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I just lost my Little Baby Tiger Lily.  She had that long name because there was a Tiger Lily before her, who looked just like her.  A tortie.  She was fine her whole life, until this evening, 5:15 pm - I was there, right there.  She made a very loud, long gasp and I was right there.  Her brother went the same way, and I did CPR immediately.  I did it right, until I could not do it anymore.  I kept her pink, but she never regained consciousness.  I don't think she would have made it, even if I could have kept on pumping.  I was exhausted, and I don't think she could have made it - so hard to stop, but I had to, could not physically continue.  She is here on my bed now and I can't do anything else - googled sudden cat deaths and this site is a blessing.  I think it was a pulmonary embolism.  Her brother had a heart murmur and went the same way 2 years ago.  The heart murmur was not caught in her, but I think it was there.  If she didn't have something blocking her lungs / heart, she should have lived.  I think..   I guess I am writing because I don't want her passing to go unspoken.  Like, who cares about a cat.  I am so upset.

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for taking time and reading my post. My kitty Tiger is very sick. The diagnose is a kidney failure. I am doing my best to help him. Unfortunately the medicare for pets is very expensive in USA and I am not able to pay the bills myself. ( Suddenly). I dont know what to do and I was started a donation campaign. Please if you have some desire to help it will be highly appreciated. Take a look at my campaign by looking the link below:

Thanks to everyone who's care.

Irina and Tiger

I just lost my Tiger Lily.  I was right there.  She was fine all day, yesterday, day before.  Today, as usual, jockeying with her sister for attention.  I heard this long moan and saw her on her side, with her head and neck outstretched.  Two seconds to get there and pick her up, and she was already limp and not breathing.  I gave her CPR, and I did it right.  Right away, when it happened.  And still, I could not hold onto her.  Most likely a pulmonary embolism.  Her brother died like this 2 years ago - had a heart murmur.  Others related to her also had heart murmurs.  It was not caught on her, but I'm sure she had the same thing.  Very sad, and it does not seem to get easier.  Guess I wanted to post just so her passing would not go unnoticed by the world.  Thanks for listening.



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Just wanting to get opinion on what people think of giving a cat to a family member as a gift?  In my situation it would be replacing my grandfather's cat who passed due to old age.  She actually had to be put down, which is always sad, but despite my grandfather acting tough/macho, I could tell he misses having his cat around.  He says he would not necessarily want a new cat, but from what I can tell I think he would really enjoy having a new companion.  The hard part is knowing if I am overstepping any boundaries by getting him a new cat and/or really knowing if wants a new cat.  I do know he enjoyed his last cat, and because he lives alone, I think he would really enjoy the company.  On the other hand he may just not want a cat anymore.  I really want to get him a cat, but giving someone else a new pet could either be a really great gift, or it could be a really bad gift.  Thoughts?

I want to add Brewers Yeast to my two cats diet because I hear it promotes a healthy coat and skin and repels fleas. But I can't find any that doesn't have garlic flavoring and I thought garlic was toxic to cats!?! It all says it is vet safe , but ?

My prego cat that was 2 was playing on her cat tree with her older daughter at 12pm my son walked out the door and I thought mj snuck out behind him I looked for her until 2am at 3 i found her dead at the bottom of the cat tree she had a horrifying smell And rigor mortis had not even set in yet can someone please tell me what happend she was very healthy and young

My heart is broken right now, because my beloved Theo, "Mr. Kitty", died suddenly today. I ate lunch with a friend and returned three hours later. I played around with my dogs and walked down the hall to my room and saw him lying on the ground. I could tell right away he was dead, because he's the friendliest cat in the world and would always greet me when I walked by him. Sure enough, he wasn't  breathing  and his jaw was locked shut and his legs were stuff. I screamed out for about ten minutes at , I was absolutely hysterical. He was such a wonderful sweet cat. He was only 5 yyears old. He was a strictly indoor cat and was pretty healthy. I have been racking my brain trying to figure out what could have happened. He had vomited a few times this year a clear liquid. But this was three three times over the course of a year. His coat had become slightly dull and had begun to collect dandruff, but I attributed it to the fact that he sometimes ate dog food, which he always has done on the sly.  I had switched my cats (I have a another cat, Phoebe) to freeze dried raw food from Stella and Chewys and he loved it, but i suddenly had to switch back to Taste of the Wild due to how expensive Stella and chewys is. He was a strictly indoor cat, in which case I did not take him for his yearly vaccines. So so I am blaming myself for this. I didn't think if he was an indoor cat that yearly shots were really necessary. However now I am not so sure.  I also had given him and Phoebe a Revolve treatment after a couple months off.. I feel like this is all my fault and I could have prevented this. I feel like I am to blame for his death and I just wish I could tell him sorry. I wish I had taken better care of him. I made sure he had fresh water everyday and fresh food. I scratched and brushed him. Maybe I should have played with him more, I just got a puppy and I feel like I neglected him. I am absolutely devastated. I sent him off for a necroscopy so I am anxiously awaiting results to see the exact cause of death. If anyone has any advice for dealing with the sudden death of a pet, I would really appreciate it. 

My friends dad passed away 3 days ago & this morning he told me his mum found her cat dead under the bed. I asked if his mums cat was sick or had been to the vets recently & said the cat was as fit as fiddle. The only thing i could think of was the cat was bitten by a snake or spider, im pretty sure my friend thinks that the passing of his dad was the reason the cat died



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I have two cats, one is named Sage (her insta is sagethellama) who is 1 years old, and my other cat Ginger (insta is gingerthetomcat) who is 10 years old. Sage is a pretty lazy cat that sleeps and eats a lot and dosent play as much as she used to when she was a kitten. And then theres Ginger, who is very playful for his age. Does anyone know why Sage is so lazy or a way i could get her to play?

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