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Pregnancy Miscarriage in Dogs

Definition of Pregnancy Miscarriage

Miscarriage in dogs, also referred to as spontaneous abortion,early termination of pregnancy, pregnancy loss or litter loss, is when puppies are born too early and are lifeless. Dogs can abort their litters for many reasons, including genetics, developmental conditions, nutritional deficiencies and infectious disease. Trauma, old age and some medications can also increase the chances of abortion. Most canine abortions occur near the end of pregnancy, although they can happen at any time. Early abortions are easier on the mother than late ones. Whenever they occur, abortions can be physically and mentally difficult on the female, causing depression, lethargy, listlessness and general disinterest in life. Fortunately, these side effects usually do not last long, and given enough care, time and space, the mother should eventually return to her old self. Owners should educate themselves about miscarriages in dogs and take especially good care of their pregnant dogs, so that their litters are born full-term, healthy and alive.

Quick Facts

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Causes and Prevention of Pregnancy Miscarriage in Dogs

Symptoms and Signs of Pregnancy Miscarriage in Dogs

How Pregnancy Miscarriages in Dogs Are Diagnosed

Treatment and Prognosis for Pregnancy Miscarriage in Dogs

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