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Pregnancy Miscarriage in Dogs

Definition of Pregnancy Miscarriage

Spontaneous Abortion in dogs, also called miscarriage,early termination of pregnancy, pregnancy loss or litter loss, is when puppies are born too early and are lifeless. Dogs can abort their litters for many reasons, including genetics, developmental conditions, nutritional deficiencies and infectious disease. Trauma, old age and some medications can also increase the chances of abortion. Most canine abortions occur near the end of pregnancy, although they can happen at any time. Early abortions are easier on the mother than late ones. Whenever they occur, abortions can be physically and mentally difficult on the female, causing depression, lethargy, listlessness and general disinterest in life. Fortunately, these side effects usually don’t last long, and given enough care, time and space, the mother should eventually return to her old self. Owners should educate themselves about miscarriage and take especially good care of their pregnant dogs, so that their litters are born full-term, healthy and alive.

Causes and Prevention of Pregnancy Miscarriage in Dogs

There are a number of different things that can cause a pregnant bitch to abort one or more of her puppies. These include excessive inbreeding, congenital abnormalities, poor nutrition, endocrine disorders such as hypothyroidism, hyperadrenocorticism also known as Cushing’s Disease; ingestion of toxic substances, exposure to certain pharmaceutical agents such as chloramphenicol, administration of high doses of glucocorticoids (steroids), systemic illness accompanied by a high fever, abnormal ovarian function, cystic endometrial hyperplasia, pyometra, trauma, lethal

Symptoms and Signs of Pregnancy Miscarriage in Dogs

Abortions are not all that common in companion dogs. When they do happen, abortions usually occur during the last few weeks of the bitch’s pregnancy, although they certainly can occur earlier. Fastidious bitches may actually eat any placental or fetal tissues that they expel as part of their normal hygienic activities, especially if the abortion happens early in their pregnancy when those tissues are undifferentiated. This can make early abortions extremely difficult for owners to

How Pregnancy Miscarriages in Dogs Are Diagnosed

Abortion is one of the most distressing medical conditions faced by breeders of domestic dogs. Often, there are no recognizable signs that an abortion has taken place, especially if the miscarriage happens early in the pregnancy. In an early abortion, many bitches will actually ingest the placental and fetal tissues that they expel during an abortion as part of their normal hygiene and self-grooming, leaving no trace of the failed litter. Most canine miscarriages occur

Treatment and Prognosis for Pregnancy Miscarriage in Dogs

There is really no way to “treat” an abortion, because once it has happened, it is over and done with. When a bitch aborts her litter, it usually is sudden, spontaneous and irreversible. Unfortunately, owners usually don’t even know that an abortion has happened, especially when it occurs early in a pregnancy, because the mother typically will lick and ingest the expelled placental and fetal tissues as part of her normal grooming behavior. The only

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