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Hi all, I just have to say that I looked through the cat breeds on this site and first of all I didn't know there were so many distinct breeds.  I also LOVED some of the pictures.  The one of the Scottish Fold with his head on the table is hilarious!

One of my most recent females was spayed 4 weeks ago . Up until then she was always a loving cat ,she has recently started to attack one other female in particular .. They have been house mates for 8 months and always got along well . Now she stalks her and attacks till the fur is flying ! I don't understand why ??? Has she become aggresive from the spaying ? Why is it only the 1 cat ,another female , since she has 8 other brothers and sisters .. I'm calling Vet tomorrow to see what I can do ... The cat she is attacking has lived here for 4 yrs ... I DO NOT WANT to have to let the younger one go to another home . But she has all other 9 cats in an uproar ... Any advice ?  Thanks, Ethel



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I have a very interesting story about a WHITE TURKISH ANGORA found July 2008 in Regina, Saskatchewan near the Trans Canada Highway.

This kitten was 6 to 8 weeks old when found.  At first we just thought it was an odd looking white male kitten.  We blended him into our home with our three domestic shorthairs.  At about 4 months of age it becamse apparent that this was no ordinary cat.  We became aware of the WHITE TURKISH ANGORA breed by accident in late December.  We are now convinced that we own a pure bred WHITE TURKISH ANGORA, but have no idea how he ended up on our driveway.  We have a couple of thoughts, one is that he escaped from a litter travelling through Canada on the Trans Canada Highway in July of 2008.  We live very close to the highway and he was found the day after a wild thunder and hail storm .....could he have escaped during the storm.......and could the owners have thought he didn't survive .....or know exactly whenor where he escaped? 

He is a beautiful addition to our family and we love him dearly, but we would like to know how he came to us?

If you have any information or know of anyone I should pass this on to please contact

Thank you

C LaRocque


I adopted Elsa in July from the shelter. Apparantly her previous owners dumped her because she had kidney disease.

She was in the hospital for 2 months getting her kidney values down.

I had her since September on KD diet. She's been getting blood tests every few weeks. About a month later, her kidney values started to go up. I started to give sub-cutaneous her fluids 50 mls twice a day for 10 days. She got tested again, and she was the same. We continued, but went down to every other day for 3 weeks. She is now in failure and is being hospitalized and being given fluids intravenously. Her dental hygiene became compromised as a result. She had a very bad case of plaque which wasn't bad a few months ago. The doctor said we shouldn’t anesthetize her to clean her teeth while she is in failure, although not doing so would put more bacteria into her system - a dilemma for sure. I admitted her this morning for aggressive fluids. She had an ultrasound a few months ago, and one kidney was very small, and the other one is dilated, and the urine is always diluted. I don't think she was looking for lymph nodes, though. I've been reading on the disease. Most cats have renal failure in older age - at least 7 years old. This cat is maybe 5 or just below 5 years old. Very young. In Abyssinians, is it common to see this problem in a cat so young as being an inherited problem? Or because of her young age, would you tend to suspect an underlying cause such as diabetes, renal lymphoma cancer, amyloidosis, infectious peritonitis, urinary obstructions, pyelonethritis (although there was no bacteria in the urine), or possible having ingested something toxic when she was much younger? Have you ever heard of kidney transplants in cats? What is anybody's experience with this breed?

I am preparing to visit my Mom in Ney York and I am bringing my cat with me. This is my first time taking her. I have all the papers for her ready but I am having issues with the airline since I bought my ticket. The airline is telling me one thing and then changing their minds or they would beat around the bush about an issue. The issues are having him in the cargo...Will she be ok?

I have a hard time clipping my cats nails.  She always seems to hate it, but its got to be done.  Does anyone know how I can help make it less of a painful process?

My owner thinks I can talk a little to much, but when ever I see him in the morning I say HHHEEEEEEOOOOLLLLLLOOOOOOWWWWWWWW

anyone out there want to chat about why there cat is the best?  I like mine because she meows at me.  Some people think its annoying, but I think its her way of talking to me.



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I wnated to change my cat's diet, but I have heard it should be done in a certain way.  Can anyone help tell me what the right way to change a cats diet is?



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I recently changed my cats diet, and she has recently put on some extra pounds.  I am not sure if its possible, but does her gainning weight potentially mean there is a health problem going on here?  Should I be concerned?

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