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Hello!  I've had my cat Toonces for about two years now, since she was a kitten.  While I was filling out an application for adoption, it asked if I had any other animals and what breeds they were.  Obviously because of this thread, I have no clue what type of cat Toonces is.  (:  I did a bit of research though, and she has similar features to the Siberian Cat and Norwegian Forest cat breeds.  Sadly, until I find out what breed Toonces is I can't send in my adoption forms.  Here are a couple of photos of her:

[img][/img] [img][/img]

If it helps, Toonces is a small cat.  At two years old, she's only about as big as an adolescent cat.  Thank you! 



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I have a male and female cat, both from the same shelter. I am considering a third, -any comments or advice?



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I'm seen here my 7 month old cat October BUZZ who recently recovered from menengitis but is now having trouble using his hind legsand cant walk yet. slowly the legs are showing strength and there is alot of movement in  both just totally uncoordianted! just wondering if and when he will be able to walk. he gets massages and the chiropractor comes and and treats him. any thoughts are welcome!














































































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 how do i go about finding a boy lab to breed with my girl lab.


It's only been 3 weeks since we had to put you to sleep. I want you to know that I am so sorry we had to do that. I still feel so guilty and sad. I miss you so much. My heart is still broken into a million pieces. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about you. How are you doing in heaven? Are you adjusting well? I hope there's lots of cats for you to chase up there and lots of squirrels and rabbits to hunt too. You were such a good dog. You still had so much life and love to give and I'm so sorry your life was cut short. But you felt like you to had to protect us all the time. You bit once and you tried to bite twice more. We didn't want you to bite anyone else Jakey. I hope you can understand that and I hope to God you forgive us. I don't know why you were abused as a puppy, but I don't regret taking you in off the streets and nursing you back to health. I would do it all over again if I had a choice. Even with the outcome of losing you...I Swear I would do it all over again. You will always have a special place in my heart Jake and I hope to always have a special place in yours. While you were here with us...You made us so happy. You gave us so much love and joy. You were with me the second time Brandon was deployed to Iraq and even though he was gone and I was alone...I always felt safe having you in the house. I knew that no one would ever try to break in with you there. You were there when I brought my son home from the hospital and you welcomed him into your heart. You licked his tiny little head and even though the city of Harker Heights thought of you as "dangerous" I knew that you would never hurt Brendan. You were a part of Brendan's life for about 6 months before we lost you. I have to go now Jakey..before I start crying...but I want you to know that I love and miss you very very much. I can't wait to meet up with you again at Rainbow Bridge. I look forward to that moment where you greet me and lick my face and we hug each other. By the way...You were a good friend to Buddy and I know he misses you too. He will meet you at Rainbow Bridge before we do...and then one day I'll get to see you both again. I love you Jake. I love you so much.

My son purchased a Brussel Griffon puppy for me and recently (he turned 6 months) he now has a big black spot on the back of his tongue like a he's mixed with Chow or something.  Is this normal?  Does anyone know?


My name is Rose, and my 10 year old dog Zach has been marking his territory all over my house.  He has pretty much done this a few times since I have had him (I rescued him about 3 years ago).  Recently, he has been doing it a lot.  Sometimes once or more a day.  He is a Chesepeake, so even if just a little bit of pee is really a lot.  I don't know what to do.  He is potty trained, and he knows it is naughty.  I have never caught him in the act either, because he is very sneaky about it.  Does anyone have any ideas?





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Does anyone know if No Kill shleters also accept cats? 



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hi, i am new to this site! i have 3 kitties already and we are all doing great, at the end of May i will be bringing my new little man home, his mom is doll faced persian and his dad is a flat faced! i have never had a long haired cat before, i know i have to have a deshedding tool and a metal comb for daily brushing of matts but if there is anything important i should know i would be really greatful for the information.

I have had 15 dogs, 7 horses, numerous cats, birds, and a salt water fish tank for 15 years -  but I am ready to euthanize our latest addition.  She is a 3 year old Shih Tzu that we've had since birth.  She barks uncontrollably, runs, attacks other dogs and has taken to urinating and defecating on the beds.  It is purely a behavioral thing with her, and she is our first ever animal to own a crate, shock and bark collar. We've even had to phone poison control.  She has the most endearing personality but is very sneaky and steals stuff on a constant basis.  We have a very difficult time catching her doing something wrong , but her demeanor tells you that she has the minute we walk in the door.  She is truly exasperating !!  and I am ready to get rid of her.  A very first for me as I have tons of patience and trained numerous animals. All have been well mannered and obedient.

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