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My Siberian kitten was eating up to a can a day of nature's instinct chicken flavor plus some dry kibble of Orijen. He would run to where I would put his food and eat very happily. But then 2.5 day ago when I got home from work I noticed the some of the wet food I left in the morning was dried up because it wasn't eaten completely and there was still some dry kibble. The quarter of wet food is always eaten by the time I leave for work., but not this time. So when I got home I cleaned and washed with soap his bowl like I always do before feeding, and when it was time to feed he chased after me like always, but when I put his food down he would smelled it and backed away meowing. I never experienced this. So I thought maybe after 3.5 weeks of the same food he wants change. So I gave him lamb..he ate a tiny bit then stopped... I then gave him rabbit....nothing... then I gave him salmon. he ate that but reluctantly. I decided to try raw food from nature's instinct... he didn't like that either. so I tried hand feeding the chicken flavor again, and he finally ate that way... I put the food on the hardwood floor..he ate that way but still not that much. i don't know what to do!!! I will go the vet this week to make sure there is nothing physical. He is not a huge eater, but then he weighs only 3 lbs. He is a very tiny kitten, but doc said he was not underweight. I'm trying to get extra weight on him since I got him, and now this is happening. AGH!!!!

I currently have 3 cats who all show signs of being sick.

Symptoms include:
- Lack of appetite/thirst
- "Calm" or overly mellow behavior
- Coughing (or attempting to spit something up, but nothing comes out)

This recently just happened ever since I introduced a new kitten to our household.
The kitten was in cages along side other cats who were within their own. My cats were healthy and NEVER had a health related issues until I got this kitten so I think it might have started because of it. The kitten has received de-worming treatments so anything worm related is probably out of the possible diagnosis.
I love all my cats and don't want them to be miserable or even die.
But since I have more than one, I won't be able to afford all the vet fees to get them checked out and prescribed meds. There aren't any low-cost/low-income or free vets in my area that will perform an exam.
I looked up antibiotics and other cold related meds that I think I should end up buying for them. 
I ultimately am wondering if anyone has had good luck with treating their cats at home. And if there are any suggestions for in-store meds.

Is there anyone here now that may be able to help me with my/cat



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I have been a cat owner for many years. I am thouroughly convinced of the healing power of pets in general.
Cats can provide great help and comfort to suffering people, their healing potential is only starting to be understood and appreciated.
My question is: how can we protect the wellbeing of our cats, of all cats and, at the same time, encourage people with health problems/disabilities to  adopt a cat?

I have always owned wild cats.  I either found them in a bush or they would adopt me by showing up on my front door step.  My cat recently passed, and I don't want to wait very long before getting a new cat.  I am thinking of purchasing purebred cat from a breeder that I found in the newspaper.  She has these beautiful Scottish Fold cats, and I was thinking about getting one.  Has anyone bought a purebred cat before?  Were they just as loveable as the cats you adopt?



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My cat littlefoot died july4 2012 .He was my hero my best freind and baby boy and was loved by evryone that knew him. I also lost his sweetheart my other cat baby kitty sept 14 2013 . Littlefoot an baby kitty grew old together an lived happy lives with me an my now 2 grown kids. I just had to let the world know that its amazing how much an animal can bring so much joy and happiness to a human. My 2 cats are now buried here in my own yard with each other and have flowers and solar lights marking their grave because i dont know about anyone else but i see my cats as being more then just a cat . They were a very big and special part of my life and will be missed. so in loving memory of littlefoot and baby kitty, i'll always love them. I now have a siamese cat named porche mae and i have a boy cat name si lee and they are doin great . I also took in a cat i call cali cause her owner abanden her she is malnourished an dehydrated im doin everything i can to save her im even workin with a lady who takes strays spays them an neuters them even finds them homes so hats off to an amazing person. This is also why I'm writing this tonight cali seems to be taken a turn for the worse been up with her all night she is young bout 4 at least an upsetting to me cause she is a great cat. so if anyone reading this please pray for her that she makes it tomorrow so i can get her to vet. My freind has some program with the vet for helpin strays i have met him and they are fantastic vetinarian hospital i do hope they can help sweet lil cali. thank you for reading my post, like i said please pray for cali she never asked to be mistreated an abandoned she is a good cat

I have had Olive (adult, female British shorthair mix) for about 2 months. I had to move apartments about two weeks ago, and that was scary for her. I adopted Olive from a local shelter - she had been picked up wandering along the side of a highway. She is EXTREMELY shy and skittish and spends much of her time hiding. I have been petting her as often as she wants to be petted (although I am still learning to read her body language and she does not set very strong boundaries so sometimes I unwittingly pet her for too long), and over the past week I have gotten her to play a bit (only for ~5 min. at a time, and halfheartedly at that). She is eating and eliminating regularly, has seen a vet and is more or less medically healthy. At the old apartment she lived with another cat who was mean to her, but now it is just her and me. She is definitely more comfortable than when I first brought her home, but not by much. She only lets me pet her when she is in her "safe zones," she has NEVER approached me to seek affection (or anything else, for that matter), she is scared to be out in the open (she needs to have her back to a wall and if I walk into a room where she is out in the open, she gets terrified and bolts off to a hiding place) and she is still reticent to play (and the little bit of play that does happen only happens in her "safe zones"). I have given her plenty of cozy hiding spaces in every room of the apartment, a scratching post in every room (which she uses) and a cat tree (which she does not use). To complicate things, she HATES to be picked up or restrained, and protests with much hissing and occasional violence, but though I respect her preference, I had to restrain her to give her medication for a gum infection for her first few weeks at home, and may have to do so again in the future (I do not have to pick her up for any reason presently). Should I be doing something differently? Should I stop approaching her and ignore her until she comes to me? I love her immensely and I just want her to feel safe and happy and loved, but this is my first cat and I am not sure what to do. Please help.

Hi guys,

My two kittens are about 4 months old. I would like to find out ways which I can teach them not to go into the kitchen. We got a room divider between the kitchen and the rest of the apartment but sometimes they make their way through and into the sink and counter top area. I don't want them to get hurt, and I would just rather they don't go into the kitchen. Please send me your tips etc!

we've had her for almost nine years , september 6th 2014 : That morning she seemed perfectly fine she did her usual thing , and suddenly my mum realized princess mian was looking very fragile n mum carried her  she had pooped on the floor n pied on my mum , mum knew something was wrong she never did that . mum said she was making a very strange sound like she was in pain , her tongue was hanging . she rushed her to the doc but she collapsed on the way . she had bruises on her face for a week n when my mum took her to the vet he said she was fine and nothing to worry n if the bruises don't heal after three days to bring her , her bruises seemed like it was drying but she passed away on the 4th day . i dont know why that vet said she was fine she was obviously not fine , i got to know half hour later but i couldn't b there to see her for the last time as i live in another country . i took the next flight i wanted to go spend some time next to her grave n talk to her  i cried my heart out i almost wanted to open her grave and give a hug for the last time but my mum stopped me from doing that . we had to bury her in the pet cemetery cos we live in a n apartment . wish we lived in a house where we could have buried her . i've lost my baby princess main i'am heart broken i can't seem to move on , i've been taking sleeping pills every night . i feel guilty for not realizing what she must have suffered from . she's always been there for me i've shared so many happy and sad moments with her . I'ts the worst feeling ever . so i made a talisman n i put her fur into that  . i am so depressed 

My indoor cat 12years old started acting sick on sunday took him to my vet yesterday 400 dollars later they took blood which came back normal .  Vet sent me home with some meds for nausea since hes been vomiting not eating just out of the blue .   Has anyone ever experienced this  with thier cat.  Gave him appetite stimulator now just watching him he is not himself . 


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