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Dog grooming today is important and can promote good health, but it's also a another way to show off your dog and make other people notice the two of you. Does anyone have any good hair styles that they can share with me?



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Last week my cat started to refuse his snacks and for him that was unusual.  He always just went somewhere and plopped down so his energy wasnt anything new however on Monday he seemed more down and didnt eat antthing really could have been a few days and I wanted to take him to Vet but hubby said no not eating isnt anything to go to vet for.  I woke up tuesday morning and my hubby said you better take him in he isnt breathing great.  So I rushed him down there about 12 min ride and he was screaming his usual i hate this cage and i know where were going dont do it so that was nothing new. When we got there the vet took him and he was screaming --- she came out and told me his heart was enlarged and went through too much info but bottom line is he has cardiomyopothy.  She said he was in critical condition so she put him on oxygen --I came back to see him and he just seemed to get upset when he saw me and was crying out for me but I wanted him to calm down to get oxygen because they had to stabilize him and then we were gooing to take him to pet cardioligist.  I went home and no sononer than I got there she told me he was worse and the next step would be intubeation--i said do what it takes to keep him alive.  When I arrived they were suctioning the liquid from his lungs and hand pumping (breathing for him) and lacix wasnt drawing the liquids out.  He was half knocked out so I just watched and when my husband came we talked to vet who said his survival was grim.  So we did what we thought would be best for him and put him down.  I am devistated and play it over and over in my mind--He was screaming doesnt that mean he had decent lung function? Did I jump the gun and couold have saved him?  I miss him terribly.



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Im Sooo Heart Broken;( my Buddy Boots just passed away in front of me, we woke up this moring as normal he had treats,and was looking out screen door on his back legs ,turned around & could not walk tried twice seemed like he had a sieuzre ! meowed hissed ,i was holding his head screaming his named he Purred & i think he pasted then,was panicex picked him up & drove to Vets,talking to him whole time,they did CPR ,they said he had gone:(;( he was my love...Vet said it was thromboses ,sorry for spelling. 

I cannot beleive my Boy is he gone;(Broken Hearted

I recently had my female dog spayed (A day or so ago) but from the moment I brought her home, (since I brought her through the door) my unfixed male dog has been acting as though she's in heat. Popping his jaws at her, trying to sniff at her or spots she's been laying, attempting to bait her with food or play. He even attempted to mount her to no avail. (I was standing right there) I've been keeping them separated in different rooms, but it doesn't deter him. We have one smaller unfixed male as well, but he's showing no interest in her at all. I don't understand why my male is acting like this. 

I was wondering if anyone has information on treating Polcythemia in dogs. I have a two year dog who was recently diagnosed with Polycythemia. I have started her on Hydroxyurea medicine and periodic blood draws. I am having a hard time regulating her PCV levels. Any suggestions?

Does anyone know how many hours a dog should sleep for?   I would imagine age plays a factor, but it seems like my puppy is always sleeping?  I know I should not complain, but he is very active and I try to run him as much as possible.



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I have heard that you should brush your dogs teeth, but I dont.  Does everyone here brush their dogs teeth?



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My cat has her quirks, nothing to be concerned about i think but one thing bothers me that i don't understand. When I arrive home she will hide behind the couch for some reason. I just wonder what it is all about. she did not always do this just the last couple of years. she is about 15 yrs. old and we have a very good relationship.

Hello. I met a family a couple weeks ago with a 4-year-old Doberman Pinscher, named Diablo. I love this breed! I grew up with a Doby and owned my own for 14 years until she passed. Anyway, they have 5 children and not much time to exercise him, train him, or love him! Not sure why she bought this dog. Anyway, they want to give him to me for free. This dog was attacked by a couple large dogs as a puppy and, understandably so, Diablo is extremely anxious around large dogs. 

Anyway, she brought him over to my house to get introduced to my 8-year-old Greyhound, Smokey. Everything seemed to be going well. She decided to leave for an hour for a trial period. I took the two dogs outside in my backyard, which is huge. Eventually, they started playing. When Smokey ran after him to play, he screamed and ran from her. His hair stood up on his back too. Let them back in the house, and Diablo marked my living room. I know he was just nervous. 

So, does anyone think Diablo will eventually turn on Smokey? Is his behavior too far gone? 

To boot, the husband of the family is impatient with him. When Diablo does something wrong, he hits him with an HDMI cable, according to the wife. This breed is sensitive and respond to love! 

On one hand, I want to save him from this. On the other, I do not want to take on irreparable problems of Diablo! If anyone will shed some light on this situation, it would be appreciated. Thanks. 


I have a 10 week old staffie and am using a crate for him - at night I put him in the crate and cover it and he is ok cries when he needs a toilet break normally after abut 5 hours so doing really well, sometimes he does mess in the crate but I think he just cant hold it and I misjudge the toilet break times during the night so not all his fault, on waking and after eating and after an hour of play , I take him outside where he toilets fine, he uses puppy pads when playing in the house if he cannot get to the door in time butI have limited these to two and most times he runs to the door , I have an open planned house so when I am cooking or cleaning, I cannot keep an eye on him so a friend gave me a puppy play pen - I put him in and he is happy playing as he can see me he is happy having a nap in there , but even though I place a puppy pad in it, he toilets on his blanket..not even asking to go I confusing him using the crate and the pen ? I cant cover the pen as it has no top and is quite large, and I thought it too big for him to sleep in of a night , I hate having to put him in the samller crate during the day as there is not a lot of room to play freely like the pen, just because I cant watch him when doing housework it doesn't seem fair, but I am not sure how to stop the blanket toileting- he came from a litter of 8 in a crate with puppy pads in of a night and on the floor during the day and he does use the pads out of the pen ,with us just not in the pen any ideas how I can stop him doing it?? he has not had his second injection yet so walking to tire him so he can be crated to sleep is not an option at the moment.

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