Norfolk Terrier Dog Breed

Source: PetWave, Updated on July 16, 2015
Norfolk Terrier


The Norfolk Terrier, also known as the Drop-Eared Norwich Terrier and the Norfolk, is one of the smallest of the working terrier breeds. Farmers, hunters and families alike value the Norfolk’s gameness, loyalty, adaptability and great charm. Norfolk Terriers were bred to hunt in packs or alone as ratters. They go to ground readily to seek and bolt their prey and have been referred to as a “perfect demon” in the field. Today, the Norfolk remains more sociable and agreeable than many other terriers, although it retains its feistiness and “full of itself” attitude. Norfolk Terriers tend to be barky and love to dig. They can be bossy, stubborn and difficult to housebreak.

The adult height of a male Norfolk Terrier is 9 to 10 inches at the withers, with bitches tending to be slightly smaller. The mature Norfolk typically weighs 11 to 12 pounds in fit working condition. The Norfolk Terrier’s coat is hard, wiry and straight, lying close to the body with a distinct undercoat. Their coat normally is 1½ to 2 inches in length and comes in all shades of red, wheaten, black-and-tan and grizzle. Dark points are permissible under the American breed standard, but white markings are undesirable. The Norfolk Terrier’s coat requires regular brushing and should be hand-stripped several times a year. The Norfolk’s ears should be neatly dropped and small, with a distinct break at the skull line which permits them to be “perked” when the dog is at attention. The tail is typically docked, but many owners increasingly prefer to keep it natural.

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