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Dog Asthma (Allergic Bronchitis)

Defintion of Asthma

Asthma, which in dogs is called allergic bronchitis, is a condition marked by recurrent attacks of wheezing, shortness of breath and general difficulty breathing. Dogs with asthma almost always have an allergic reaction to something they inhale from the environment, which causes their upper airways to spasm and constrict. Often, the exact trigger is never identified. Acute asthma attacks can be so bad that the animal almost suffocates. If the condition becomes chronic, it can permanently damage the sensitive tissue lining the respiratory passageways. In extremely grave cases, the dog will have to breathe through its mouth to get enough air, and its gums will turn blue from oxygen deprivation. This is a medical emergency that requires immediate medical attention. Fortunately, a number of therapies and techniques are available to manage asthma in dogs. If your dog develops difficulty breathing and a dry, raspy cough, take it to your veterinarian right away.

Causes and Prevention of Asthma in Dogs

Asthma is a condition marked by recurrent attacks of difficulty breathing (dyspnea). Asthmatic dogs typically display wheezing and shortness of breath. They also have spasms and constriction of the large upper airways. In dogs, asthma is usually referred to as allergic bronchitis. It is a rather common condition in our domestic dogs.Asthma in dogs is typically caused by an allergic reaction to something in the environment – called an allergen – which is usually, but

Symptoms of Asthma (Allergic Bronchitis) in Dogs

Asthma is basically a term for difficulty breathing (called “dyspnea”). It usually includes wheezing and shortness of breath due to spasms and constriction of the large upper airways (the trachea and bronchi). Dogs, like people, can develop asthma, although in dogs the disorder typically is referred to as allergic bronchitis. In dogs, this condition is almost always caused by an allergic reaction to something in the environment, which in turn causes an inflammatory response in

Diagnosing Asthma (Allergic Bronchitis) in Dogs

The signs of allergic bronchitis, which typically include a dry, hacking cough, wheezing and shortness of breath, can be very frightening for dog owners and for their dogs. Fortunately, veterinarians have a number of tools to help diagnose this condition so that effective treatment can begin.There is no single test that will conclusively confirm whether a dog has allergic bronchitis or some other type of respiratory disorder. A diagnosis of canine “asthma” is made based

Treating Asthma (Allergic Bronchitis) in Dogs

Although canine allergic bronchitis (also called asthma) is uncommon in dogs, when it does happen it can be quite distressing to owners and to the affected animal. Fortunately, a number of treatment options are available to help manage and minimize the consequences of this disorder. The goals of treating asthma are to identify and remove the inciting allergens from the dog’s environment if at all possible; they are usually something that the dog has inhaled.

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