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My Cat Poppy and I were up at the cottage just to get a few things done to close up for winter including an appointment that I had to put on my snow tires.
On the weekend.. Saturday night to be exact I heard a bit of a stir which was normal but looked over to the corner of the room and Poppy was on her side and very disoriented.. I picked her up and moved her to the bed where she "came too" and then she was seemingly fine until she heard my voice ... and she went and hid under the bed..  for the night.  She was not a happy kitty and everytime I would try to talk her out from under the bed she would growl at me in fact she even lunged at me at one point.. she didn't seem to know me.  It's a snow storm now so I am calling around cottage country to see if I could find a vet .. because the vet clinics are all closed.. anyway they could not help me but said just to keep an eye on her it might be that she got into something.. or perhaps she is constipated.. give her some metamucil.  
Turns out the next day.. now Sunday she was a little tired but back to her normal self again... purring and eating and following me all over the place.  Monday again.. after speaking to the clinic they said it sounds like she got into something so I decided to take her in for an exam on Tuesday or Wednesday...they said just bring her in.    Monday she was perfectly fine.. a little needy...  I put a litter box in my bedroom and worked on my laptop in bed so we could snuggle.. and remember thinking she hadn't used it she must be using the other one.  So many flashbacks of what we did and trying to recall everything to search for clues.   Monday just as usual we go to sleep together.. she did her regular song and dance....   when I woke up on Tuesday a litle later than normal I found her on the couch and she had passed away.  No vomit or urine, no blood.. she was in her usual sleeping position in her regular couch spot...  it blew me away.     I am not even that concerned with what took her life..  I am absolutely consumed with grief and guilt and wish that I could have seen signs..  I think Poppy tricked me into thinking she was ok for the last day because all I did was hug her and tell her how pretty she was and that I was scared that she was going to leave me... and i remember thinking how much I appreciated her and promised never to take her for granted again.   The sadness is crushing me and I don't know how to move past the guilt.  I know that the outcome might have been different if there was not a storm and I took her in right away.. if we didn't come to the cottage and I was closer to our regular vet.. if I had just seen the signs I was even obsessing over her littler  box to see if she had urinated enough... and I keep looking back for signs.  I think if I can push through the guilt I can begin to heal but it's consuming me.. I'm still up here and the lonliness is agonizing ...  my Poppy licked away many tears and  was always around me.. she gave me way more than I could have ever given her and I will always ge grateful for her.   I loved her so much and feel like I let her down.  Thank you for letting me share my story.    C

Hi everyone,

I'm new here and looking for any possible answer that I can find. About a week ago my four year old cat died suddenly. She did not have any noticeable health issues. She was accident prone and a bit clumsy but was affectionate with a high energy level until the moment it happened, jumping up to he sink to get water and playing with my other cat. 

 my friend and I were sitting on the bed reading a magazine. She jumped onto the bed for a pet, jumped to my dresser and back onto the bed. Suddenly it sounded like she had jumped awkwardly from the bed. I thought she was just being her clumsy self. I sat up and looked on the floor at the foot of my bed and she was sprawled out horizontally. I jumped up and panicked knowing something was wrong and planning on taking her to the emergency vet clinic. My friend went to her side. As I am repeating we need to to to the clinic, my friend kept saying they she wasn't going to make it... she got that far off look in her eye. She cried out twice in what I assume was pain, and then she was gone call in all, it happened in under two minutes. 

I do not have to option for an autopsy as I picked up her ashes on Tuesday. I am absolutely devastated and still in shock. I have been reading about congenital heart defects but she never displayed any or the symptoms. My ex-bf is a paramedic and thought it may have been an aneurysm. She was an indoor car and although I got her at a shelter she was vaccinated. 

I am completely at a loss and am having difficulty finding closer. Can anyone provide some insight?

Thank you so much...

On Tuesday morning of this week, our cat, Flower, died suddenly.  It has been very traumatic for us.  He was nine had been to the vet six months prior and had no symptoms of anything.  He experienced the same morning he always did, with the same energy level.  He bounced around the bed for a while, knocked some stuff off my dresser, the usual.  With no warning, he suddenly cried out, collapsed in a seizure with a little bit of foam at his mouth and was dead in seconds! 

My fiancee could not abide an autopsy.  Can anyone help me?  I need to know what likely happened in order to put this behind me.  Any idea what might have happened to him? 

We rescued our cat from the shelter. We have had her for a month. She is 3 yrs old.  I need help. She is terrified to death of everything. She hides in the bathroom, so I made her a spot in there. She will only come out at night when we go to bed. The way i understand it she belonged to a older woman and she had to give her up. I can tell she must not have brushed her. She has alot of matting on her stomach and back side.  I pick her up and love on her and try to brush her. But she is looking the whole time and trying to get down and run. She is terrified of ALL noises. I have done everything I know to do. I need someone to tell me/ help me . I'm getting so discouraged.  I want her to be part of the family. Not a cat that hides till we go to bed and I hear her walking around. Thank you. 



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my cat Rookie was about 12 or 13 years old and he Was playful and loving as always. Today we woke up and he was sweet and happy, I left the room and when I came back he was on the floor not moving with a little bit of puke next to him. We took him to the vet and we wanted to know what happened to him because he seemed to be in perfect health, so we got an autopsy but the vet said there was nothing wrong... they said he wasn’t very old and he had no bruises on him and there was nothing wrong with any organs or his heart and that he was in 100% perfect health. The dr actually said he was in better health then most of the cats he sees that age. If anyone has any idea of what might have happened please let me know. 



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I never wanted to be the person that rehomed their pets. I love my cats but they need new homes. They are sweet, loving cats who deserve so much more than we can give them at the moment. We live in the Durham NC area. Any suggestions or anyone looking for a cat please message me. We are trying to find the best homes for them.

I got a new baby kitten around thanksgiving a few weeks ago as a first trimester senior year in High school gift. He was a very cute little grey kitten who was silly and brought personality to my household. We have two other pets so at first we kept him in a room superset until they got comfortable with each other through a slow process. We found that he was a very social kitten and wanted to be around our family. He cuddled,nursed and played with us all day. Two days ago everyone in my family left the house to go watch my last senior year winter dance concert that I have been practicing with my team for a really long time. When I came back to my house I invited my friends over for a little after party because winter break was coming and concert was very successful. We wanted to put the animals in a separate room so they wouldn’t go outside but we couldn’t find the new baby kitten. My parents left upstairs and later ended up finding the kitten dead. I was unaware of this because they didn’t want to tell me with all my friends there. The next day we were leaving out of town to go celebrate my 18th birthday with my family and my parents let me know that my baby kitten died while we were probably at the dance concert because he went into the my parents bathroom and started playing in the little trash can. He started playing with a plastic bag when we were unaware of this and suffocated and died that night. I have never lost a pet so unexpectedly and sudden. I lost two cats around middle school which we owned before I was born but they were old cats so their deaths were a little sad but also a celebration of a very long life. I lost my grandpa around my sophomore year in high school and his death was also very sad but it wasn’t super hard on me emotionally because he had dementia for at least two years and was expected to die soon. I thought I had 20 years with this kitten. I thought I would see his personality when he became a grown cat, watch him play with my other animals and he would be in my life for many eventful moments like graduating high school. I feel silly for being so sad about a kitten I have only had for a few weeks. I don’t know how to properly cope with this grief. My birthday was today and it has been two days since the kittens death. I cried multiple times alone because I didn’t want others knowing my grief on my birthday because I still had a wonderful day but am still dealing with this sadness. I want to know if these accidents are common, any healthy tips for dealing with this grief and also knowing whether getting another cat that’s not a kitten is a good idea and how long I should wait. The kitten brought so much spirit to my family and it feels so weird without his energy and I wanna respect his death and my feelings but I get the sense another animal will help me move on. Any thoughts?  

I recently left town so I could visit my friends in St. Louis for the holidays. I adopted my kitten Willow back in October from the humane society. I woke up this morning to my third day in St. Louis and my mother notified me that my kitten had passed away. They woke up to her sleeping on a shelf in the living room and she was not responsive. My mother and step father noticed that her tongue was slightly bloody which leads them to think she had a seizure of some sort. It is hard for me to believe it was heart problems because she was so young. She was a normal playful baby who showed no signs of sickness. This whole experience has been very emotionally draining and i just want to know if anyone knows what could of happen to my cat. Thank you!

i am so heartbroken. Last Thursday I came home from work but did not go upstairs for a while because I stayed to talk with my mom, who later mentioned my Chinnu never came downstairs today. I said she’s probably upstairs. When I finally went upstairs, I saw her in the game room next to my brothers weight bench. She looked liked she was asleep but I called her name 2x as I walked closer to her. She didn’t move. Then I noticed the puddle of blood and it was still dripping from her mouth. She also had lost bowel control. My poor girl was gone. I don’t know what happened to her. Could it have been a heart attack or a stroke? She was mainly an indoor cat but sometimes went outside for short amounts of time. 

Hi.. About 4 hours ago my 7 year old sweet boy passed away. Im in complete shock as i was leaving school as it happened. When i came home my mum was balling crying and told me that my cat passed away he was never hit or abused. He was taken care of very well and had the best life a cat could ever have.. He was very very healthy and was a male. He apparently was ontop of my mothers bed, My mum then heard a thump and went upstairs to see him flopping around on the floor. There was no blood there was no past problems with him, Nothing. Could someone please tell me what happened to him, Did he pass away with pain? did he not even know what happened. Im just really hoping he passed away without any pain or problems.. We believe he might of had a brain aneurysm, But no one at the vet told us what they think it might of been.. He just fell off the bed, Flopped around for a few seconds, And took his last two breathes. His heart stopped, we took him to the vet and got him cremated. We didint take his ashes though because it was like 250$ and not taking the ashes was 50$.. I just wanna know did my cat die okay? Thanks..

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