dog teeth

Cavities and Dental Disease in Dogs

A cavity is an extremely rare finding and if it does happen, it occurs in the first molar in the dog due to the confirmation of that tooth.

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3 yr old Male cat won't stop spraying/peeing

So, a few months ago, my 3 year old (neutered) Male cat began spraying. When I took him to the...

Ear mites

What is a natural cure for ear mites?? 

Bedlington Terriers

I just wondered why you describe the Bedlington Terriers as “can be aggressive with other dogs” I have two girls...

Love dogs


Dog breeds

Why were Welsh Terriers omitted from your breed list?

Need a male maltease

Need to breed a female maltease and she is a year old and 2 most and has had her period...

My Staffordshire Pitbull Terrior Diesal

Manon 16 years old parson jack Russell


Manon my parson at 16 years old

Love her

Photos of my parson jack russell

Best dog I’ve ever had she is 16 in this photo

My 4year old cat died so suddenly...

Hi everyone,I'm new here and looking for any possible answer that I can find. About a week ago my four...

My mini schnauzer

My mini Schnauzer named elsa.she rules the home and rules me.she is so loving and sleeps right next to me...

dog having fun

What is his bloodlines?

I like dogs

Who likes dogs vs cats better?

Cat suddenly died?

Yesterday my cat suddenly died?so the day before yesterday everything was fine he was at home playing around with my...


I miss my cat princess. She died at 12am and I wasn't even there. I was at my grandma's. She...

Ear problem

Okay my dog is a terrier mixed almost 1 year old. My son gave him a bath two nights ago...

Sudden loss

I have read so many stories of sudden loss in the cat section.  I have a 10 year old lab/mix. ...

Sudden death of my cat

My absolute best friend in feline form passed away this past Monday morning completely unexpectedly.  To say I am devastated...

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