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Hi cat lovers 
my beautiful feline looks like a lynx point Siamese but I am not sure.
could someone help me find out.
thank you.

after reading the stories and trying to find a reason of why my cat died, I realize that this all isn't as uncommon as it seems.  I feel for all of you who have lost your fur child.

On Saturday I was going to get in the shower when I had the urge to turn around.  When I did I saw my precious Jaxton under the bed with his mouth open and drool coming out.  I rushed over to him to find he was turning blue.  I immediately  called my partner to get help and the vet told me to bring him in immediately.  He started crying and projectile vomitted more clear fluids.  I packed him up and took him into the vet.  They put him into an oxygen tank and gave him some pain meds.  We watched him for about an hour and he wasn't getting much better.  The vet came in and said there wasn't much we could do other than keep him in oxygen until he passed  or to put him to sleep.  He said he may have had a clot go to his lungs or heart.  This can be brought in my heartworms or he could naturally have this problem without any signs or symptoms.  I didn't want my baby to suffer so I held him in my arms as he fell asleep from the medicine.  Before he passed and was still in the oxygen tank he head butted the glass to show me how much he loved me.  I will never forget that because it was his last sign of affection.  I buried him under the tree where he always watched the birds.  He was an indoor cat like most of your cats.  He was only 5 years old.  Unfortunately from reading there aren't many ways to avoid all of this from happening.  I will forever miss my little guy..

I really could use someone's wisdom to make my 16 year old black domestic short hair cat fat!

She's healthy and has an appetite (but doesn't eat a lot), but keeps losing weight.

Her thyroid level was creeping up each visit (every 6 months for a checkup), but we are waiting to put her on thyroid medication.
Me and my vet agreed to put her on the medication when she's below 6 pounds and now she's right around 6 pounds.

Even when she was at her biggest, she was 8-9 pounds.
She always been very small.

She's currently eats Orijen Regional Red Grain-Free Dry Cat Food.
Loves Temptations Tasty Chicken Flavor Cat Treats and Orijen Original Freeze-Dried Cat Treats.
She seems to love chicken and tuna.
I've been boiling chicken breasts and gave her no sodium tuna cans.

I was wondering if there's good raw food I could try with her?
Any dry, cat, wet, treats with lots of nutrition and possibly put some weight on her??
Good supplements for a senior cat?

Any advice will be welcome.

Thanks in advance.

my beautiful little cat named ashes passed today my heart is completely broken I'm writing this in complete tears as I tell you all the story, she was a indoor long hair cat, I work from home full time and watch my son at the same time so thru out he day typically she sleeps either under neath the couch or the bed and today it felt strange too me that I couldn't find her and i had a strange feeling that I needed to check underneath my sons crib and when I did I pulled out the drawer that he has and sadly she was under there dead my heart is broken,I took her into the vet and they are asking a high amount of money too do the texting too see what happened,she's a healthy cat no problems and for her to die like that seemed so odd she was healthy and never had issues I just need closure to what happened to my baby girl I can't afford that test 😞😞 some please help me  

About a week ago, my cat, Storm got scratched in the eye. At first we thought it wasn't serious beause he usually spends hours outside and (occasionally) gets into fights with other cats. But most of the time it's just a normal scratch wound and not in the eye. It was in the eye this time and after a day of checking on it, we realized that it was serious. So we took Storm to the vet the next day. The vet only gave him a few wipes on the eye area and prescribed him with an eye drop. The vet did not mention anything serious and told us to give Storm the eye drops 2 to 3 times a day until it heals and that's what i've been doing. But today, it has been a week and it doesn't look like Storm's eye is getting healed. In fact, he doesn't even open the eye. I'm scared that it might be something else. If anyone has any answers pls let me know.. 

I have no problem paying for treatment but if it's something i can do to help heal or make his eye get better from home, i'd like to know.  

Please and Thank you !!!

My cat Kato received a small (minor) scratch to his eye a couple days ago, after which was immediately flushed with saline solution.
We've been checking on him periodically for the last 48 hours and the scratch appears to be gone however he's been keeping his eye closed or half shut. There's no swelling, no weeping, and no apparent pain when you touch the eyelid, and I checked for abscesses, but there are none of those as well.
What is going on; why is he keeping his eye closed? Is there something else I should check for?
We're in tight money these days so we really can't afford to take him to the vet if it's a problem that's small enough for us to be able to take care of, but we love our cat dearly and will take him if need be.
I'm slightly worried =/ I don't want to ignore something that could be potentially problematic to him later on, so please, if anyone can give advice or help I'd appreciate it!



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I'm so glad to find info on this subject.I have been in vet field for over 20 years and have never seen a healthy 11 year old cat die in minutes with no signs of illness moments prior. Yesterday my head strong energizer bunny Sassy,an 11 year old tortie that had never been sick a day in her life,came to her forth of July breakfast from sleeping with my son.My husband fed her and my 4 other cats their usual breakfast. He was going fishing so went to put his shoes on in other room, within a minute he heard her scream. (Her brother always screams when he throws up a hair ball so my husband anticipated to be cleaning up puke but instead found my beautiful lil cat sassy flat out on the floor. ) He screamed for me and I flew out of bed and found her unresponsive on floor with my other cats peering into room wondering what happened. She was not breathing at all. I picked her up looking for foam, injuries or obstruction in her signs of anything out of normal except she was dead and within seconds after my husband heard her scream. All of my 20 years in vet service there was nothing I could do for her to revive her...and of course its Fourth of July so my vet wasn't open. I have never seen any cat do this and was at a loss. My instincts tell me heart attack but my vet says cats don't have heart attacks. Can be born with heart defects which she wasn't but don't have heart attacks like dogs....right now I'm devastated, shocked and looking for some sort of answer so I can stop all this guilt of not having opportunity to save her from whatever had happened...wondering if anyone out their had cat diagnosed with heart worms and this was their end result....unfortunately only way to stop this from happening to others is if we start doing necropsy when this happens to see what caused these tragedies. I have been present at these and they are horrendous to see our loved ones go thru but it's what needs to be done to find answers then preventions. In Sassy's case necropsy wasn't possible since my vet didn't open until today. I am making myself crazy with questions of what happened...All I can do now is know she didn't suffer, had 11 years with our family, she was extremely pampered, loved, slept in bed with my son and shared her life with us ,her brother and her 3 step sisters and brothers...Sassy puss you were one of a kind and will be missed forever..please come visit whenever you can....Rainbow bridge is a magical place.....



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My 1 year old manecoon died last year a couple of days before Christmas. He came into my house, went into the bathroom, had a seizure and died. I recently found out that my neighbor (who hates any type of animal) had kicked my best friends cat and leaves antifreeze outside to kill cats and dogs that go through his yard. I'm so mad because my cat always stayed around my property and loved people. Loki didn't deserve that. 



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my kitten gust dead it was meowing and then not long later dead



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Our kitten passed this morning at about three am. He had no symptoms two days ago, his symptoms began yesterday around ten am. He was extremely lethargic, unable to walk correctly, was not blinking his eyes, was cold in comparison to our other kittens, and seemed very out of it. We tried calling all available vets in our area (we live in Cambodia), and they weren't able to see him until the following day. We had arranged to take him first thing in the morning, and have given him some milk and egg mixture that seemed to help perk him up a bit, but during the night he passed. We had been checking on him hourly, and while he seemed very weak he was still fighting. We're heartbroken and there is no autopsy for cats available here. We're frightened for our other kittens (who we've been watching very carefully since the onset of his illness) and our dog. Has anyone experienced anything like this? I'm afraid that it might've been viral or contagious for our other animals. 

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