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I have a three year old cat who follows me around all over and is very affectionate towards me. Whenever i get a visitor she hisses and attacks them to the point where some of my family will not visit. I put her in another room and shut the door. I have been searching for some kind of advice and seem to hit a brick wall all the time. This behaviour started after she was spayed. Please help

I just got back from having my dogs hips x-rayed, and they explained to me my dog has "flat hips" and is a high risk candidate for arthritis. They recommended that I look into some fish oils and hip vitamins to help prevent early development of arthritis. Does anyone know if this will actually help, or is it a big waste of money?

When we added our German Shepard to our home we were told that she was a German-German Shepard, and not an American-German Shepard.  We were given a copy of her family tree that went back 15 generations to prove her AKC geneology. 

   We were told that the difference in the two breeds was that her snout would be characteristactly longer, and that to keep the German-Germanness in the blood line; every other generation was supposed to be bred with a timber wolf. I have found that her snout is a bit longer, and she also has a little bit bigger ears as well. 

   I am asking these questions because I have not been able to find any answers yet myself, and I am very concerned about practicing proper breeding for her.

My question are:

1. Has anyone else heard of a German-German Shepard?

2. Is it true about the breeding, and where can I find the information?



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We have a 4 yr old Golden.  We would like to breed her.  Her hip, elbows,eyes and heart are certified.  We have found a male, but he is 11 yrs old.  Our question is does the age of the male affect his sperm count and quality?  We want to do this top notch.  Thanks for the help.\

Dwight and Julie

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I just joined and it appears to be a very cool place for all kinds of animal lovers.  So I'll start out with a question.

Our wonderful bearded collie Murphy has one main issues beside getting ear infection easily and that is scally, crusty skin bumps almost like scabs.  Some are little bumps like the size of small warts on a human.  They don't bleed, I guess, unless you pick at them which I'm afraid to do.

I have not asked the Vet about them yet but was curious is anyone with a Beardie or similar dog has experienced the same and if so what did you do about it.  Murphy's  7 years old +/- (adopted from local Operation Kindness Shelter), knee high and weighs 38 lbs and has not had this skin problem until fairly recently.  Before we spend a lot of money at the vet, I was hoping for some insight.

Thanks in advance for any input.


My puppy Chico is humping a stuffed animal that looks like dog. And he trys to hump my leg and my sisters male full-grown chihuahua! What should I do?



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my vet says there is a virus going aroound that effects dogs and lasts between 2-4 days.  Does any one have any info on this virus?

Hello Everyone,
I have a 4 year old miniature Schnauzer. Yesterday evening he decided to get in the trash and try and eat my wifes sanitary product. (sorry for the graphicness) we did get it away from him. However during the night he vomited several times. The vomit was thick and full of food. It had no odor. Off and on during the day he has been gagging and occasionally vomiting. Same deal, no odor and thick.
My question is how long should I wait until I take him to the vet. I have read everything I could find on the internet, but anyones input would be invaluable..
Thanks for the input..



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I adopted Chloe (11 month old Lab mix) about 3 months ago. She's an awesome dog all around except for her separation anxiety and it only seems to be getting worse since I've started working in my home. She follows me EVERYWHERE and I feel like I'm constantly tripping over her!
I crate her when I leave the house, but my neighbor told me she barks and carries on for a very long time. (Note: I've never left her in there longer then 4 hrs.)
She's quite the escape artist too, so we have to lock all the doors on the crate. She tries her hardest to get out of it so much that the crate has ended up in another part of the room and the tray underneath is across the room as well. I put many chew toys in there with her, along with a Kong stuffed with treats, but instead of chewing on those she will destroy her bedding, blanket...etc. so I had to eliminate those items.
As I mentioned before, I crate her when I have to leave, because if I don't she will find something of mine (not my husbands) to chew on.
She never chews on anything (except her toys) when I'm home. I'd also like to mention she likes her crate, because when I'm home she lays in it quite often.
I've tried leaving the house without making a big deal about it for a minute and walking back in (again, not making a big deal upon my return) and repeating the processes, but it's not working. Help! :)
I'd also like to mention, her foster parents told me she was found wandering on the side of the road. I have a very hard time believing that, because she is awesome off leash. She never leaves my side and always comes when she is called.
I'd appreciate any advice you could give me. Thank you! :)

Bobbie G.

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