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Diabetes Mellitus in Dogs

Diabetes Mellitus in Dogs – Definition

“Diabetes” is a general term that refers to several disorders that cause excessive thirst, water intake and urination. Diabetes mellitus, sometimes called sugar diabetes or DM, comes in two forms in dogs. Type 10 insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus is similar to juvenile-onset diabetes in people. It is fairly common in dogs and probably is hereditary. Dogs with Type 1 DM don’t produce enough insulin, which is necessary for metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins and fats and regulation of blood glucose levels. Type 2 non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus is similar to adult-onset diabetes in people and is rare in dogs. Dogs with Type 2 DM have normal amounts of insulin, but their cells still can’t process food or regulate blood sugar levels normally. Dogs with either type of DM end up with too much sugar in their blood. They get extremely thirsty and pass large amounts of urine. Their body enters “starvation mode,” breaking down stored fat for energy, which causes harmful byproducts to build up in circulation.

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