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Some advice, techniques, ways.. on how to train my kitty to poop in a litter box..

How much days or weeks or months do I need before my kitty masters this one??

Thanks! Hope I can get answers :)



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We have an 18 year old tabby. Lately she started randomly crying out. We call to her, and she settles. We thought she might have lost her vision, but she can track our movements and still likes to play. She has a basket in the corner of our bedroom and she will face the wall and cry out, and is fine when we respond to her. We wonder if she's getting disoriented somehow. Do cats get dementia?



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My little orange tabby has had 4 surgeries in a 6 month period. She has a need to eat soft plastic. First time she ate a nipple from a baby bottle. Second time was a chunk of corn on the cob. Third time was part of a Wii remote cover. Fourth time was part of a silicone oven mitt. She's currently on Prozac for her pica. However we had a scare a few weeks back and she ate, but three up a soft mouse you. And now I'm not sure what she ate, but she's not eating. She's acting how she was when she had intestinal blocks. She can't physically have any more surgeries. She's been on medication for over 3 months. But she seems to still have this problem. Had anyone been through this? I need someone to talk to and get advice from. I'm at such a loss and I don't know what to do. Has anyone been in this situation?

My kitty was 7 years old. He was not showing any signs of being unhealthy. Everything was completely normal the night before. My boyfriend and I came home from work Monday, and found our cat laying on a box, he was cold and stiff. He had probably been there all day, there was no food missing from his bowl, and nothing in the litter box. I just have no clue what could have happened. When we found him, I noticed his eyes were partly open and looked black instead of his beautiful green, and they looked bloodshot around the black. His mouth was partly open and I could see a lot of white in there with some blood, it looked more like vomit than foam though. There was also a spot on his nose that looked like something might have leaked out of it either while he was dying or right after he died. His tail was completely up and the fur on it was poofed out. Does anybody have any idea of what might have happened?



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My savannah kitten is nervous and skittish. Ive have him almost 3 weeks, and each time I think we are making progress its like we take a step back. Any advice on what I can do to gain his trust



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what are some options for treating mites on dogs except for taking medicines?

My Siberian kitten was eating up to a can a day of nature's instinct chicken flavor plus some dry kibble of Orijen. He would run to where I would put his food and eat very happily. But then 2.5 day ago when I got home from work I noticed the some of the wet food I left in the morning was dried up because it wasn't eaten completely and there was still some dry kibble. The quarter of wet food is always eaten by the time I leave for work., but not this time. So when I got home I cleaned and washed with soap his bowl like I always do before feeding, and when it was time to feed he chased after me like always, but when I put his food down he would smelled it and backed away meowing. I never experienced this. So I thought maybe after 3.5 weeks of the same food he wants change. So I gave him lamb..he ate a tiny bit then stopped... I then gave him rabbit....nothing... then I gave him salmon. he ate that but reluctantly. I decided to try raw food from nature's instinct... he didn't like that either. so I tried hand feeding the chicken flavor again, and he finally ate that way... I put the food on the hardwood floor..he ate that way but still not that much. i don't know what to do!!! I will go the vet this week to make sure there is nothing physical. He is not a huge eater, but then he weighs only 3 lbs. He is a very tiny kitten, but doc said he was not underweight. I'm trying to get extra weight on him since I got him, and now this is happening. AGH!!!!

I currently have 3 cats who all show signs of being sick.

Symptoms include:
- Lack of appetite/thirst
- "Calm" or overly mellow behavior
- Coughing (or attempting to spit something up, but nothing comes out)

This recently just happened ever since I introduced a new kitten to our household.
The kitten was in cages along side other cats who were within their own. My cats were healthy and NEVER had a health related issues until I got this kitten so I think it might have started because of it. The kitten has received de-worming treatments so anything worm related is probably out of the possible diagnosis.
I love all my cats and don't want them to be miserable or even die.
But since I have more than one, I won't be able to afford all the vet fees to get them checked out and prescribed meds. There aren't any low-cost/low-income or free vets in my area that will perform an exam.
I looked up antibiotics and other cold related meds that I think I should end up buying for them. 
I ultimately am wondering if anyone has had good luck with treating their cats at home. And if there are any suggestions for in-store meds.

My 6 month yorkie x is losing her balance. we took her to the vet and had blood work done for a liver shunt but all came back clear. 

she was treated for ear infection  over 6 weeks ago so she okay in that respect. the vet thiks it may beneurological problem.
Has anyone else experienced this?

I have a femail Saint Bernard that I got through St. Bernard Rescue at 8 months.  She is now 4 years about 98 lbs.  I take her to the dog park twice a week and she plays with a couple dogs in the neighorhood so she has been socialized. Everyone loves her as she is a very loving dog.  Problem is that for the last few years she has sporadically become aggressive to others dogs and has attacked them.  Two she hurt.  There is no particular things I can find that she zones in on.  Not the sex, breed, color.  I've started using a shock collar which helps most of the time. Most of the time just having her wear it helps.  But I don't want to have to use it every time I take her out.  

Any one else have this problem or any suggestions? 

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