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We adopted Quincy from the dog pound after his human mom died.  He is about 10 pounds, has a wonderful temperament, and loves to be held and petted.  He's playful, friendly, and a great therapy dog at the nursing home.  He has long hair, but does not shed.  If anyone has any suggestions, I would appreciate it. thanks!

Squeeks came to live with my mom and dad a little over 10 years ago. He was an outside cat and liked to roam the farm area, and visit with the neighbors and hunt for little critters. We didn’t know where his actual home was, but when it comes to my dad and a stray animal, if they need shelter and food, they get it at our house.

Squeek came to them a sickly cat. He had lungworm and congestive heart failure when they took him to the vet the first time 10 years ago. He was a battle cat as well, and had many scars from getting into it with other toms in the area.

Throughout the years, Squeak spent more and more time at my parents house, and eventually stayed there 100% of the time. Of course my father considered him his from day one. Every year he was taken to the vet for shots, every time he came home with another bite wound or beaten up from another battle with a local tom, off to the vet he went. My father refused to make him stay inside, saying he was miserable as an inside cat, and he loved to be outside on the farm catching critters and being in the fresh air. For an outside cat, being through all he went through, and having the health problems he did, he lived a long life, and a happy and good one at that.

Squeek got his name because he never really meowed. He made this funny little sqeaky noise when he wanted to go out or if he wanted food, or attention. He loved my dad, and would play with him regularly. He was not a fan of the other cats, but tolerated them. The only one he really adored was Isabelle, another one of my mom and dad’s kitties. She’s a gorgeous tortie with an attitude larger than all the cats put together. They would kiss hello, and she’d wrap her paws around his neck when he came back in from being outside.

Squeak died today of a stroke. My mom said he was on the stairs coming down and made a funny noise. Now that it was cold out, he liked to stay in almost all of the time, and would spend his days on the radiator upstairs in my mom’s bathroom. They tried to get to the ER vet 45 minutes away, but only got part of the way there when Squeek died in my dad’s arms.

My father is a mess right now, and I feel so bad for him. I keep telling him and my mom that they did all they could for Squeek, and that he lived a whole lot longer than he would have outside on his own. He may have adopted them, but they took care of him no matter what happened to him and they loved him like he had been theirs all of their lives.

Play hard at the bridge, Squeekly. Mom and dad are going to miss you, and so will I. You were my sweet little blue boy, and I adored you from minute one. Try not to catch all the little critters up at the Bridge, they wouldn’t like you doing that. Be good sweet boy, and we’ll see you again, one fine day.

hi all cocoa eats and chews on every thing you name it she has eather eat it or killed it please help me we have even try that stuff that they haet but she did not careand stills dose it

  • What do you think is it a good idea to dye a dog with kool-aid or food coloring?



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my kittens age12 weeks have this white puss coming from there eyes i had some new borns die because of it.what can i do

I feed all three of my dogs kibbles and bits. My dogs names are Trouble, a rottweiler and lab mix. Bam, a full blooded boxer. And Cupie, a pug and beagle mix. They like kibbles and bits alot! They like that brand of food so much that they don't like any other brand! Is that good for them? LOL



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I have 2 cats, both 8 yrs old. They were adopted as kittens at the same time ,not same litter, from an animal shelter. Two days ago we brought in a couch and rearranged furniture in a main living area.  This generated alot of smelling and curious looks from my cats.  About 2-3 hours later they had a huge and serious fight, I have never seen this before.  That night and the next day we had alot of hissing and growling, mostly from one cat toward the other. Today we thought it had calmed down-they had even eaten "cookies" together, but another bad fight.  Any ideas or suggestions?  Help! Ginger



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my cat has had her bloodwork done twice and recently.  Nothing, however, she is eating a lot!!! and meowing a lot.  Waking me up and shit in the middle of the night!  I love her to bits and want to help her out, everyone including the vets are stumped.

I always love seeing if people know their breeds.  Can anyone guess what kind of dogs we are?

I've been brushing my dog's teeth 1 or 2 times a week, Also give him Greenies every other day or so.  I'm using dog toothpaste, but it's pretty expensive.  Will baking soda hurt a dog?  I use it on my own teeth sometimes.  It does a great job of cleaning teeth, but am hesitant to use it on Quincy.  Anyone know?

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