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A vet said that our orange kitty might have mild gingivitis, but someone else said that it's totally normal for orange cats to have a little reddish line (maybe pink) in their gums.  The vet seemed a little shifty, and all the research I'm finding is about serious cases... if Joey (kitty) has it, it's mild, and I can't find anything about this or about things specific to orange kittys (American short-hair -color orange & white... though mostly orange)  Anyone have any ideas on this?  The cat is actually my 79 year old mom's - she just got him after her other cat died and now she's worried he's sick and will die also and so I'm trying to calm her while also allowing her to keep this little kitty who is AWESOME!  Please help!!!!!!!!!



Hi everyone! I got my kitten Pandora, and because she was a rescued cat, nothing is known about her. I've been doing some research online, and I think she MAY be a mackeral tabby in colouring and possibly has some Abyssinian in her breed. I was hoping someone can help me with this? I'll post a picture of her that I hope helps!


Thank you!



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I was told my new cat is a calico.  It has stripes though and not spots.  It does have white, blackish grey and some brownish orange.  Can anyone tell me if it is?



i am not sure what breed  "Stinky" is.. i thought mybe a ragdoll.. but am not sure

I have 2 cats. One is a 4 year old tabby and the other is a 3 year old bi-color.  The tabby had to go to the vet with an eye infection.  We were gone about an hour, but this is the first hour that the 3 year old has ever spent alone in the house.  She's always had the older cat there.  When we came back, she immediately began spitting and screaming at the older cat.  This has been going on 2 days.  TOday I left them alone to go to work and now the 3 year old is screaming and spitting at me.  She did this with the older cat once before when we brought in new furniture.  What can I do to help her not be so terrified?

   I have a half siamese, half maine coon adult who LOVES to be brushed every day-he will actually go to where his brush is and whine.  He purrs and falls over when we brush him so I know it's enjoyable for him.  And while I aim to please the "master", I wonder how much is too much;  am I brushing off essential oils on his skin and fur?  Anyone have an opinion?

My kitten is 6 months old and I've had her since she was 8 weeks old (and she was not a feral or shelter kitten; her mother was a family pet). Since she was little, she has always been extremely hyper. But as she has gotten older, her misbehaving only became worse. 

She spends every evening running around like a small hurricane and getting into things she knows she's not supposed to (like on the bookshelves and kitchen counters). I suspect she is only doing this to get attention. But it gets old yelling at her to constantly get down. The vet recommended Feliway to help calm her down, but that doesn't seem to really affect her.

I've read a few things to do to train a kitten about misbehaving: distracting with other toys, spraying her with a water bottle, or putting her in "time out" (her cat carrier). But when I try to distract her, she starts attacking my hands and arms when she plays, to the point where she draws blood; she LOVES the water, so spraying her only seems to encourage her; and once I let her out of the carrier, she immediately starts misbehaving again. I've also heard that making a loud bang or hiss startles cats and they stop -- not this girl! She only gets more riled up. 

I love my little girl to death, but I'm getting so fed up with yelling at her and trying to get her to calm down. She gets fixed next week, so I'm hoping that will help. But in the mean time, what else should I do?!? Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks.



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OK, well my 8 year old neutered male cat has always been pretty vocal when it came close to feeding time.  Although now, he vocalizes ALL the time for food!  Every time I come in the door or just sitting on the couch. A small spray bottle used to work and after a quick spray he would stop, the past few weeks nothing phases him! What to do>>>>>>>>>>>?????????????

Hello!  I've had my cat Toonces for about two years now, since she was a kitten.  While I was filling out an application for adoption, it asked if I had any other animals and what breeds they were.  Obviously because of this thread, I have no clue what type of cat Toonces is.  (:  I did a bit of research though, and she has similar features to the Siberian Cat and Norwegian Forest cat breeds.  Sadly, until I find out what breed Toonces is I can't send in my adoption forms.  Here are a couple of photos of her:

[img][/img] [img][/img]

If it helps, Toonces is a small cat.  At two years old, she's only about as big as an adolescent cat.  Thank you! 



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I have a male and female cat, both from the same shelter. I am considering a third, -any comments or advice?

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