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Hi, I'm Chris, I'm new here, I'm a volunteer for an animal rescue charity in Cebu, Philippines.  I recused 2 dogs yesterday from a homeowner whose house got burned down in one of the slums here, she called me to collect her dogs but the poor things are riddled with fleas and tick and their fur is all matted. Due to no budget im looking at ways to save money. does anyone know of any cheap ways to remove fleas and tick without buying materials or chemicals, maybe a home remedy or methods that can be used which are inexpensive, unfortunately Brownie and Fluffy' got slightly burnt in the fire also which is another reason i dont want to put any chemicals on them and Fluffy is also pregnant so i need to be extra careful.  any thoughts or ideas please let me know, thanks

Can a dog have a nightmare?



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I need help with one of my dogs, Over the last year and so he has developed an allergy of some sort, which has caused him to scratch his ear so much that it has developed an infection. I have went to vets and have got a series of ointments and antibiotics but it has not went away. Vets say that most likely it is an allergy to the food. So i changed the food from dog food chicken and beef , to raw meat (ground beef) it did not go away even after several months, now i have changed her to pork, however it seems like it is still not going away. Can anyone please help me. He scratches his ears so much that it has started bleeding badly and is loosing hair around his ears. I have to keep the poor guy in a cone all day long but still he manages to scratches under neath it. which shows how itchy he is...

Thank you so much, suggestions and advice are very welcome. Thank you



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I have a long hair Chihuahua that has some really odd symptoms that is a mystery to my vet and they cannot seem to find a problem. She acts like she is starving everytime we feed her and she keeps begging for more. She practically crawls into my lap when I'm eating and begging for food. She also drinks a tremendous amount of water and her belly is so big, she can hardly move. Any ideas or suggestions of what this could be?



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I have 5 dogs, One Charlie and is 4 (beagle/bluehealer mix) got really sick with whip worm last summer we got him better, but since then he has been really vocal. At first it was just randomly . Now it is quite regularly and everyday. Another dog Rufus 11, ( cairn terrier) to me seems tired of hearing charlie bark all the time. So now Rufus will give charlie a what for and they get into a knock down drag out fight. and we break it up. Now they have been together for at least 4 years. No female in heat near by. No change of food.  Before this, there was no problem. they would play together and run together. We have considered the alpha male thing. we just dont think so. Help any idea's

I have been searching online for answers, but I don't really know.......

My cat Scooby Doo, a neutered male, aged 5, died on Good Friday, no signs leading up to his passing, of anything wrong.  No sign of poisoning or impact damage (car) but a few hours after he passed, a smell begun.

The smell was of death, a very strong rotten smell, and it was a watery yellowish liquid, leaking out of his nose.  Mouth shut tight, eyes partially open, body mostly stiff but neck very loose and a hot abdomen for hours after his passing, seven hours later it was still warm while eveywhere else had gone cold.  Can anyone help me to understand what he died from?

First time cat owner. I have had my 13 week old Abyssinian for 11 days now. 

I knew he was going to be stressed, scared, and shy at first and he didn't eat, drink, or pee for almost 48 hours.  I'm sure it didn't help that the morning after I had picked him up we went to the vet for a check-up which probably scared him even more.  He now loves his litter box, food, and water even though it took him some time to figure out how to not tip over the bowl :). 

I didn't come into the situation blind and knew that you need to let the cat come to you.  He has been in my bedroom with his toys and everything else (I have been sleeping on the couch to avoid further stress).  I feed him 3 times a day and keep the dish near me and a hiding place for him as I sit in the corner of the room quietly.  He is very comfortable with this after our 11 days together and will come right after I have sat down but will hiss then move on to his food.  After he eats I use a wand toy to play with him and he gets pretty excited over play time now. 

Here is the issue.  He still won’t let me near him.  He will come up and sniff me but I would have to be sitting for nearly an hour quietly in the same spot for him to even attempt this.  When hes playing with his wand he gets very close even sliding into my legs at times but as soon as he sees my face he hisses and runs away (I try to avoid direct eye contact during play as people have said that is cat language for confrontation).  I give him treats that I place in my hand.  He will hiss as I extend my arm closer to him but then investigates my hand and takes the treat. 

I understand this can take some time but does anyone else have any tips?  Spending 4-5 hours a day just sitting quietly in a corner of a room for 11 days without much feedback or change in the cats behavior is getting pretty tiring.



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I am trying to find out a method of training that is with sound undetectable to human ears.

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