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Interacting with a New Kitten

Source: PetWave, Updated on July 16, 2015


Your new little kitten is going through a lot right now. Its entire world has changed, and you have become the kitten’s new mother. It is now your job to teach the kitten proper behavior. You will also need to foster a strong bond with the kitten that will help the kitten to feel safe and secure. In order to accomplish these tasks, here are a few tips that will help you to interact with your new kitten.

Establishing a Bond with Your New Kitten

If your kitten is extremely shy, and terrified at the change of scenery, you will need to introduce yourself to the kitten very slowly. It is best in these cases to keep the kitten in a small quiet room. Interact with the kitten as much as possible; speak softly to the kitten, and try to be as gentle as possible when you are petting or holding the kitten. Using a ball on a string, or another toy, to play with the kitten may help the kitten to come out of its shell.

One way to help your kitten bond with you is to gently pick the kitten up and place it on your lap when the kitten is sleeping. Most kittens are heavy sleepers, and they enjoy physical contact. Let the kitten sleep, but when it seems like the kitten is waking up begin to gently stroke and pet the kitten. These interactions can help the kitten to learn to trust you and to develop a strong bond with you.

Playing with your kitten will help to strengthen the growing bond between you and your new feline friend. However, make sure that you do not encourage the kitten to play with, or attack, your hands and feet. This type of behavior can encourage dominant and aggressive behavior once your kitten becomes a cat.

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