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It's just like a extra toe for my puppy, it's just and ecsessive, extra, unneeded part of his body? Why though? I got him from a pet store, he had lived in a cage for the first three months of his life until I fell in love with him. The cage was so small he hasn't ran around AT ALL in his life and he had NEVER seen, touched or felt grass. he was taught to pee where he was standing and poop where he was standing. He was bad at avoiding corners, obstacles and walls as he had NO experience of what it was like to walk normal and naturally like any other dog would. The toe hasn't effected him at all. But will he be harmed by it later on in life? Do you think I should get it removed or not? See a vet, or leave it? Its really useless, luckily hasn't harmed my puppy. 

I have a registered bluenose pitbull. I was wondering why this dog has a well defined ridgeback. Both of the parents and all the grandparents of this dog are registered and they do not have a ridgeback. Why he got the ridgeback???

hello everyone...
i have been wanting a toy breed  dog for a long time now.. but i cannot decide on which one to get between this ; havanese, maltese, shih tzu and toy schnauzer...i would like your advise and any info you may have these breeds.. I have 2 young children so i would like to get the best breed that does good with kids....
thank you so much

I bought this dog off craigslist and he is simply adorable. They said he is twelve weeks and a mix between a yorkie and a pomeranian but I can tell thats not true. He's about the same size as my 9 month old male cavalier king charles spaniel. 

At first i thought he was a schipperke. he looks much like one but he is way too fluffy. help me out?



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We got Ozzy from a rescue shelter, therefore we have no idea what breed he is. We definitely think he has Rottweiler in him, but we're not sure what he's crossed with, any thoughts would be helpful (:



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Delilah came to us about 5 years ago, she literally walked into our house through the backyard door that was left open. I made her some scrambled eggs and she's been with us since! She is about 20lbs, loves to chase squirrels, she's very calm and well behaved. doesn't like to swim and is very independent. My vet of course tells me she's a terrier mix, I guess everything under 30lbs with a ? near their breed is a terrier mix. but then hey, they called my Labrador a Golden Retriever. Maybe I need a new vet!! lol. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!




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When I got Shiloh, I was told that he was a full bred deer faced chihuahua. However, now I'm not so sure of that and neither is anyone else that has met Shiloh. There's always someone asking me what type of dog is he? When I answer Deer faced Chihuahua...the comments are always, REALLY?  So, I've been looking up different breeds and I think he may be mixed with either African basenji (because of the markings, look and sounds he sometimes makes) or a miniature pincher. Whatever he is, we love him to death, but I would like to know more about what he is mixed with so that I can try and train him properly. He can be very stubborn, making it hard to train him, but I can tell he is smart as a whip...and did I mention...STUBBORN!  

What do you think? 

I have an almost 4yr old Great Dane and the poor thing is always plagued with numerous health issues, repeatedly and constantly. Im not sure which problem is worse. She gets dry spots randomly all over her body, her nose is so dry to the look and feel, that it feels like course sandpaper and looks "cracked". Her eyes get so bad they too appear to be dry and crusty, and at times give her eye sockets the look of being hollow. She also gets ear infections a couple times a year. She has been to the vet numerous times and been treated with topical and pill form antibiotics, ear cleansers, daily fish oil pills. the symptoms clear up but always return at any given time. I make sure her water bowl is always filled, even when she's outside, Im faithful with her daily fish oil pill, and we also use the topical antibiotics when the rash starts to surface. When symptoms are full blown, she appears to be extemely dehydrated. I now have a new problems, that she hasnt seen a vet for yet. She had a spot on her chest that had the look and size of a pencil eraser. We thought it was gone but it actually grew to appx 2"x2" and for lack of better words, has the look of a brain. It does not seem to bother her is any way, she does not lick or scratch it, but I fear it may be a tumor. Does anyone have suggestions on how to keep this dryness under control, and does this new spot on her chest sound like anything you may have experienced with your dog.



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My spouse has recently been confined to a wheel cahir and walker due to a severe injury to her leg. Our 4 dogs have gotten along very well until my spouse came home from the hospital. One of my dogs has become aggressive towards one of her dogs. When in the house and she is home, Cagney has begun to show her teeth and growl at Her dog Bailey. At first Bailey just submitted and avoided. had Bailey cornered in the living room, Spouse on the couch, and Cagney attacked Bailey...both suffered puncture wounds and I am at a loss as to how to get Cagney to stop theis senseless aggression...Anyone with experience in theis field PLEASE help!! I have had Cagney and Lacey for 11 years and do not want to give up Cagney. Cagney, Lacey and I have been in the same house hold with my spouse for 5 years with her dogs Bailey and Sarah.

Lately, my dog has been attacking people out of nowhere. She'll seem to be cool with them at first and then out of nowhere, she'll attack - as if she doesn't like the way they're standing or looking at her. The most common attacks are at our apartment's dog park. One happened just last night: We were the only ones there for a while. Then, a young couple comes in with their little dog. They came in, my dog seemed fine. We stood there talking, then the woman bent down to pet my dog, my dog seemed cool with it. Then we went back to standing around talking and then all of a sudden, my dog attacks the guy out of nowhere! (Explanation of "attacks": She starts off by growling, then lunges at the person, then jumps on the person and looks like she's biting them, but she never actually bites). Luckily, no one has ever been injured, but it's still very stressful and embarrassing. She's been doing this way too frequently lately and I'm getting very tired of it. Please help. I don't have the money for training so I'm trying to seek help online.

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