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Are you looking for a medium sized dog breed? Here you will find a comprehensive list of the most popular medium sized dogs, including a detailed description about each breed's personality, trainability, common health issues, historical information, and physical description.

Medium sized dog breeds are all about the same size, but they do have diffences when it comes to appearance, activity needs, and temperament.

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Featured Medium Sized Dogs

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Featured Medium Sized Dog - Basenji


The Basenji, (also known as the African Barkless Dog, the African Bush Dog, the African Dingo, the Ango Angari, the Avuvi, the Condgo Dog, the Egyptian Dingo, and the Zande dog), is a breed of dog in the Hound Group. The breed was recognized by the AKC in 1944 and accepted in 1990. One of the most unique characteristics of this dog is that is does not bark, instead on rare occasions it will emit a yodel like howl.

They are small compact dogs with an average height of 15 - 17 inches at the withers and an average weight of 20 - 26 pounds.


The Basenji has a very independent nature, and they can be aloof towards strangers. However, with their family the Basenji can be very affectionate and extremely playful. Basenjis are athletic and high energy dogs, and they have been known to scale walls and fences. Pet owners that are considering a Basenji pet need to realize that these dogs are very smart and energetic, and they require a lot of patience, supervision, and consistent training.

Due to their independent personality they can be difficult to train and they like to get their own way. Because of their breed characteristics they should not be left alone with non-canine animals, and they are not the dog to bring into a household that already has cats, birds, or another strong willed canine.


They have an average lifespan of 10 - 12 years, but they are at increased risks for some health problems which pet owners should be aware of like kidney disease and cancer.

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