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Getting your dog fit through regular fitness regime is the one thing that should be looked after to. Share your views on that.

My chihuahua puppy, male, aged 3-4 months old named Raffy LOVES mango.

I give him small amounts and he just wants more, I want whats best for my dog, so I don't want to be feeding him things he shouldn't eat? He has no effect with little amounts.
- Thanks SO much, paws up!



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I have a white German Shepard that is a sweetie, but at random times when we are together, he starts growling at me at sometimes snap and bark as if i am a burglar. i really don't want to give him away, but if he ends up biting me or my mother, we may have to. i need some helpful suggestions. any ideas?

Your dog may be eager to eat "people food" from your dinner table or finish leftovers after a meal. It's safe to share certain foods with your dog. But some common foods and drinks can be harmful or even deadly for dogs.

Don't share these items:


Even small amounts of alcohol can be dangerous for your dog. At parties and other events where alcohol is flowing, place open drinks where your dog can't reach them.

Keep household items that contain alcohol, such as mouthwash, in a safe place.

Alcohol can be found in other surprising places. Dogs have gotten into trouble eating rotten apples, which can produce alcohol when they go bad.

Symptoms of alcohol poisoning in dogs include:

Excited behavior
Clumsy movements
Lack of energy

Avocados and their leaves contain a toxin called persin. It can be harmful to dogs and many other pets.

Avocado poisoning in dogs can cause symptoms such as:

Trouble breathing

Keep bones from chicken, roasts, and other meats away from your dog. He can choke while eating bones.

Also, bones can break into sharp pieces that may cause bleeding and infection inside your dog.

Bread Dough

Yeast dough can be harmful to dogs for several reasons.

After a dog eats dough, it can produce gas. This can cause the stomach to become twisted or even torn.

The rising dough also produces alcohol, which dogs should avoid.

If your dog has eaten bread dough, he may have these symptoms:

Swollen belly
Abdominal pain
You'll know your dog has abdominal pain if he has symptoms such as:

Doesn't want to lie down
Stretches front legs out with chest down and rear up
Yelps when abdomen is touched
Doesn't want to eat
Caffeinated Drinks

While caffeine may give you a sense of wakefulness and energy, it's toxic to your dog.

Keep these items away from him:

Coffee or coffee grounds
Energy drinks
Tablets containing caffeine
If your dog has caffeine poisoning he may have these symptoms:

Hyperactive behavior
Muscle quivers

Chocolate contains caffeine and a related chemical called theobromine that is also harmful to dogs.

Darker chocolates, including cocoa powder, contain more theobromine per ounce than milk chocolate. Eating just a half-ounce of baking chocolate could be deadly for a 5-pound dog.

Symptoms from eating a small amount of chocolate include:

If your dog eats larger amounts it can also lead to:

Tremors and seizures
Irregular heartbeat



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Hey Everyone,

I have started to set aside one hour a day to get some exercise for me and by my boy. We have been running, but thats become a little boring. Does anyone have any ideas for an hour long activity that I could do other than running?

I have 2 (6 month old) puppies.  The female is so distructive when I put her in a crate.  If  I put her in with her brother she fights with him.  She carries on whinning a lot and salivates excessively to the point where she looks like she has  a white beard (she's all black), and there's a puddle in the crate and saliva all over the door of the crate.  She's supposedly a Vizsla Hound/Black Lab Mix.  Her brother looks like a Vizsla and she looks like a Black Lab.  Both dogs were rescued.  They were from a litter of 10 and were found abadoned in a house, skin and bones.  Any ideas as to why all the saliva and carrying on?

My 3 year old Beagle is suddenly barely able to walk.  I went to a concert Sunday afternoon.  Before I left the dog was fine.  When I got home at 10 pm the dog could barely walk. She was unable to make it down the stairs so I carried her. She was obviously in pain, and lethargic - completely unlike herself - but was still eating, drinking and went to the bathroom.  Took her to the vet Monday morning. She wasn't acting as bad at the vet as she was at home - I think maybe adrenaline was pumping because she was at the vet. They did the ortho exam and she didn't yelp once.  There was no sign of spinal/skeletal damage based on the physical exam. They did not do an x-ray. Blood work came back "great". Now it is Tuesday night and she seems worse.  She is still eating and drinking, but when I carry her out to go potty, she just lays down and will no longer attempt to stand up. She seems to be more sensitive when moved. She did walk around a little this afternoon and go potty on her own, but now she won't. She is on pain meds prescribed by the vet, but that does not seem to be helping. Has anyone come across this?  I am going to take her for a second opinion tomorrow and insist on an x-ray, but anyone knows of something I else I should be looking out for, I would really like to know.  I read about Beagle Pain Syndrome, but her blood work was "great" according to the vet so I don't know if that is something to worry about.  Again, any advice/help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!



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So my partner and i got a 7 month old puppy in November, we know he is part hound since he bays after a bark, and he looks like he might have some terror in him. Well he is now a year and 2 months and he loves other dogs, but we recently decided to not live with a roommate anymore and our old roommate had a dog for Blaize to play with. So since there was no other dog anymore we decided to get Blaize a baby sister, Ember, this past saturday. They get along really well, the introduction took a little while, we think because Blaize is so loud when he is excited that it startled Ember, so it slowed the introduction process. Well since then they play well together with us having to interrupt once in a while since they get a little carried away. But twice yesterday Blaize had a little outburst towards Ember as he was waking up. He snarled and snapped at her pretty violently, and we though it might be because he was waking up and he was startled by her coming up on him, but the second time he went at her, Ember was just crawling toward me on the bed, very slowly since she had also just woken up, and he leaped across the bed to attack her. We would hate to have to take Ember back, so we are just hoping for a little input on this situation. Thank you :)



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if you want to groom a dog be careful i got bit when i tried know i put a mussel on them

I have a number of questions:

Our 16 month old treeing walker coonhound we adopted is SERIOUSLY hydrophobic.  He won't even go outside when it's raining (but needs exercise still!) and we only got one bath for him in two weeks.  He stinks and needs another bath but the last time we tried he nipped me.  What can we do? The only thing I can think of is take him to a groomer.

He also WILL NOT poop or pee in our yard.  He always wants to do someone else's> His former owner must have trained this.  How to change that training?

My son is terrified of him and he snapped at my son's sweater when he was waving a book around and dancing around near him and now my son has concluded the dog is horrible.  How to change this situation?

WHen we adopted him, we weren't aware that he had hook worms and Lyme bacteria.  I am very disappointed in the shelter that we weren't told or they didn't check him for it. What should we do? We are treating it but should we do anything about the fact we didn't know until we took him to the vet?

He wants to eat things that aren't edible.  We can watch him but not when we are sleeping.  We have no space for a crate for him as our house is very narrow with small rooms.  It just don't work anywhere and our basement is a flooded subbasement not accessible except from a common back entry way with steep steps. It would be impossible  to put a crate down there.  We can't police him when he is sleeping.  What to do?

He is very needy, He is fresh out of the shelter and might settle down, but he is very unhappy when just I and my son are around,  It takes the whole family around before he is happy.  His former owner also let him run wild, follow him around everywhere and never was on a leash before us.  Could that be part of his "problem"?  Will he settle down after a few weeks?  

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