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My son found her as a kitten a year and a hallf ago



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Every time my cat need to have ear drops for ear mites the disappear when they see me with the bottle or bob and weave so I cant grab them any ideas how to apply ear drops without having to run an obstacle course through the house to catch kittys



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Hey everyone, recently I noticed that my poor little kitty started caughing.  Does anyone know when I should think about taking her to the vet?  Its only been two days, but it seems like its not going to get any better.


can anyone tell exactly what a persian chinchilla is?! isnt chinchilla a different breed?! please explain to me te best you can! thank you.

  I have a party that I am going to this weekend, and would love to impress my frinds with a new joke.

one day my cat (Peace) had trouble breathing and he couldnt lay down on his side so we took him to the vet. well they said that he had heart problems and he was going to be put to sleep it was extra sad for me because he was my outside/inside cat, that we found as a stray when I was the only one that cared about him. And I cryed when my dad said no when we were wanting to bring him home when we found him. But my dad gave in.

Zombie is 3 and has number of resident but within the family. I now have him for 10 mos but had him when he was a kitten and he only take to me and no one eles. My husband and me just move into a house which before live in apt. now zombie loves it here more room and windows and more stray cats around so we thought he need a friend so I got 2 kittens a month ago and introduce them while that did'nt go well at all. Zombie would growld and hiss and would go out of his way to get around them. But after a few weeks he would get closer to them but still growls and hissing and also started to swipe his paw at them but would be alot closer then before and sometimes he would smell them and then hiss and growl. It been a month and still not getting to know them and the kittens don't seem to brother them which one is male and the other is female. I'm very concerns about zombie coming around and like the kittens. What can I do to make zombie to like the kittens. I never seen this side of him at all his 3 years.





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Ok, before I explain my problem, let me just give you a little backstory.  My current cat, Gaby, is 5 years old.  I had been living with a friend and her cat for the past 5 years, so they were the only family Gaby had known.  I just bought a new house, so Gaby and I moved out.  She just wasn't the same once we were living on our own.  She was sad, and seemed really lonely.  We've been in our house for 2 months, and last Sunday I went to the Humane Society to get Gaby a little sister.  This is what I need help with...

The new cat, Millie, and Gaby are not yet friends.  I've been keeping them pretty separate.  For the most part, they are always in different rooms.  Gaby has been hissing at the door, growling, the whole bit.  Is this normal?  Will she get over it?  Pretty soon I was thinking of putting Millie in her carrier and let Gaby smell her, but I'm worried Gaby will just hiss at her some more.

That, however, seems to be the least of my problems.  Millie is crazy.  I took her to the vet today for her first check-up, and he jokingly said she has "adhd".  The vet tech said she must "have wings".  She pooped in her carrier on the carride there, and I can't tell if it's because she was nervous, or what.  She is CONSTANTLY clawing and biting at things.  Is this a kitten thing (she's 11 weeks old)?  How do I stop her from biting?  I can't tell how much of it is playful, and how much is aggression.  I'm worried that I'm never going to be able to leave her home alone, must less introduce her to Gaby.  I'm worried that Millie is going to be one of those naughty cats who bites everyone, and gets into everything.  Any advice for cats like this or introducing new kittens?

HELP!!!  Thanks!

My 4 month old kitten just got spayed abt 2 weeks ago, the outside stiches are healed, she was fine and playfull ..until a couple of days ago..she is indiferent now, doesn't want to play or even move around...she sleeps in one spot all day. Her appetite is not the same, she is eating very little..and seems to have developed somewhat of a the weekend now and I am very concerned, she is just not herself...



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Hey folks

I am having some major issues with my cat. He will not let me sleep more than 3 hours in a night. He whines, scratches on everything and tears apart the papers on my desk all night long. He has two scratching posts and a number of toys that he will not use at night. I have tried every kind of corrective behaviour I can think of and the problem just keeps getting worse. Nothing in his daily routine has changed in the past few months so I am unsure why this behaviour keeps escalating. I have tried closing the door to the bedroom at night but that just makes him cry and scratch so much more. I would hate to have to give the cat away, we do have some special moments. I just need to know how to fix this so I can get some sleep at night, it is disrupting my daily life.



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