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My two year old, long haired grey cat (approximately 7 pounds) has been pulling out her hair for about three months. This all occurred after getting her three year rabies shot. It was determined that the shot was probably not the cause but it was probably what triggered the pulling. Her skin in fine, not inflamed or red. The vet has ruled out almost everything. We have another cat and he is just fine. It is probably psychogenic alopecia but we have not ruled out hormonal disorders etc. We felt that it was a lot of money to spend when she has every symptoms of psychogenic alopecia.

We tried a cone for two two week periods, and that did not work. We have been doing environmental enrichment, to no avail. There are absolutely no stressors that we can find or think of causing this. She is perfectly healthy outside of the hair pulling. She is active, happy and acting completely normal. We also have a basset hound, but all three animals love each other and sleep together- I highly doubt that as a stressor.

We are looking for advice on what to do. We live in the midwest so maybe it is the dry air? We are hoping to hear from someone who has dealt with this before for any suggestions. We understand it could be hormonal or something bigger but without testing we don't know, but as I said before she is acting perfectly fine besides the pulling. The other cat (her brother) is completely healthy as well, ruling out any disorders or diseases that would affect all cats in the household.

Any help is appreciated!!

My kitten is 3months old and since I bought her at 6 weeks old from a vet she has tried to suckle on any part of my skin which is uncovered eg; arm, neck, hand. She is a happy healthy kitten with a good appetite and enjoys the company of my 10 month old maltese puppy who just loves her. The kitten does not attemped to suckle on the puppy but any member of the family with a bit of uncovered skin is suckled on. Has anyone encountered this behaviour in a kitten? if so I would appreciate any suggestions or comments on it. Thankyou



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Bad Breath in Cats... what causes it? how to cure it, and avoid it in your cat?


I have a 6 year old male Tabby cat, he has lived his life with my at my percentage with 3 other cats until last summer, when we lost a cat, and since then has lived with two other cats. I recently loved into a condo and after a week with him there with me, I had to begin commuting out of state for work, every week and sometime every other week, coming home on weekends.  After a week here, he seemed to settle in, I think he was a bit lonely, because he always had other cats with him even when we were all at work, but I had to then take him back to my moms since I am commuting.  I am home now for Christmas for over 2 weeks, and would really like to bring him here with me until I leave again.  I am just afraid this will do more damage than good.  I just miss him so much while I'm away and afraid he will forget who I am.  He is the most personable cat we have, never hid when people came over, not scared of much. But, I be did take a few days to adjust when I brought him to my condo, and than again when I took him back to my moms.  Is this too damaging for him?  Thanks! 

Hello everyone, new to this board but I have some questions about picking up the right kitten.

I have a 1 year - 1 month old MALE cat that is pretty energetic and a clown. Hes very very playful and only does the biting or clawing when rubbing his belly but quickly licks you thereafter. I wanted to get him a friend since he seems very lonely and would be good to have him grow up with...

My question is, I dont want them mauling each other so I asked the adoption workers what a good fit would be. They advised to get a younger cat or kitten and preferably a male as well since females can be picky and not get along. I dont mind either but a male would be great as my cat has been a good one, question is would male & male get along?

Also the kitten I found at the center is about 3 months old...I am wondering if this is too young for my 1 year old at home. I did get my current cat at 3 months old too so I know how it is. Or should I get one more along the lines of 6-10 months old. Not sure if the younger kitten would be more helpful as my cat may be more in tuned to just play with him than anything else.

Any advice is good advice, my main concern is gender choosing and age. Thank you!

Can I train my kitten to use the litter box? I have a 4 month old kitten who won’t use the litter box, only wants to eliminate on a towel. Will go on carpet if towel isn’t available. His siblings and mom use the litter box fine. I think perhaps he associates the litter box with discomfort. He had early pica symptoms, eating non food items, and suffered pain when eliminating these non food materials (plastic, wiring, rubber, clumping litter, etc). Although he still bites things like all kittens do, the pica or swallowing items seems to be gone. I NEED HELP! I’m constantly laundering towels and he has ruined the carpet in the room where I now have him quarantined. Even with copious use of enzyme cleaners, the room still smells like urine and the carpet will have to be ripped out I fear. Also, the kitten won’t be adoptable unless I can train him to use the litter box. Otherwise, he is a beautiful, charming, playful, long haired male kitten with huge irresistible eyes.  He's had a blood test by a vet and there are no medical issues to cause any of this behavior.  I assume the pica may have been caused by teething and the litter aversion therefore caused by discomfort during elimination (caused by the pica).

I adopted my cat Zander on 12/21/12 and we live in an efficiency, so it is just a small room with a tiny bathroom attached. And i do understand that he gets frustrated with the space.

I do what i can to stimulate his mind (ration his food and hide it around the room, switch out his toys so he doesnt get bored, he has no interest in catnip or treats, and it seems he is lactose intolerant)

Anyway, i have lots of photographs, posters, paintings, wall hangings, hanging all around my room. Zander is constantly tearing down the photographs, batting and chewing at my drawings, and after weeks of interest and tearing and scratching he ripped one of my paintings in half last night. Overtime i have had to move all my special fragile items like dead flowers, some small plants in glass, a framed photograph, to an area on top of a small bookshelf that sits on top of my dresser. Up to this point it had been the only space that Zander had left alone, but i knew it was only a matter of time until he noticed it. Tonight he jumped up there and knocked everything off. Water everywhere, broken flowers.

I know it is just the nature of the cat to be curious, and he is still young, but it dawned on me tonight that he need to come to an understanding with eachother. And live in harmony with one another. I do not disturb his special things, he should not do so to mine. Do so unto alla that.

I have decided it is time that i begin to train, or use positive/negative reinforcement for his actions.

What first popped into my head was the spray bottle, but the idea felt sketchy to me, and when i looked it up i read somewhere that it was "an old fashioned method that was not recommended by animal behaviourists" What do you think?

Any other suggestions? Itd be appreciated to hear what you got to say.

Thanks yo



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Hi everyone,

I have two kittens that are 8.5 months. I always thought they had a little Bengal in them, but when I was browsing the web, I came across the Egyptian Mau breed. Can anyone, who knows cat breeds well, tell me if they look like a Mau? I've attached a picture of them when they were about 3 months old.

Both have loose skin in their lower abdomen, which I have read is a trait of the Mau breed (I thought they were just chubby, but the rest of them is slender). Their eyes are a light green, though the lighting in the picture changes it a bit. They both love to play with water and I always find their toys in the water dish. They meow and chatter all the time at me.

Any thoughts? I'm just really curious!


my 16 week old kitten had another seizure at the veterinarians office yesterday...he called about this time to say he passed away.....I miss him sooooooooo much, my daughter thinks he joined the children from Newport Connecticut to be their's my only consolation to think this way

I recently took in a kitten, Dusky, that my uncle found alongside the road on his way home from work one evening and I'm wondering what breed or breeds he may be. The vet said he was about 8 weeks old which puts his birth date around August 20th and he's around 15 weeks now. He is grey, dark grey/black and white with a Mackerel Tabby pattern. The description below is probably overkill but I'm not really sure what matters and what doesn't.

Base color: grey
Stripes/Spots: dark grey/black
Chin, neck, belly and inside of legs: white w/ stripes/spots
Undercoat: white - stripes/spots and base color are only on the ends of his hair

The top of his head is grey with the "M" on his forehead and stripes extending from his forehead to his shoulders. His eyes are ringed in white with grey just under his eyes. He has a well defined dark stripe that extends from the corner of his eye to under the outer edge of his ear. From this stripe and the gray under his eyes down he is white. He has another stripe starting about mid cheek and another that starts about the middle of his jaw, both running back to meet the first near the ear.

His ears are slightly pointed and grey except the tops and bottoms which are slightly darker. The insides are pink with white hair along the inner edges.

I believe his eyes may be changing color and will end up being green. The outer edge is brown and around the pupil is green. In between is a mix. The lining is dark brown.

The tip of his nose is lighter grey with three tiny dark spots along the edges. The leather is dark grey around the outer edges blending to a pinkish brown. His lips are black.

He has a well defined, somewhat dark broken stripe at the top of his chest with broken stripes following until a dark, well defined band around his legs with the following stripes fading until his legs are solid grey with the insides white and the his paws tipped in white.

From his shoulders down the middle of his back to the tip of his tail is a thick, dark stripe. His sides are grey with stripes broken with spots. His belly is  white with stripes broken with spots.

His hind legs are striped with the outside grey and the inside white and stripes that break on the inside. From about knee down they're grey.

His tail is grey, ringed and tipped in black.

He has a skin flap on either side of his belly starting at about the bottom of his belly and extending to about the knee of his hind legs.

And a little about his personality which is BIG. While I've had a cat before, I had to put my previous kitty to sleep just a few weeks before Dusky came into my life, I've never had a kitten and so I'm not really sure how much of his "personality" his because of his breed or just being a kitten.While I've had a cat before I've never had a kitten and so I'm not really sure how much of his "personality" his because of his breed or just being a kitten.

He almost always has to be were ever I am in my apartment. Sometimes (most times) in the early morning hours I have to shut him out of my bedroom so I can get somemore sleep  when he just wants to play. When I get up a few hours later he's laying near my bedroom door.

He's very smart and will come when I call unless something has distracted him. :) He greats me when I get home. Knows were his food/treats are kept and is right by my side when I open the freezer/cabinent to get them out.

He started playing fetch with me today which shocked the hell out of me. I threw one of his toys so that maybe I'd get a minute of peace to eat my lunch and he brought it back to me.

He's also extremely fast. He likes my pantry and will come running from wherever he is in the apartment when he hears the pantry door. I typically can't get in and out before he's leapt to the back corner. I have to be careful when shutting any and all doors or sitting down because he could be there from the other end of the apartment in a flash.

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