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I've recently put together an IPhone Dog First Aid App to help people know when they Really need to take their pet to the veterinarian and how to keep them in the best shape possible while travelling there.  

The need came to my attention because I was noticing a theme of people calling me on emergency when they could have had a, now life threatening, problem dealt with before it became a major concern.  

You can find more about the App at  

Have you also found the need for an easy to move around first aid tool?
What would that tool need in order for it to be the only first aid tool that you'll ever need?
I would love some feedback as we are constantly looking for ways to improve how we help others help their best friends.

he is having a bend on leg. on the course of blood test it is seen that calcium 10.5 mg. phosphorus 8 mg.  as advised by doctor taken 5 no. of injection taken on week wise ( vitamin D3).  now it is seen the same level 8 mg.  what is the treatment for decreasing the  phosphorus level

My dog has always been a fast eater.  One really bad thing that can happen is the dog can get some sort of disease known as BLOAT.  Apparently its a very bad thing and your dog dies.  As a result I have been trying to get him to slow down when he eats because eating fast can actually cause this bad thing to happen.  After trying many different things, here is what finally worked.

Mix in wet food with dry food.  Stir until its a consistency of cookie dough.  Mash it down into the bowl.

This makes it very hard for him to just "wolf" it down.   I think in total it added about 4 minutes till the time is all the way gone.

What are some easy tricks to teach your dog ?

Pet Club India

How to Train a Happy Dog in 15 Minutes a Day!
by Dy Witt
Do you want a happy healthy dog who behaves? Of course! With this dog training book and 15 minutes a day,your dog will do everything you say and you will both have tons of fun! When you pick up the leash and say, "Wanna work?" he will jump and dance with joy! I guarantee it!
just check them right now on :

How to Train a Happy Dog in 15 Minutes a Day!
by Dy Witt
Do you want a happy healthy dog who behaves? Of course!

Hello Expert,

Suggest tips for train a happy, healthy dog  your self at home.

Pet Club India



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This time every year my dog needs to go to vet to have his anal glands emptied.  It is so expenisve I am wondering if anyone has the experience to tell me how to relieve him of this problem myself



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Are any of you using the Pet Cam? I can't find it on my page. Directions say to click on the Pet Cam tab, but I don't see one. Sorry, I must be missing something. Can anyone straighten me out?




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Our female shi tzu has this growth on the side of her right arm. Near the paw. Its been for years. We did get it checked by the vet like 4 years ago. He tested it with a needle (not a biopsy, I dont think, didnt call it that) and he said it was just a pocket of fat.

Well its a bit bigger now and kinda hard. Just wondering if it could of turned into cancer. It doesn't seem to bother her at all. She lets you touch it and her whole arm. So Im pretty sure its not causing bone pain or anything. Had her since 1999. Thanks for any thoughts.

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