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My female cat is 16 months old and she has not gone into "heat" for three months. We moved to another state three months ago, and interrupted her menses at that time due to the stress of moving--- but since then she has not cycled. She does seem to have hormonal shifts, but nothing "full-blown" so to speak. She has not lost weight, actually she went through a growth spurt since moving, and she is very active, playful, aware, cuddly, talkative-- her normal self really. Her fur is lustrous and beautiful; her bathroom habits are very regular. I feed her the highest quality diet I can afford- wellness brand indoor cat dry food and core wellness wet food. The only other thing perhaps unusual is her premolars finally came in recently.

She is not pregnant because she is velcro to me, and has never been outside without a human. I am a student and will be taking her to the vet in a couple of weeks, but I was hoping someone might offer me some advice or wisdom.

First, a little background on my kitten.
Her name is Lily and I adopted her in May. When I adopted her she had an upper respiratory infection that we tried repetitively to treat, yet to this day she still has a bit of a stuffy nose and sneezes every now and then.
As of earlier this week, her bottom lip swelled up very large, and looked red and painful. I watched it, and it went down, only to see that as of yesterday her upper lip has swollen now and looks even worse than her bottom lip did. She also, in the past few months, has had the pads on two of her paws do something similar, but I just assumed that she had been messing with a bug of some type and got stung.
I am very concerned, as I also adopted a litter mate of hers, who passed away about a week after we got her from what was later determined to be fading kitten syndrome. I'm terrified that it could be something genetic, although her litter mate never had the swollen lips or pads. 
She seems happy and energetic, and is still eating and drinking like regular. Please help me! I want to take her to the vet but it is not possible at this time due to finances. I'm just worried about my little baby :(



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My 18 year old cat has bad teeth.  They can't put him under anethestic as he has a major heart murmur and some other problems.  Is there anything I can use on his teeth to help aleviate some of the tartar and maybe a little pain.  None of his teeth look like they are rotten, but there is some red on the gumline on 2 of his teeth.  The vet gave me something like orajel and it seemed to work a bit.  I just wondered if there was something else out there besides that.


Does anybody knows what is the procedure to spay a female cat?


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Greetings, any advice on what to do for my 13 yr old female who has somehow injured her hind foot.  Bleeding between the pads and a little swollen. Looks like she's stepped on something but nothing visible. She's walking on it but tenderly. I've bathed it for her but not sure it warrants a visit to the vet.

My wife and I took in a stray kitten about a month ago, and she, Eva (~2 months), is having some health issues right now. Already she has been de-flead, de-tapewormed, and de-ear mited with stuff from the States. But now she has been vomiting for about 48 hours now. She seems to have gotten everything out of her system but any time she drinks or eats something she will vomit it up. The vomit was originally the color of her cat food and now is clear from the water she drank. For this reason, she doesn't want to eat anything or drink anything (and it will come up anyways). She has slept for most of the days, but when she is awake she is still somewhat active and playful.

The extra problem is that we live in CHINA, and veterinarians or animal medicine is not easy to come by here. Everything online just tells you to go to your vet, and doesn't give any real information, which I understand because people want to be certain, but we don't have that luxury. So if anybody has some ideas for what could be going on and how we could treat it with home items, this would be extremely helpful. Thank you!

i have a turkish while angora..and two domestic shorthairs..they are all indoor cats and are treated with frontline every 4 weeks..but the fleas seem to live in my angora..i dont think they bite him..i dont think they get thru his hair..hes a bitch to bathe..he hates to be brushed , he keeps himself very well groomed and up till now i never bothered to brush him..never had to..but i have to get rid of these fleas..the only solution i found is to shave him...i dont want to do that..hes too beautiful...i also wonder if the spot on treatments hurt him..he really flips out as soon as he sees the at my wits end here..ive treated my other cats are fine..but he is  always with me..and now im getting bit..does anyone have an answer besides shaving him..for now..another bath i suppose..and thats hell

I am trying to choose between a Seal Point Ragdoll and Birman.  From my research I understand the differences between the two, but if anyone has any insight on these breeds from experience, that'd be great!!  Thanks!  

I just got this cat from a friend who found her wandering around town and i would love to know the breed of my new pet! 

i wasn't sure how to post a picture with my question but my display photo is her.

thank you!! 

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