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3 months ago I weened my 6 year old pug off VanectlyP, a combination antihistamine/steroid pill used to control allergies. She was taking it for 4 years. At first, she seemed lethargic and had a somewhat low heart rate, but this got better after a couple of weeks. Then, about a month later, I noticed some odd behaviour and I realized she was blind. I am certain she could see fine before we took her off the drug. My vet has ruled out glaucoma and pigmentation keratitis, and does not think the blindness is related to the steroid use or withdrawal. I am not so sure. I am wondering if she might have Addison's disease or Cushing's disease, which can be caused my prolonged steroid use. Blindnesss is listed as a "rare" symptom for both diseases. Her diet, bowel movements are all normal. Any ideas. She is currently off the steroids and is not receiving any treatment.

I have a puppy. she is chihuiha. How can i get her to stop chewing without hitting her?

My chihuahua puppy, male, aged 3-4 months old named Raffy LOVES mango.

I give him small amounts and he just wants more, I want whats best for my dog, so I don't want to be feeding him things he shouldn't eat? He has no effect with little amounts.
- Thanks SO much, paws up!



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My special angel is a 7 year old Lhasa female.  She has cancer that is inoperable in the anal area.  She was diagnosed in April 2012.  I was told at that time the tumor was 2 to 3 inches in size inside of her.  I could feel a bump about the size of my thumb joint on the outside.  I was also told it would double in about 3 months and that it would begin it interfere with her bodily functions. This hasn't been a problem yet.  Sooooo made the decision to let her live her life to its fullest and not try any extraordinary measures.  She is full of life, is still my little gazelle, running, jumping and happily loving.  I am noticing she now that she is experiencing more anxiety if she isn't in the same room with me and wants to be as close as possible.  Yesterday I noticed she was bleeding.  She had gone through her season just a couple of months ago, so this is an unusual symptom to me.  I don't know if it is related to the tumor or if as a older dog this is normal.
I guess what I would like is some experience sharing with me so I have a better understanding of this process.  Also what I have noticed is her companion dog, also a female Lhasa is showing signs of aggression toward her.  I am aware in animal cultures this happens when a weaker member of the group is identified.  ????? 
Would love any feed back that is out there.  Thanks!

Hello, I have a four year old Golden Retriever rescue, Hannah. We rescued her about two years ago and she was extremely fearful and shut down; she had been abused. Any time any noise was made she would drop down and lock up. Two years later she is like a different dog. She is playful and happy. We noticed she has something going on in her hind end and she has had this issue since we have gotten her. When she was at the rescue she was checked out by a veterinarian and they said she was fine. (This was before we noticed the hind end trouble, but she still had it - she just didn't walk very much at the rescue) 

I will try to describe the hind end issue to the best of my ability - It is almost like her hind end is weak, or the connective tendons and ligaments are loose. I don't think she has good control over her hind end, however she sits, lays down, and gets back up relatively easily. When she trots her hind end is very bouncy looking. She cannot jump very well and she seems quite uncoordinated. Also, possibly unrelated, she has very loose skin. 
Up until yesterday I had never seen a dog with issues similar to Hannah's. Yesterday I was watching The Dog Whisperer and he was working with a dog who was Hannah's exact copy in physical build and mannerisms. This dog had the exact same hind end troubles. Cesar had noted the hind end, he had said possible "Parvo" and one other disease that I did not catch. I Googles Parvo and apparently it is contagious. Hannah has been around many other dogs, plus she lives with one and all of those dogs are healthy. Also, wouldn't the vet at the rescue tell us if she had a condition like that?

I am 13 and looking for a dog for my moms house. The dog needs to be hypoallergenic because my mom is allergic. The dog needs to be able to be alone for long hours. The dog cant be to big or to small. I am hoping for a dog that is friendly and can be trained easily. Also not too many grooming needs. 

I will keep looking but your inputs will be very helpful.

Okay I really want a Rottweiler, yes I am ready and am capable of taking car of one.

But, because of over breeding they now have week bones especially hips and shoulders and too much protein is bad for them. I was wondering if I could give them a special diet and excersise routine to benefit these problems and maybe even prevent a fatal problem. So for excersise, is swimming good for dogs bones and joints? I know its great for human bones, joints and muscles. And just to be safe with the hips I reckon I won't be teaching it agility with the jumps as it may put pressure on hips and possibly shoulders? I will of cause walk him everyday. Diet, well I want to keep a healthy, fit dog so I was wondering should I get high Quality dry food, wet food tends to make my previous dogs get runny poos, and too keep the bones strong would it be alright to feed my dog a special calcium milk or powder to sprinkle on the food for my dogs? Or can I get daily vitamins for that? I really want whats best and I need to prepare if I am going to get a Rotty!
- Thanks SO much- Paws Up! 

I fed my boy orange juice every day of his life, and now look what happened, he is orange!  Just kidding, that was his Halloween costume last year.  In all seriousness, is fruit a bad thing to feed dogs, or is something that can help them stay healthy?

Good Wishes to Everyone,

My name is Shreal Lynn. I am here to gain some knowledge through this forum, which will help in my business and other works.

Thanks a lot!
Sheral Lynn

Good Wishes to Everyone,

My name is Shreal Lynn. I am here to gain some knowledge through this forum, which will help in my business and other works.

Thanks a lot!
Sheral Lynn

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