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Tonight our almost 4 year old kitty Gibby died unexpectedly. He was fine all week and all day. Acting like his normal self. Eating, meowing, being a lover. When I was making dinner I heard loud thumps in my son's room I said what is that and my son said my laptop? He was in the living room. It sounded like his laptop being thrown on the floor I ran in and my kitty was having what looked like a seizure on my son's floor. He was on the top bunk sleeping a 1/2 hour ago. He must have fallen off the bed from seizing? I was so scared I thought he might be ok after he stopped convoluting. But then he just stopped and stopped breathing. His body looked like he was breathing which I think he was until one big deep breath and then nothing. I started blowing in his mouth but it was too late. I'm so sad even worse my son and daughter both seen this and seen his dead body. I held my son as he cried himself to sleep. I don't know what could have been wrong? I was in the process of getting him neutered I know at almost 4 that's late in life. Also I think he may have had worms in the litter box I noticed white specs I thought maybe worms. So he was going to get that taken care of too while being neutered. I don't think round worms can kill a cat can they? 
Sorry this is so long I'm in shock and so upset. Has anyone else had this happen? I read a couple articles on here about sudden death in a healthy cat. My cat never had seizures. I don't know what happened? Just very sad.



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Two days ago when we got home in the evening after being away for three hours our beloved cat Obi was resting at his favourite spot. When he didn't react when we called him, I went to check on him and he was dead! He was only nine years old and we cannot understand what caused this sudden and unexpected death. He seemed healthy except that he ate a little bit less and slept a lot lately but we thought it is because of the heat. Our house is pretty cool though and he never had any symptoms like short breath or drooling. He even had some food while we were away. When we found him he looked very peaceful with no signs of distress like vomiting or cramping. He just lay there as usual waiting for us and must have basically died in his sleep. Most likely he must have suffered a heart attack? I am so sad and shocked to learn about so many sudden deaths with otherwise healthy and young cats. We miss him terribly since he was a true family member and such a great company.



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Hello All, I am here because I have and am still suffering at the hands of HCM. I am working on compiling a database of all the breeders who are producing HCM positive kittens regardless of the status of the cats they continue to breed. You see. Just because their breeding cats scan negative doesn't mean anything and they prey on all of our weak hearts in hopes that we will just except it and move on when we approach them with news of the death or oncoming demise of our loved ones. There are many breeders out there breeding cats that they full well know are producing cats with a VERY high probability of having HCM and in many cases kittens are showing evidence of these death sentence as early as 4 months old. Until we all get together and start holding these breeders accountable they will just continue to breed these cats until they themselves die of the very horrific disease they spread like wildfire. So I beg you, If you have had or have a feline love that has passed or is on it's way. Please just let me know the cattery name and if possible the full name of the parents your baby came from. I just want this atrocity to stop. Please help me and most of all help the wonderful breed we all love so much. Otherwise it will never end and the pain will continue and the grief will go on forever. 



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My sweet baby is 21 years old. My husband got a job out of the continental U. S. I only have 4 options. 1) take her with me and put her through hell in the manner of tests vaccination, quarantine pluse a flight!  ( the vet told me her chances of survival....less than 5%).                          2) stay with her, marriage be dammed, until she goes.                         3) give her to my sister, who she does not know, so she can wonder where I went and die alone.                                 4) put her to sleep while I hold her no matter how much it hurts.                       Please help. For 21 years I have been her mom and this whole situation is breaking my heart, I don't know what's best for her for sure. I think if she and I could talk she would want to go, because she's only stag for me.....but I'm so lost! And can't stop crying!



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About 4½ yrs ago, I rescued this male black kitten, then about 4 weeks old, from the local refuse dump in our village, Sedgefield, in South Africa.  His fur covered in smelly fluid and flea infested.  I took him home, and my wife and one son who was at home at the time, bathed him and rid him of the fleas. We have two other older cats, one also a black male I took in as a stray, and a Siamese female the wife purchased.

 Fast forward to 21st Jan 2016,  at about 3 AM, he got off the bed where he slept ever since that day, cuddled up snugly  against my one  leg, gave an unusual soft cough, and went out the always open window, as he always did early mornings. When he did not return after about an hour, we started looking for him calling his name ( Afrikaans for “Eyes” because of the prominent large eyes)  after a frantic search, my son  discovered his limp body on the floor of our garden shed.  I went absolutely hysterical and cried my heart out, even though I am 69 yrs old. I have been crying every day since, and am still devastated.  After research on the Net, the conclusion was drawn that it was probably the dreaded heart condition, Cardiomyopathy, as he showed no signs of prior distress and was healthy as could be.

He meant  the world  to me and we became very attached to each other.  He would follow me all over the house and garden, even went for rides with me and the wife in  the car around the village, and for walks on the sand dunes at the beach and in a large church garden close to our home,  We showered him with love and affection and took turns to cuddled him at least 6 times a day!

We buried him in one corner of our back yard  next  to a small vegetable patch,  where we spent so  many precious moments together. Him mimicking me, and digging small holes when planting veggies.

It is absolute agony wandering about the house and see all his favourite lounging spots, still expecting to see him around every corner or lying on his favourite sofa.

We have visited the grave site about  20 times since,  asking ourselves a thousand times “ why him!” We will cherish the fond memories of his far too short, 4½ yrs, he shared with us, till our dying days.

If cats could talk, I am sure he would have said just before exhaling his last breath  “ Don’t mourn my death mommy and daddy,  Just cherish the countless memories of the wonderful life I shared with you”

Sleep peacefully our little angel. We will miss you so much! 

My cat died last Tues. noon after vomiting for 2 days. He died in my son's arms on his way to a vet's clinic. I am devastated by his death and I feel guilty not to take him to see the vet one day early. He was only 3 yeas old, extremely friendly and intelligent. He did not vomit a lot. So I thought he would recover. One year ago, he also vomited for 1 day, but recovered later. The internet says we should take the cat to see the vet after 48 hours if he is not better. Now I learned that if my cat is vomiting liquid, I need to take him to see the vet immediately. He has brought me so much comfort and fun and I was devastated by his death. I am so sad.

I am writing this to possibly receive some feedback from others that may have gone through something similar.  Tuesday eve I suddenly,  unexpectedly and tragically lost my 13 yo baby,  Jimmie.  it was a pleasant eve. I was sitting on my couch with my laptop and two other kitties hanging out beside me.  Jimmie
Jimmie jumped up on side of sofa like he always had.  this time he did not make it up.  I keep replaying the scenario.  I did not see himh jump up but heard the sound of him sort of sliding back down the side of the sofa.  at that moment I then saw my standing floor lamp go crashing down and seeing that Jimmie was in its path. Freaking out, I jumped to lift the base of lamp up and away fromthe him.  he actually stood up and then
Tooka step and gently laid down on his side.  I was not believing what had just happened.  he began breathing rapidly and made quiet noise like gurgling and then h
He was still and quiet. I was quite the opposite.  what just happened.  did the weight of the floor lamp crush him.  Why did he slide down the side of sofa. There was no blood.  there was no foaming from his mouth. There was just a little wet spot on carpet where he laid when he departed from me so suddenly.  he was the leader of our pack. Me and his 3 other furry ones are grieving,  confused and empty right now.  Can anyone offer any
Suggestions of why my otherwise happy go lucky jimmie checked out without any warning.  grieving in Houston, k

As a human with seizures, I can give you a little insight into what is occurring while your cat is having a seizure.  The seizure itself is not painful , mentally you just aren't there. Aggressiveness or any other unusual behavior is part of the seizure.  The aftermath is the challenge and that is when you can help and keep your cat safe.  It is more difficult, heart wrenching and scary to watch than actually having them.  Some of the things that have occurred during or shortly after do impact, muscle pain from falling, biting their tongue a head ache. The period immediately  after the seizure stops is also not painful (postictal), they still haven't returned to "reality."  The best you can do is comfort them, not let them wander and keep them from hurting themselves.  

My cat Cleo just died suddenly on us this morning. She has had seizures in the past and this summer she had a really bad spell like she was going to pass away on us, but she snapped out of it. Today she just jumped off the table onto the chair and then to the floor where she just looked up at my husband and started choking. She had about a three minute seizure and then passed away instead of snapping out of it. She had been a very healthy cat for as long as we had her until three years ago. She is 10 yrs. old. She must of had a heart attack or choked to death during her seizure. This feeling is terrible, she was hardly away from me in the house, quite the cozy kitty type. I will miss her.



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Last week my cat disappeared. I notice the last day I seen him he acted like he was peeing but wasn't and he did this several times in an hour . I actually thought he had diarrhea. Yesterday we found him in my shed he had been dead for quite some time . does anyone know what could have caused him to be peeing like that?

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