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Hi there. I have a Canadian sphinx that gave birth a month ago. 
The kittens are cute and energetic (already walking, jumping and climbing).
I the few last days I have noticed that all the kittens have purple/black tongues.
I didn't look or payed any attention to that before so I can't tell if the color was different before.
Is it normal for cats from this breed to have dark tongues ?
The kittens are breastfeed only.
Thanks with advance for your answer.

Here is a good composite for your cat’s food: Protein 32%, Fat 18%, Fiber 3%. Sound good right? Well what if you were told that this in the composite from a pair of old leather boots, used motor oil, and a scoop of sawdust? Wow. Not that appealing after all. Especially for our cats.So what makes a good quality cat food? Well for starters, cats (unlike humans and dogs) are carnivores. They absolutely need meat and better cat foods will have real meat as the first ingredient. You want muscle meat rather than by-products, little to no grains, and WATER. Due to this water requirement (ESPECIALLY important during a cat’s senior years) a high quality canned food is better for cats because it has considerably more water.Beware of starches as some companies will use them to substitute for the grain.There are some great brands out there that offer high quality cat food – the trick is to research these brands, or simply refer to this forum link for great information onquality pet food for your cat.

Our two cats are siblings that we have had since they were kittens.  Maud had to go to the vet for dental work and was gone all day.  When I brought her home and let her out of the carrier, her sister Molly began hissing and growling at her, as if she did not recognize her.  I thought she might be reacting to the smell of the vet office, but two days later and she still hisses menacingly. I am at a loss about how to fix the problem.  Any help is welcome.

My partner and I have a cat who will be a year old in April. A friend found her in a warehouse at work when she was about 10 days old and we had to bottle feed her. She sucks on my shirt at night which I know is common for bottle fed cats but not on my boyfriend (maybe thinks I'm her mom?) anyways, she was friendly as a younger cat but now she hates anyone who is not me or my boyfriend. Our friends don't believe us that she's the biggest sweetheart anymore. With us she lets us hold her and she snuggles all the time. I'm not sure if started happening after she was spayed or when we got our dog (they like each other) but now she'll hiss and bite anyone else who tries to touch her and even attacked our friend out of the blue. We moved her food and litter box to a separate part of the house away from where guests mingle and also put a pheromone diffuser in the living room. She has only lived in our house since we got her. Is she being territorial? Help!

I'm smitten with the ragamuffin breed!! I hope to get one soon, but my they are expensive!!!.. anyone else here have one?

Hello everyone,

I have had a small dog that has been using a litter box (specially made for dogs) for almost 10 years. The litter is made of recycled newspaper (like "Yesterday's News", but a little bigger).
A few months ago I started fostering a cat (she is almost 2 years old now), and she had been very good using her little box. I clean it several times a day, and the litter is very good quality (Nature's Miracle clumping litter).
Lately, though, the cat has been using the dog's litter box. It is a problem because it does not have a dome, filter, etc, and the smell goes all over the apartment (I live in a studio). Besides, now the dog does not want to use his own box, which is a problem, since he is not used to "holding it" until I am back from work.
I would like to have the cat using her box again. Any suggestions?

My cat uses the litter box to pee but she pooping outside the box. Tried differents types of litter got a bigger litter box without any results. 

OK...this may sound silly but...we got a 7 year old cat in September.  He has this annoying habit of meowing or "scratching" (he's declawed) at something in our bedroom very very early in the mornings (4am) and waking us up.  He has dry food in his bowl and plenty of water but, of course, wants the soft food that he gets twice a day.  My husband is ready to toss him out for good so I need some help on how to break him of this habit.  He is a sweetheart otherwise and my baby!  :-)  We have been putting him outside (fenced in yard and he likes to go out) when he does this and let him in when WE are ready to feed him but any ideas would be appreciated so he doesn't continue this annoying habit!  Thanks.


I feel for you me and my gf were at her dads 50th last night an come home to are beloved meeko passed away , there was no signs of why this happened for few weeks before he would try to cough up hair balls but never did other than that he was fine appetite was give very playful an was fine when we left to go the party , he had his claws slightly in the carpet an lieing in his side as if he was sleeping but when he has tryed coughing up hair balls he would lie on his front an stick his head out every time so makes no sense to us and we are devastated an lost an we had him booked for the vets for in 3 days time an I feel like should of used my bill money to take him weeks ago an maybe things would be different , can't stop blaming myself for it an it's killing me . If anyone has a pet with any sign if symptoms how ever mild / small like a hair ball or big it is don't wait till payday like us just take ur loved pet an get him/her checked out an sorted cause if u song an this happens to u I can tell you it's the worst,  an feels like u killed him urself by not doing somet . I hope this opens up people's eyes to how little things or big things can end up like this . Had to get this of my chest sorry people I hope this hasn't happened to u xxxx rip meeko xxxx



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Hi, I have a 3 month old kitten, and a stray cat attacked him.  He didnt bled and he is walking normal. But he is very sore on his lower right side near his butt. He is sleeping alot. I gave him 1/2 baby aspirin to try to control his pain (found this on another site).  Is there anything else I should do?

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