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The First 48 Hours with a New Kitten

Source: PetWave, Updated on July 16, 2015


The first two days with your new kitten will be an important time for you and your kitten. Knowing what to expect from a new kitten can prepare you for the ups and downs that can occur when you bring a new kitten home.

Changes in Diet Can Produce Diarrhea

A change of scenery can be very stressful to a small kitten, added to the stress is often a change of diet, and in many cases the results are diarrhea. Kittens that are carrying parasites may also experience mild diarrhea. If your kitten is having mild diarrhea, give your kitten plenty of access to fresh water, and try feeding the kitten less food. Take your kitten to a veterinarian if the diarrhea persists for more than two days.

Kittens Will Explore Their New Surroundings

Your new little kitten will more than likely be very curious about the new surroundings, and as a result you may have troubles finding the kitten. Try to keep an eye on the kitten, close up any small holes that the kitten can get through before the kitten comes home, and try not to panic if the kitten disappears. More than likely the kitten is curled up under a bed or in one of your shoes.

New kittens like to climb and play during most of their waking hours. You may find your kitten scaling your curtains, clinging to the side of your couch like Velcro, or trying to climb your leg. If your kitten is in a place it should not be, gently detach your kitten from whatever it is clinging to and give your kitten an appropriate toy to place with.

Introducing A Kitten to You Existing Pets

If you have other animals in the house, they may or may not respond favorably to the kitten. The kitten may also be intimidated by other animals. Don’t feel discouraged if your new kitten does not get along immediately with other pets in the household. Introduce the pets to each other slowly, and give them some time to get used to each other.

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