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Our cat, Clover, of 9 years suffered a Stroke about 3 weeks ago. My husband and I were out of the country traveling when it happened but thankfully our cat-sitter was home at the time.

Apparently she was resting when suddenly she started gagging and panting, as if to vomit, but then she tried to get up and collapsed because she lost control of her hind leg. She then started peeing on herself and continued panting. The Vet said they have never seen anything like it but diagnosed it as a Stroke. They prescribed her some antibiotics, and sent her home after an overnight stay. She regained her strength in 4 days, and now seems to be back to her old self..... Except!, recently I have noticed that she sometimes shivers continuously when I'm petting her. Kind of like she has the chills. It has only happened a couple of times but I am concerned.

We don't have the money to take her back to the Vet right now, but they advised me to give her Pepcid AC to help calm her, apparently it has a soothing effect.

I was hoping to get some advice as to what this might be, or what I can do to help her rehabilitation until we can get her back in for a check up.
Any advice or thoughts are appreciated! thx.

my cat is impacted/constipated and I would like to know if it is ok to give him mineral oil or castor oil as a laxative to make him poop?





I'm looking into the possibility of feeding my cats a home diet.  My vet can order in Feline Vitamin-Mineral Premix from Medi-Cal.*  I'm wondering if it would be possible for me to formulate a home diet in which the animal protein comes from bivalve mollusks (e.g. scallops, clams, oysters, mussels, etc.) and possibly also crustaceans (e.g. shrimp and prawns).**  I want to do this primarily for reasons of farmed-animal welfare and environmental safety.***

More specifically, my question is:

(1) Is it safe for cats to eat bivalves and / or crustaceans as part of an appropriately formulated home diet?

(2) Is it safe for cats to eat an appropriately formulated home diet, where the SOLE SOURCE of animal protein comes from bivalves and / or crustaceans?


*Ingredients: Vitamin A (Retinyl-Palmitate; 10,400IU/g), Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol; 2100 IU/g), Vitamin E (Alpha-Tocopheryl Acetate; 130 IU/g), Vitamin K (Menadione Sodium Bisulphate Cplex; 2.2mg/g), Vitamin B1 (Thiamine Hydrochloride; 13mg/g), Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin 13mg/g) Vitamin B3 (Niacin; 200mg/g) Vitamin B5 (D-Calcium Pantothenate; 25mg/g), Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine Hydrochloride 10mg/g), Folic Acid (1.2mg/g), Biotin (0.15 mg/g), Copper (Copper Sulphate; 5mg/g), Iron (Ferrous Sulphate; 100 mg/g), Zinc Oxide (130 mg/g), Cobalt (Cobalt Carbonate 0.36mg/g), Selenium (Sodium Selenite; 0.13 mg/g), Iodine (Potassium Iodide; 0.9 mg/g), Taurine (500 mg/g).  The recipes I know of also call for Calcium Carbonate and Potassium Citrate, the latter of which I know I can also get from my vet.

**In addition to the Vitamin-Mineral Premix, Calcium Carbonate, and Potassium Citrate, the only non-animal protein / animal fat ingredients the Medi-Cal recommended diets call for are (1) rice and (2) corn oil.  So the diet I'm thinking of would really just be: VM Premix, Calc. Carb, Potas. Cit., rice, corn oil, and bivalves / crustaceans.

*** I'm vegan myself, and I've looked into vegan diets for cats - e.g. Amicat, Evolution, Vegecat - but, especially since one of my cats is a diabetic in remission and I've heard stuff about the general importance of keeping cat diets low in carbs, I'd be very concerned about trying to feed my cats a vegan diet.  I think that there's an excellent chance that bivalves, like plants, aren't capable of having subjective experiences and thus can't be harmed in a literal, morally relevant way, and I suspect that this may also be true of crustaceans.  I am, however, quite confident that fish do have subjective experiences - see e.g. Sneddon et al "Do Fish Have Nociceptors Evidence for the Evolution of a Vertebrate Sensory System" (2003) and Chandroo et al "Can fish suffer?: perspectives on sentience, pain, fear and stress" (2004).  I know that there are environmental issues about fishing and farming marine animals, but I live in Canada and I'm pretty confident that I can get farmed bivalves (and probably crustaceans) that get around these problems. 

My baby Tigger was 9 yrs. When I adopted him as a kitten he had been very ill, the vet said he only had a 30% chance of survival...He of course made it and was the best baby in the world. (If not for his love and affection I wouldn't have survived my own serious health issues)
He wasn't sick again until about 1.5 yrs ago, when we noticed his teeth were going bad. We haven't had the funds to take him to the vet so we did what we could. Tigger began to lose weight a yr ago and vomiting white foam periodically, he never ate very much but we started feeding him soft food. He loved drinking water and his litter box habits were regular and healthy looking.
Then, on my wedding anniversary (10/31) he was acting fine all day. That evening he puked several times then had diarrhea 3 times. I sat with him all nite. On 11/1, I came home from work and he was loving and purring but very weak. We gave him water and he drank a 3 tablespoons. He was waking oddly, like his hind legs were stiff. He peed, then went under the end table.
Early the next morning, we found him under the couch, under where I had fallen asleep. We knew he had gone in his sleep the nite before...He never screamed, never whimpered, never showed obvious signs of pain. I am confused as to how this happened so suddenly. I'm still grieving and trying to come to terms with his passing. Any thoughts or ideas would be greatly appreciated to help me find some closure. The guilt is making me sick....


I hope you can help.  A stray cat came into my house whilst the back door was opened.  I noticed the stray cat sitting on the worktop eating out of my cats bowl.  My Blind cat Felix was in the kitchen at the time and jumped up onto the worktop next to the stray cat obviously not knowing it was there. 

Anyway the stray cat hit my blind cat on the face and ran away.  Problem is that since this has happened my blind cat is keeping one of his eyes closed most of the time or he is keeping it half opened.  I have checked his eye for any signs of scratches or discharge etc but there is nothing.  My cat is still letting me touch his eye area etc and he doesnt seem to be in any pain or showing any signs that he is.

 Should I bathe his eye with some sterile water just incase there is an infection etc.  Please help I am beside myself with worry. 

Any help, information and advice will be greatly appreciated. x



In Cats

My cat is alwasy meowing at me.  Its gotten a little out of hand, and I was wondering if there were any tips to quiet her down.  Its not only for food, but also attention when she meows.  I have alwasy given her attention when she meows, which is why I think she keeps talking to me so much.  Is there a good way to break this habit?

i have been researching and i really love the manx breed.

i would like a breed similar but more active. Is there any other breed that is exactly the same personality wise but more active? If i pick an active manx kitten will it stay active its entire life?

my budget is 500$. preferably lower

I would like a cat that is:

Affectionate, active, feline (ie: prowls and hunts), docile (doesnt mind being picked up), playful, and tolerant of our dog who is quite old.

all feedback appreciated.

Should i go with manx breed and just choose an active kitten or should i switch to a different breed?



In Cats

I'm sure a similar discussion has come up many times but here is mine.... I have 2 cats (1 is 15 yrs & the other is 1.5 yr).  I have recently found urine on our couch, an upholstered chair, & now our carpet.  I have no idea which one of them is doing it.  Any tricks as to how to figure this out?  BTW, The old one hasn't been to the vet in 13 yrs. as she REALLY dislikes most people & is an overall anxious, stressed out cat.  The old one & the young one do not get along.  Never have. 

I keep seeing UTI come up on other discussions.  Is it possible that it could be something else or does it look like this is what it is (regardless of which cat is doing it)?  Until I figure it out, I need to lock them both in the basement w/ their litter boxes so they don't pee on anything else.  

Thanks for any advice, Holly



Does anyone know where the myth about cat's having 9 lives comes from?  I was thinking that maybe it's because they land on their feet?  But thats another questions, do they always land on their feet?

I have a young cat, 1.5yr male, who lives with two 10-yr old female cats (sisters, very close).  He gets along very well with one of the girls and they play alot, but he is pouncing on the other one (who has only just tolerated him to this point) constantly for the past month or two.

Side notes - he was my mother's cat and she passed away a couple of months ago.  He has lived with these other two cats, with no other changes in the household, almost his whole life.  Previously he and the grouchy cat (well, she is NOW) ignored each other.

I am guessing that he is still missing my mom and taking it out on the grouchy cat.  He has energy to spare and even though we do play with him alot, his attention to her seems to be on the increase.  No destruction involved, just lots of chasing and pouncing with nails withdrawn.

We are considering adopting another young cat, a female, to play with him.  Good idea/bad idea?  I could use some help.

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