prior pups and crate training, but this does not seem to be working.  Any advice???



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i recently got a new puppy, but i don't know what kind of do he is how will i know? He's some type of mixed dog .

My dog named Maisy was a boxer and she had something wrong with her from that dog food poisonig. She was one of the best dogs you could get. My mom was attached to her and before she was dead we took her to the vet to see what was wrong with her and the vet said that it was the poisoning they thought. My mom still has her ashes to this very day. :(

My dog acts like something is after her all the time.  She is very nervous, gittery, and bites (licks) at her front legs (up high almost in her arm pit) just like she has fleas.  I cant find any signs of ticks or fleas.  She also runs and hides under things constantly just like someone or something is after her.  She hovers around me like she has a safe zone.  If i am touching her she seems to be fine.  Any help.......??????



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I woke up this morning and noticed that my dog was acting a little off. Normally in the morning he is very cheerful, always greats me with a wagging tail, and jumps around until I complete his morning routine. However, this morning he woke up and was groggy and looked liked his muscles were aching.

When I took his temperature, it came in at 103 degrees. Normally his temperature is around 100 degrees.

I don’t want to just rush him off to the vet, as I understand people and animals get sick and a fever is not necessarily an emergency situation. Does anyone have any advice for how I can help keep my boy comfortable? Also, at what point should I be concerned enough to take him to the vet?

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