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My cat died of feline cardiomyopathy two days ago. She was lying outside in the tall grass in the shade. I thought she was sleeping. I thought I saw her chest move. She liked to sleep outside.

When I can back a couple of hours later she was still in the same position. I thought that was unusual. So I went to touch her. She was dead and rigor mortis had already set in.

I did not know this could happen. She did not show any signs of illness. Just a little lethargic from the summer heat. Gone. So sudden. I am getting over it. 

Hi all,
  Our much loved kitty, named Tomita (we changed the name from Tommy once we realised she was a girl!) passed away yesterday. She was fine in the morning, no issues at all - but when dad came home from dropping mum of to work, within the hour, he noticed that she was lying down underneath her favourite chair in our patio. In her last moments, it looked like she was trying to reach her safe place but didn't make it. She was almost 10 years of age, and she had such a good life with us. It was difficult making the 1 metre grave for her, and then much harder to wrap her up in my dad's jacket (her favourite sleeping mat!) and then covering her with her things - her food plate, hair brush - and her toys.
  I haven't lived with them for many years, but Tomita was my comfort in the cold days, the silly days, the stressful days and the best days - she loved my daughter. She was such a good girl. We could swear she though my mum (Tomita's rescuer) was her own mum. One time, when my mum went overseas for a 2 week holiday, Tomita spend 3 days waiting outside the bathroom for her - not eating, nor drinking. Such loyalty in cats doesn't surprise me. When we found her yesterday, she was lying down, her tongue slightly out - with some saliva, her paws and face were wet. I estimate that it was either choking on a hairball or undiagnosed kidney/renal problem due to the diet our vet made her go on (Purina teeth something or other). Before that, when she was good, we just fed her raw meat but she lost a tooth and the vet said we should giver her dry food to help sustain dental health. Anyhow, we always look for a cause or someone to blame - but all I can say is, thank you Tomita - and thanks to our Creator for the momentous joy you brought to us all. Goodbye Tomita, we miss so much.

Thanks for reading.

I was reading through the blogs how people were hurt from the passing  of their
sweet pets. 
It is hard to lose your friend. We lost our angel also. We were so hit with grief It hurt meaning literally hurt. I took our angel and prepared her. I was hoping she had a seizure and will awaken, stupid when I know better. No she passed on. We had her cremated. It was evil how people try to take advantage of you. I called 5 places to arrange for her cremation. Each place had a different price with different rules set by themselves to profit not take care of the grieving person. I am very educated but pain and loss had no difference to the pain. I kept my head level while checking around. I finally went to Bideawee  in NY. They were respectful, kind and fair in price. I called for the appointment in the morning and she was done by 4 pm. This was prefect, we could grieve her at a showing private and knew whose cremations we were getting. That was my worry, many places mix and do not give you the pet you had. By keeping my head just clear enough ensured I got my cat back and done properly. MY cat hissed and hissed when she woke up as though she did not know where she was. She had a generic problems for breathing, she was dump by her mother for snoring and IBS. She could not eat any beef, and it had to be her way or the highway. She was a true alpha ruler with a sweet kindness to her pet parents. She would tap you when she wanted extra fresh water or more food. She would examine the food for her pet sisters and brothers before the food could be distributed. She was a character who was part dog and part bat. We will miss her always. We knew we would loss her first but she was with us for a short time. We gave her a good clean, healthy, satisfying life. She was my driving buddy when I went out. She went everywhere with me and loved it. This is my darling angel. I express all comfort and healing to you all. It does get better with time.  I know I can never never never replace her nor do I wish to. It would be a true hard class to fulfill. She was a Pixie-Bob American Curl with unique characteristics, but I loved her for her sweet personality. I raised her from 2wks old when she was dumped. It was the fact she was a true fighter for life that I made me love her. She enjoyed life. I will try to take this on as a human. This will be a hard act to follow. People do not take to people losing cats. So stay away from them. Go to people who have cats, go to places with cats, only there will you get understanding. You had a lose so go where people understand cats. I wish you all peace and it get better with time. Keep the spirit of your little one in your heart where it will continue on regardless. That is what these special angels leave for us. 



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On Tuesday I came home from work and found our beautiful 2 year old Leon dead. I've found comfort here reading of so many who had the same horriying experience. It's so hard to believe it even happened, having no signs of illness before this. He was a handsome, intelligent, active & so loving Maine coon. I've now learned about CMV, which I was told, had been eliminated from his bloodline. We also know its impossible to know exactly what happened without necropsy.  I am having a terrible time getting through this loss. I empathise with all of you out there who've had to endure it also.

I came home for lunch and my cat Nina was just fine and when I got home about 4 hours later from work, she was dead in the living room. She had thrown up everywhere. Had not been sick ever. She was 8 years old. I wonder if she choke to death with maybe food she had been eating or maybe hair balls. The biggest shock and so so hurt. Just like my brother he was getting ready to go to work and just died. These deaths are so much harder.  Any suggestions thank you

I have been searching online for answers, but I don't really know.......

My cat Scooby Doo, a neutered male, aged 5, died on Good Friday, no signs leading up to his passing, of anything wrong.  No sign of poisoning or impact damage (car) but a few hours after he passed, a smell begun.

The smell was of death, a very strong rotten smell, and it was a watery yellowish liquid, leaking out of his nose.  Mouth shut tight, eyes partially open, body mostly stiff but neck very loose and a hot abdomen for hours after his passing, seven hours later it was still warm while eveywhere else had gone cold.  Can anyone help me to understand what he died from?

First time cat owner. I have had my 13 week old Abyssinian for 11 days now. 

I knew he was going to be stressed, scared, and shy at first and he didn't eat, drink, or pee for almost 48 hours.  I'm sure it didn't help that the morning after I had picked him up we went to the vet for a check-up which probably scared him even more.  He now loves his litter box, food, and water even though it took him some time to figure out how to not tip over the bowl :). 

I didn't come into the situation blind and knew that you need to let the cat come to you.  He has been in my bedroom with his toys and everything else (I have been sleeping on the couch to avoid further stress).  I feed him 3 times a day and keep the dish near me and a hiding place for him as I sit in the corner of the room quietly.  He is very comfortable with this after our 11 days together and will come right after I have sat down but will hiss then move on to his food.  After he eats I use a wand toy to play with him and he gets pretty excited over play time now. 

Here is the issue.  He still won’t let me near him.  He will come up and sniff me but I would have to be sitting for nearly an hour quietly in the same spot for him to even attempt this.  When hes playing with his wand he gets very close even sliding into my legs at times but as soon as he sees my face he hisses and runs away (I try to avoid direct eye contact during play as people have said that is cat language for confrontation).  I give him treats that I place in my hand.  He will hiss as I extend my arm closer to him but then investigates my hand and takes the treat. 

I understand this can take some time but does anyone else have any tips?  Spending 4-5 hours a day just sitting quietly in a corner of a room for 11 days without much feedback or change in the cats behavior is getting pretty tiring.



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I am trying to find out a method of training that is with sound undetectable to human ears.



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My sweet baby is 21 years old. My husband got a job out of the continental U. S. I only have 4 options. 1) take her with me and put her through hell in the manner of tests vaccination, quarantine pluse a flight!  ( the vet told me her chances of survival....less than 5%).                          2) stay with her, marriage be dammed, until she goes.                         3) give her to my sister, who she does not know, so she can wonder where I went and die alone.                                 4) put her to sleep while I hold her no matter how much it hurts.                       Please help. For 21 years I have been her mom and this whole situation is breaking my heart, I don't know what's best for her for sure. I think if she and I could talk she would want to go, because she's only stag for me.....but I'm so lost! And can't stop crying!



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Has anyone ever had their cat start drooling. I've had blood work done, normal, appetite normal. May be an allergic reaction? Please help.

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