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Recently my beautiful cat, Superman had to be put down...Ok now you may be asking why this is a question about her death, well here is why. Just a week prior she had been sleeping on my bed and suddenly had a seizure. When I finally got my mother, she thought I was simply mistaken. The next weekend I was with my dad, unable to watch Superman, the night after I got home she had yet another seizure and again my mother thought I was mistaken she also had these drool attacks so to speak, where she would seem to be in a lot pain and spittle would come out of her mouth, she urinated during one of them, I wonder if it was a mini seizure....finally...the next day I came home from school and she had drool all over her chest, she seemed weak...I was terrified. Then my mom came home. Supey was sitting on a chair when suddenly she spazmed and feel off the chair, spinning around the room, out of control, she then collapsed on her side, seizing. My mom witness this in horror, and asked me if this is what had been happening I replied of course with a yes and we took her to the vet. They rehydrated her and took some blood tests. WWe then took her home, with in minute of her arriving home she had another seizure. I was almost crying, I took her up to the bathroom so she would hurt her self in her next seizure. She had two more with in an hour...I walked into the bathroom and stroked her fur...she just sort of stared off, slowly breathing and unresponsive, usually she would be rubbing against me begging for help...It 1 am and my mom decided we needed to take her to the emergency animal hospital....they then told us we had to put her down...I watched my baby die in my arms...The blood tests came back inconclussive, can anyone give me answers? 



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My older cat has a seizure (maybe) when hes cleaning himself and cranes his neck around to do his back....he will then , pretty much spasm and starts kicking and tryin to lick himself, rolls around and wets on everything!!   If I happen to be too close he literally reaches and grabs my hand and CHOMPS down on my fingers...Hes ripped my little finger to where it needed a stitch. 2 1/2 mo. to 3 mo . later he nailed my ring finger and it was bad...he just kept chomping and ripping while im tryin to get him off me!!   Then the other night  he had one on my bed and I jumped up and leaned over to get a towel I keep handy for him and he grabbed my Thumb!  Its severely swollen and going to dr. tomorrow.

Does this sound like a seizure or is it something else much info out there makes it a bit confusing.

My 14yo cat, who I love more than anything... all of a sudden over the last week or so, has not been as friendly or social.  She has stopped coming out to me in the morning for her daily treats, and last night she went into the bathroom and let out a fairly load "Meow".  I went in there to see why she did that and she was breathing heavy and had her mouth open.  I touched her and ran my hands over her like I do all the time and she just laid on her side and just kept breathing fast.. I then noticed that she had pooped a lil where she was laying.  She then got up and took four or five steps and laid on the ground again, but this time she pooped and then (she was on the bathroom rug) I saw what I knew was urine spreading thru the rug..  and worse, she j ust laid there and didn't get up..  I was (and still am), horrified..  I laid on the floor all night with her, and though I know she is old for a cat, I can't bare to lose my little baby Girl...

Anyone know if this is what I think it is? (The last stages before she goes?)

I pray if she goes that it is painless and fast.. I only hope I can deal with loosing my best friend..

God Bless and thanks.   Fr. Tony



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My husband and I have 2 two-year-old Maine Coon cats with very big but polar opposite personalities. While one is unbelievably confident - introducing himself to large dogs, excited to go for walks on his leash, and even loves trips to the vet - his brother has always been a little scairdy cat. From the time he was a kitten he would dart under the sofa whenever a new person would come through the door (it would take between 5-10 visits for him to get used to any of our family members, friends, etc.), he is afraid of any unknown noise (more than is normal ... even for cats), and will growl at any dog or cat he sees passing by our third-floor apartment window (and runs from window to window to watch intently until the animal is out of sight). He's also very attached to both of us, although me in particular. If he doesn't know where I am in the apartment he will start making this heart-wrenching, long and low crying sound (sounds like a baby crying), is often very attached to my things (he sleeps on my slippers every night and will cry for hours if they aren't there for him), and always hides behind my legs when he's in a stressful situation like the vet.

With the exception of the crying, we have never considered these things particularly problematic, just part of his quirky personality. He's the sweetest cat we've ever owned, following us from room to room and snuggling up on the couch with us to watch TV most nights. ... That is, until this week! We have just moved from Florida to Rhode Island, and I spent three days driving the 20 plus hours with the cats. Our anxious kitty was (as expected) not so happy the first day, but then the next two slept the entire trip and was even purring. We have moved him before (just to a different apartment across town when we lived in Florida) and he had no trouble adjusting, but he seems to really traumatized by this move. It's a 3-bedroom house (much bigger than any of our apartments) and he is seeing hardwood floors for the first time (which also means there is more noise overall in the house: footsteps, etc.), but I can't imagine that these things alone could have him so freaked out. There are no other cats/dogs walking by the windows and far more "perching" spots to keep an eye on his "people" in each room, so I expected him to feel more secure not less. He has been hiding in the basement and one of the bathrooms and will cry until I go get him. When he used to cry in the apartment we would call back to him, he would follow the sound of our voices and come running over. Now he won't budge from the spot and waits for me to come get him. The minute he gets spooked by something he takes off back into hiding and immediately begins the crying again. And worst of all, this morning he peed on this reusable fabric shopping bag that was on the kitchen floor ... right in front of us! I guess he was crying for attention to my husband who didn't respond quickly enough. I have been keeping a close eye on both cats, so I know they've both been using the litter box regularly since we've been here and it's been cleaned each day. We brought all of his toys with us, as well as this blanket he likes from the apartment, his food dishes, etc., so he would feel comfortable, and we've been using the Feliway Spray to help with the transition but this hasn't seemed to do much. Could it be that without our furniture and other things there yet there aren't enough familiar smells/things?

Anyone have any insight? Given his history of anxiety I'm wondering if I should find a new vet here pronto and ask about anxiety medication. He just visited the vet in Florida for a full check up last week before we left and he is in good health. I'm also doubtful that this is caused by competition for territory with his more confident brother: they have been inseparable since kitten-hood and he seems to cling to his brother as much as to us.



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I have a one year old female neutered tabby. I have had her 2 months. I have created a monster. She demands her dry food, Meow Mix, constantly. She can get into cabinets, so I store the food in a closet with bifold doors. She isn't obese yet. If I don't leave a cup of food for her overnight she gets into cabinets and makes a mess.

Looking to play with my kitty tomorrow and I cant think of any fun games.  Any thoughts or ideas?

My kitty of 11 years died unexpectedly Friday. I awoke to the sound of her moaning in distress. When I found her, she looked alarmed. I picked her up and she went limp in my arms. On the drive to the vet, her mouth opened and her tongue was out. The vet said she was severely dehydrated, likely for more than 24 hours. She was extremely limp and weak and in pain. She lost her urine, but her urine was clear.  The vet said that was a bad sign, indicating the kidneys weren't working. He curtly told us she was dying. He offered hospitalization, tests and aggressive treatment, which he didn't believe she would survive, or he said we could take her home and try to nurse her with pedialite, antibiotics, baby food and pain medication, which is what we did.  But at home, she declined rapidly- Becoming disoriented, unable to walk, crying in pain, etc. She died about 6 hours later. The vet said the urine analysis (but who knows what they tested it for) "suggested some diabetes," and that "there must have been something going on with her kidneys." That's it. She showed ZERO prior signs of kidney failure. She showed zero signs of ANY illness.  I know they hide it well, but kidney failure does produce signs. We are confused, shocked and heartbroken. What could have happened? In the absence of any real information from the vet, I'm hoping someone here can offer some insight.  Please help if you can.  Thank you......

Hi friends-

My kitty of 11 years died over the weekend, and I'm left feeling heartbroken and bewildered by what happened. The vet could offer us little information, and was very impatient and insensitive with our questions. I'd like to describe what happened, and see if anyone here can shed any insight to help us understand what could have possible caused this sad and unexpected event:

Nonie was 11. We'd raised her from a kitten. I believe she was a Maine Coon. She was very active, very sprightly, very energetic, and above all else, extremely vocal. The whole neighborhood was charmed and amused by how much, and how intensely, she "talked" to people. She seemed to have an insatiable appetite her whole life, always "talking" when it was time to feed her. At times she seemed dissatisfied with her food, which we dismissed as her simply being picky, though now I'm feeling ill with guilt at the thought that perhaps she couldn't eat what we provided her.

Leading up to her death, she showed zero signs of illness. She was not lethargic. She was not overactive. She was not drinking more, drinking less, eating more, eating less. She was not crying more than usual. She was not going to dark places to be alone. She was not urinating less or urinating more (so far as we could obviously see), we did not find any diarrhea or vomit. Absolutely nothing was out of the ordinary. I know that cats are notorious at hiding their illnesses, but given what happened next, it seems extremely odd that NO signs would be present.

Friday morning, I was awoken by the sound of Nonie crying out. It was different from her usual "talking." She sounded in distress. I assume she was probably trapped somewhere, so I got up and set out to find her. I found her sitting in the hallway. She looked deep into my eyes, and let out a loud, distressed moan. It was obvious she'd been calling for me. I picked her up, and her body felt extremely weak and limp in my arms. She closed her eyes, and the moaning ceased, but she was clearly in distress. On the drive to the vet ER, her mouth opened and her tongue hung out as though she was panting, though her breathing was not heavy.

At the vet, she was just as sedated, despite knowing that she must have clearly been nervous about the dogs and other stressors of a vet's office. In the examining room, she was very limp on the table, clearly very sick. She moaned out a few more times as the vet examined her. He touched her a few places, and pulled her eyes back, and said she was severely dehydrated. He said the dehydration looked like it had been longer than 24 hours. At one point, she lost her urine. But the urine was clear.

The vet explained that the clear urine was a bad sign, because if she was dehydrated, her urine should have been dark yellow. He said that clear urine from a dehydrated body meant that the kidneys were not working, were not flushing out the toxins. He took a sample of the urine for analysis.

He then curtly told us our cat was dying, and that there was little hope. We were totally shocked. He said we could hospitalize her, run a number of tests, and, if we found it to be kidney failure, put her on their version of dialysis, but A) he didn't know if it would help (in the event that she was too far gone), and B) he didn't know if she would survive it, if she was already close to death. He also said it would be close to $1,000, which we did not have.

We asked if there was anything we could try at home. He said we could try taking her home with some antibiotics and pain killers to give her through a mouth syringe, and to feed her some pedialite and baby food the sameway. We agreed to try this. In the meantime, he gave her some fluids, antibiotics and a pain shot.

On the drive home, her mouth fell open again and she moaned more. By the time we got home, she had clearly deteriorated significantly. We tried to make her comfortable on the bed, but at one point she got a bout of strenght and tried to get off it, but she fell to the ground and couldn't move, and moaned horribly. I cradled her, but she panicked and tried to run under the dresser. Because she was so weak and disoriented, however, she stumbled and couldn't hold herself straight, eventually just banging into the side of the dresser. It was truly heartbreaking to witness.

I took her and placed her on some blankets, where she proceeded to decline rapidly, trying to get comfortable, moaning occasionally. She eventually dragged herself under the bed, so I placed her on blankets under the bed and tried to give her some pain medication. The end was near, and I wanted her to die comfortably.

Shortly thereafter, she slept- Curled in a ball for the first hour, and then she dragged into a different position and slept. Within the last hour, her legs moved gently as though she was running in her sleep. Then, finally, it looked as though she had stopped breathing, however she "squeaked" every 30 seconds or so, presumably taking her lasts few breaths. Her life ended with her a brief, swift jolt of motion from her body, most likely the body's last fight. And then she was gone. We found her at 9am, and she was gone by 6pm. The entire episode took about 7 hours, and moved so very quickly.

The vet called the next day to say that her urine suggested there may have been diabetes, and that "she must have had something going on with her kidney as well." I do know, however, that stress can cause raised glucose levels, so I question the diabetes claim.

We are heartbroken, stunned, and confused. I realize knowledge won't bring her back, but we are feeling sick over the suddenness of the death, and a thousand scenarios are running through our minds, many of them leading us to believe we must have somehow been responsible.

As the vet has given us very little, and google searches have lead me nowhere, I'm reaching out in hopes that anyone here can help shed some light on what might have happened to our beloved Nonie. As it happened so suddenly, and so dramatically, we are truly at a loss. Any insight would be helpful.

Please help.

Thank you


I have a male mainecoon that is three years old. He started to get these  two redish bald spots on his face near his nose. It isnt a wound, it wasnt bleeding.
He is an indoor cat, so im not sure what this is? Ringworm?

If someone has an idea how can i treat this? With some kind of ointment?

My kitty is about a year and a half old, adopted off the street when she was about 6 months, was spayed when she was around 6 months, and is in good health (although a little overweight). This problem has been slowly developing over the last 2ish months. At first it started out as her being afraid of everyone, my husband and I, along with our cousin who is technically her owner, and we're all around 20. She wouldn't come out from under the bed (her safe spot). But it got better, to where she started coming out and seeking out my husband and I, more than her owner. She would come up to us, love us, non-stop purring and rubbing up against our legs and laying by us 24/7. 

       Then she started developing a bit of a fear, or more of a dislike I guess, of her owner, and to be honest he is not a good animal guy. My husband and I have a theory that he kicks her around a little because she is extremely afraid of feet, and wasn't when we first met her. We also hear him yelling at her and doing the "psssst" noise that scares cats. But then about 2 months ago she started to take a liking to him again and around that same time became extremely afraid of my husband. She didn't mind me, she did the whole "whatever I'm going to lay here and if you pet me feel free to" thing that cats do. But if she was in the same room as my husband and I, and he even so much as squeaks the chair he's sitting in, she would take off running to her safe place under the bed and wouldn't come out for a while. Then when she did, she'd peek around the corner of the bedroom door to make sure that he either isn't paying attention to her or he is gone. Then she comes out, but keeps a very watchful eye out for him at all times. I'm in the process of becoming a vet tech, and know animals a little better than most people, and my honest opinion is that she has an anxiety problem that is now manifesting because of triggers that he somehow triggered, so she associated only him with the bad feelings at that point and no one else.

       When she first started being scared of my husband, she wasn't scared of me at all, and was only slightly wary of her owner. But now about 2 months after this all started, its developed into her being afraid of everyone and everything. But it's not the kind of fear that makes her run to her safe spot or run away from us. Its the kind of fear that makes her crouch down in fear, tuck her tail, not move, and flinch a lot, like someone in the house is abusing her, although I know for a fact that no one is, which is what makes me think anxiety.

       My husband and I had a period where we fought a lot. A lot of yelling and throwing things on both our parts, which is why i was confused as to why she was only running away from my husband. But he knew she was scared of him and tried and tried and tried to let her know that he wasn't going to hurt her by only giving her affection, and positive feelings. We even tried ignoring her for weeks with no improvement. And now its gotten to the point where she is not only scared of him, shes scared of all of us. Well, I guess it's not so much being scared of us anymore. When she started becoming scared of everyone in the house and not just my husband, it turned more into extreme caution and wariness than fear. She has never hisses or spits at us. She just hunkers down, tucks her tail in, blinks and licks her lips a lot, and flinches like she is preparing to be hit, but she doesn't run and hide like she used to when it first started. It's gotten to the point where if shes using the liter box she'll stop mid poop and run under the bed if one of us comes within her line of vision, or if they don't get too close she'll stare into their eyes until shes done and then she'll leave the room or hide under the bed.

       Another side note that may help: my husband has bipolar I disorder, and I know cats can sense a persons feelings very well. When he was on a mood stabilizer, he and our kitty were so close that she would seek him out to lay on his computer, sit next to him in chairs, sit on his lap, beg for attention and treats, all that good stuff that's cats are supposed to do. But every since he stopped taking it was around the same time she became scared of him for no reason. Could it be his extreme fluxuations in mood triggering our cats anxiety? Our cat wont even touch the treats he gives her. He has NEVER hurt our cat. In highschool he would beat the crap out of people who abused animals. My honest guess is that she has been developing an anxiety problem, and the yelling that my husband did, along with the fact that he is the alpha male of the house and his emotions are only stable for short periods of time, just triggers the anxiety in her which would be why is she started being wary of him first, and now that the anxiety has developed enough to where she is wary of everyone in the house. 

     What do you guys think? Could it be anxiety or another behavior problem, or someone causing her harm that we don't know about? And if so how can we help her out? Thank you for your advice and help in advance!

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