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When it comes to small dogs, most people either love ‘em or leave ‘em. To their owners, little dogs are cute, compact, loving and economical pets with personality to spare. They are great for seniors, apartment dwellers, and city residents who don't have big yards or active lifestyles. In fact, many experts suggest that first-time dog owners adopt a small breed. Weighing anywhere from four to 40 pounds, hey are typically easier to handle, and they can live happily in any location. However, they do have a reputation for “small dog syndrome,” and some people find small dogs to be yappy, fearful, and aggressive. The truth about little dogs lies somewhere in the middle. The personality of individual dogs varies, and some dogs are just more likely to develop behavior problems than others. There are, however, some unique considerations when it comes to small dogs that prospective owners should consider before adopting a pet.

Little dogs are more prone to injury at the hands of other dogs, or even people. It is important protect your small dog from harm, but owners should be sure not to cross over into coddling territory. Small dogs will become fearful and aggressive if they are not allowed to get out and explore the world on their own four legs. Typical small dog behavior issues like excessive barking and nipping can be managed and prevented all together through training that focuses on fun, rewards, and motivation. They key is to make training seem like a game. Small dogs often have short attention spans, and will become bored with monotonous training sessions, often choosing to walk away if they aren't engaged in the process.

When owners are prepared to devote lots of time and attention to properly training and socializing a small dog, they make excellent companions. They have lots of love to give, and aren't afraid to shower their owners with kisses and attention. If you’re looking for the perfect small breed for your household, visit out Small Dog Breed Center to learn about the history, health predispositions, temperament, and personalities of these dogs.

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