Corporate Background - PetWave Inc. is the first pet care website to combine a comprehensive pet health library based on today’s veterinary care standards with a full-featured suite of community and pet health management tools. PetWave allows pet owners to leverage the knowledge of established veterinary science, collective experiences of others, and interactive web technology to provide pet owners with relevant answers.

PetWave recognizes that having a pet offers both great rewards and occasionally, challenging situations. Keeping track of veterinary records can be complicated, and finding immediate answers to pet health questions is often stressful and unsuccessful. PetWave solves these frustrations by providing a user friendly online destination to access thorough pet health information, store customized veterinary records, utilize pet health management tools, and the ability to connect directly with other pet enthusiasts.

By supplying pet owners with instant access to a dedicated and knowledgeable network of independent veterinary specialists, PetWave puts animal enthusiasts in charge of the care of their pets - empowering them to find advice, experts, and fellow pet enthusiasts, all aimed at providing tools to be a better and more educated pet owner.

PetWave’s content is created by pet industry experts, including veterinarians, breeders, organizations, nutritionists, behavior specialists, and pet enthusiasts. This ensures that the information presented on is the most current and represents the latest in pet care innovation. PetWave is the only site that combines scientific pet health information with the community aspects of web 2.0 technology to give users a 360 degree approach to caring for their pets. Some of’s current and upcoming features include:

  • An interactive online database of pet health and pet breed information
  • Community features including: message boards, user profiles, image galleries
  • Pet health management tools including: friendly reminders, vet record management features, and symptoms checkers

PetWave’s affiliation with a broad spectrum of veterinarians, breeders and animal advocacy organizations provides the foundation for PetWave to become the most trusted online resource for pet owners and the first site people turn to when seeking pet health or breed information.

Founded in 2007, PetWave is privately held and headquartered in Cincinnati, OH. For more information, email call (513) 381-2898.